Deranged monotheists

Now monotheists are killing women for dancing with men. Monotheism is evil — it is just an ideology to rule over people and oppress them, it is not a religion at all. There is only one definition of a legitimate religion: that which gives people freedom to think and experiment with spiritual truths and respects people who have their own spiritual traditions. The rest of the “religions” are illegitimate, illegal and anti-humanity — they believe in Jihad and Crusades and genocide of people who dare to think different. NEVER trust or tolerate any ideology which takes away your freedoms in the name of God.

4 Pakistani women killed for dance with men
ISLAMABAD: Four women condemned to death by a tribal jirga or council for dancing and singing with men at a wedding in northern Pakistan have been killed, TV news channels reported on Sunday.



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20 responses to “Deranged monotheists

  1. Yes, monotheism is a problem. It inflates the ego: ‘My God is the only God. All others are false and their believers will be condemned to eternal hell-fire’. “ME”, of course, the true believer in…(fill in the blank) will go directly to heaven.

    I’m a Vedantin and I am fond of Siva, yet Siva is simply another name for Brahman and no-one and no thing is different from Brahman. Brahman is everything, including Jesus and Mohammed, as well as the dog, the cat and the mosquito. When will humanity wake up and put and end to this unnecessary, self-created suffering?

  2. Ramjam

    Mad monotheists want to globalize their false, hallucinating and imaginary dogmatic ideology onto others by way of forcible conversions. The classical example was the tyrant so-called “saint” Francis who conducted the Goa inquisition and ordered the destruction of more than 400 and odd temples, forced conversions, rapes, etc. and many Roman Catholics may not agree inspite of rich evidence. Evidently the truth cannot be suppressed.

    • IndianOcean

      Consciousness is stuck and stagnant at monotheism. It doesn’t find anyway to escape from it and getting pressurized in the confined space for more than two thousand years. One day it will burst out finding the way to escape to explore more out there. Anyway death of monotheism will be arriving soon. The increase in madness of monotheism is the indication of it is reaching near to its death zone.

  3. Yes, non-duality is the only real avenue to freedom. People are suffocating due to dualistic thinking — living in fear, prejudice, material consciousness, rage, violence, depression… Only India holds the keys. The keys to non-duality are contained within the Upanishads.

  4. These monotheists are causing so much of discord, pain and suffering to humanity by trying to impose their exclusive-minded conceptions on other non-Abrahamic faiths. In this regard, it is apt to recall the observation of Dr Arnold Joseph Toynbee, a renowned historian: “As I have gone on, Religion has come to take a more and more prominent place, till in the end it stands in the center of the picture…I have come back to the belief that Religion holds the key to the mystery of the existence; but I have not come back to the belief that this key is in the hands of my ancestral Religion exclusively…The Indian religions are not exclusive-minded. They are ready to allow that there may be alternative approaches to the mystery. I feel sure that in this they are right, and that this catholic-minded Indian religious spirit is the way of salvation for all religions in an age which we have to live as a single family if we are not to destroy ourselves.”
    Also, it is pertinent to remember the remarks of Sarvepalle Radhakrishnan: “The choice before humanity is either cooperation in a spirit of freedom and understanding or conflict in an atmosphere of fear, suspicion, and jealousy. The future of religion and mankind will depend on the choice we make. Concord, not discord, will contribute spiritual values to the life of mankind.”
    Duart Maclean views are to be appreciated, as he seems to have a good understanding of the ethos and spirit of Vaidika Dharma.

  5. IndianOcean

    Any Christian or Muslim can answer below questions?
    Why monotheistic god is masculine and singularity?
    Where does he come from?
    What is his spirit or body made up of?
    How he could exist in the infinite space without any cause?
    What influenced god to exist perpetually in the space?
    How he can be omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent?
    Where from he derived his attributes and laws?
    How he can create universe from nothing?
    Who is greater, god or the infinite space which holds the god?
    Why god is monist?

  6. The Upanishadic rishis understood well that the Source must necessarily transcend every form of duality. Our human life is based on duality: rich/poor, hot/cold, good/bad, up/down, devil/god, angel/demon, true/false. This is what the intellect perceives, infers and deduces through the senses. The intellect can conceive of limits, but it cannot conceive of limitlessness.

    The rishis knew the Absolute through their direct experience first, and only secondarily through intellectual reflection and debate. They understood that whatever the Source is, It is outside of time, space and causality and therefore cannot have a personal relationship with us as ‘body-mind’. Neither does It (Brahman) have a personal relationship with the Self, since the Self is not different from Brahman. It is impossible to have a relationship with That which we already are.

    Simpletons have a great deal of difficulty grasping this, thus they hang onto the idea of a creator with some kind of a form. This is monotheism. All arguments in favor of monotheism are extremely weak and demand a ‘leap of faith’, which of course the Christians, Muslims and some sects of Hinduism embrace. Having embraced this fantasy through a ‘leap’ that transcends both logic and direct experience, they then proceed to enlighten all of the ignorant ‘others’ through missionary and conversion activities, baseless pronouncements, threats of hellfire for non-believers and, ultimately, weapons of war.

    Wonderfully, Shiva is the God of destruction, but He is not a destroyer of life; He is the destroyer of Ignorance. Our only true enemy is our ignorance.

  7. Azhar

    Thats some great philosophy and insight.

    Shame you branded all the monotheists as “simpletons”. I always find it funny how people believe and think they are on the Haqq (truth), yet it is evident that they are ignorant by flippantly disregarding rich, intellectual traditions and thoughts (which were the lifes work of many great scholars) with statements like ‘simpletons’.

    Just as a thought – Ayotollah Khomeini was regarde by both Sunni’s and Shia’s as a great islamic leader yet he said “Economics are for donkeys”. for a man to have studied and implemented Plato’s philosophies to say that, just shows how misguided we can all be. Muslims and non muslims.

    Lastly, the women were killed after judjement from their Jurgah. Is that a religious instituation? if so, what standing and recognition does it have? or is it a cultural institution? Which is set up to protect the survivability of primal societies – which all have methods and ways to protect their resources i.e. women?

  8. Let me clarify my meaning of the word ‘simpleton’. In this context, simpleton means simply someone who makes assumptions on the basis of the ‘need to believe’ or pure emotionalism, without having done any serious thinking on the matter. If God has a form which is distinct from your form, then God must be an object to you and you an object to Him. This means that God (like you) is surrounded by space, lives in ‘time’ and intentionally causes things to happen. Since your monotheistic God lives in space and in time and moves things around, then there must be something bigger than God in which He lives and has his Being. This being the case, what is that bigger thing? It is Brahman — timeless, spaceless, causeless yet the Source which contains time, space and causality, both in their potential and manifest forms. Brahman also contains you and me who in our human forms are time-bound, moving around in space and making things happen. There can be no direct relationship between the Absolute and the relative. Think about it and you will see how impossible it is. Monotheism is a simplistic, child-like concept.

  9. IndianOcean

    Faith and Law are powerful slavery tools to which Abrahamic religions built upon. Faith is the soft kind which brainwashes the man and allow not thinking out of the box. On the other hand, Law is the harder way of making man to obey to it, otherwise making survival difficult within the surrounding society. Christianity & Islam grabbed its own slavery tool and running in the race of subjugating the whole world. In this race, there is a great chance of destroying each other and plunge the whole world to another longer dark age.

  10. Anonymous

    Righty hoo!! i guess i can mark down Isaac Newton as a simpleton who could not fathom your complex adult-like concept of Brahman.

    Brahman is a beautiful concept – especially when he or it is regarded as one and the only one, beyond our comprehension but just enough to understand he’s or its essence. Very beautiful indeed!

    Indian Ocean – be honest, its a matter of historical record that all the Abrahamic religions (or should i say simpistic) instilled much good in this world. Blaming them is sensationalist. Should i blame the Vedas or Brahman for what happened in Gujrat? Nope, cos its nonsense but we want to believe it.

    • Issac Newton was a genius for his time. His billiard-ball view of reality has been largely decimated by the likes of Einstein, Schrodinger, etc.

    • Indian Realist

      Dude — monotheism is a worldview that is like cancer. It teaches hatred of unbelievers, genocides and rapes of infidel / pagan/ heathen women and slavery of men. What happened in Gujarat was a result of monotheists burning 50 “infidel” women and children alive in their hatred of non-believers. Which part of this is not clear to you? Polytheists have the right to be violent on monotheists when they burn women and children driven by their poisonous ideology.

  11. azhar

    Above post is mine, sorry. Azhar

  12. anonymous

    The best way to explain what simplistic means is to take recourse to science. In science when you take an empirical approach , it is called simplistic. When done with great rigor and analysis , you go beyond frontiers. The best example is quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics goes beyond frontiers , whereas Newtonian mechanics is seeing is believing. Newtonian mechanics is also complex when it stands alone, but when compared to Quantum mechanics it is simplistic. Even the great Einstein did not accept Quantum mechanics when it was first proposed.

    Erwin Schrodingers masterpiece ‘ What is life ? explains Brahman very well
    Extract from the above book.

    “From the early great Upanishads the recognition ATHMAN = BRAHMAN upheld in (the personal self equals the omnipresent, all-comprehending eternal self) was in Indian thought considered, far from being blasphemous,
    to represent the quintessence of deepest insight”

  13. Intellectually understanding that an apple is sweet, juicy, etc is not the same thing as biting into one. In the final analysis only direct experience really counts. Discussions about God and Brahman are like discussions about apples — of minimum value. We become dangerous when we become fanatical about our concepts of God yet have no direct experience. This is the problem that leads to so much violence in the name of religion.

    Adi Sankara, who did have direct experience, noted that Brahman (the Self) does not HAVE knowledge but IS Knowledge, does not HAVE bliss but IS Bliss, does not HAVE being but IS Being. A more modern sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi emphasized that the only way to Know the Self is to Be the Self and that we are already That very Self we seek. Any other way of knowing God is simply a concoction of the ego-mind.

    • IndianOcean

      Your apple example is one of the finest to understand the difference between intellectually knowing the God and realizing the God directly. Jesus ate the apple and tasted it (realized God directly), but his disciples only intellectually understood the properties of apple through Jesus teachings. Disciples never tried to experience God directly, but simply started converting Jesus into God. It was so easier for them to do so to kick start a new religion in the name of him.

  14. IndianOcean

    Individual Indian Sages & Rishis spent their lives in meditation to experience the Self and through which they realized the nature of God. Only through “Self” one can realize the God. For normal human being, the “Self” is ruled by ego which is master of unconscious state. The “Self or Athman or Brahman” always try to find the way to come out from this unconscious state to realize “Who am I”. Since Ego is more powerful all the time, it encroach our mind again and again to keep the “Self” within unconscious state. The Self is always forced to stay within unconscious state to experience the “Material Forms”. Ego develops wrong image to the “Self” that “Material Form” is Self in the dimension of Time which is the root cause of all the life problems.

    Jesus also told in his teachings that “I am the way and light”, but his disciples don’t understand the essence behind it and also never tried what Jesus practiced in his life. They simply started a religious business based on his teachings by writing NT with some OT references and took the social positions to run their lives. Until then all the Churches do the same mistakes. They were interested in building churches, subjugating the races, ruling the nations, but never allowed followers to deeply think about Jesus teachings. The human “Ego” never allowed them to do so.

  15. mohan

    By accepting any massage as a true path of humanity ,could not make a
    man free from is his previous likes and dislikes according to century old
    dogma of civilization.
    To find the real meaning of scriptures and by accepting the real virtue depicted in scriptures one can change his life accordingly and significantly
    make him/herself better human being .

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