Unaccountable Babus: A curse on India

No network in Nathula so jawans borrow phones from Chinese soldiers

The telecom revolution may have networked the length and breadth of the country but it hasn’t quite touched jawans at the China border at Nathula who are forced to borrow handsets from their Chinese counterparts on the other side of the fence to stay in touch with their families.

No other country would tolerate this shameful situation — but then this is not the first time the Indian army is being forced to get humiliated before the Chinese. Our Chacha Nehru, in his grand delusions to gain admiration of the Whites, starved the enemy of funds so much, when the 1962 war broke out, our soldiers were forced to cut trees with spades because there were no axes available — the Chinese soldiers watching them jeered and hooted. Chacha was at the same time forcing  our ordinance factories to make pressure cookers and toys instead of guns to project himself as the messiah of non-violence. The idiot, of course, hid in Delhi when the Chinese attacked, while 2000 of our soldiers died on the front because he will not give them enough guns and ammunition to fight.

The same sloth and pig-headedness even now continues — because of the “socialist” administrative system (another of Nehru’s contribution) which treats bureaucrats as gods and army-men as a necessary evil. While army-men are swiftly court-martialled, the bureaucrats cannot be fired because they gang up to protect each other. Hindus have indeed paid a heavy price for rejecting nationalists like Savarkar, Aurobindo Ghosh, and Bose and instead giving preference to “non-violent” British-promoted anti-Hindu stooges like Gandhi and Nehru.

And what is the reason that our soldiers are being forced to beg Chinese for phones to talk to their families back home? The Babus have not moved files for years — they are just not accountable to anyone. No explanations are ever asked from them for interminable delays in their work. Things will continue as they are and India will keep suffering until a time limit is set for babus to clear files from their desks — and they given a kick on their backside for their habitual delays.

Several private players have a presence in Sikkim but these are focused on Gangtok and adjoining areas with state-owned BSNL being the only major service provider near the Nathula outpost. However, procurement of mobile towers and telephone exchanges by BSNL for deployment near the army camp has been delayed, “For the last four years, purchase orders have not been placed,”said a BSNL official. The House panel asked BSNL to fast-track the purchase but nothing has moved so far.



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11 responses to “Unaccountable Babus: A curse on India

  1. Jyoti Jape

    Shame on Govt of India, particularly Ministry of Defence. At present the Govt and administration is not accountable to anybody, or they think so. Now it is our duty as cityzen of this nation to make them accountable, or the Govt must GO!

  2. Nanu Asari

    5,000 goats sacrificed at temple fest
    TNN Apr 28, 2012, 03.35AM IST
    Tags:temple festival|slaughtered|Poosariyur|baby goatsERODE: At least 5,000 baby goats were slaughtered at a temple festival at Poosariyur near Anthiyur here on Friday and their blood was consumed by the priests and a number of devotees. Childless women too drink blood to invoke the blessings of the deity, regarded locally as the giver of fertility.

    The ritual was conducted to usher in prosperity to the local agrarian community. Friday was the 17th day of the Tamil calendar month of Chithirai and it was auspicious for Semmunisamy, presiding deity of the ancient temple. Devotees started gathering from the morning with baby goats and they were sacrificed at the temple altar. Priests drank the blood and handed over the rest to the devotees. The meat was distributed free of cost to all.

    • Vineet Bhardwaj

      Wish you had balls to write about animal sacrifice in other religions as well.

      • aditya

        Good point vineet……These hypocrites only bark on Temple sacrifices.They have no guts to take issue of cows / goats slaughter in the name of festivals like ramdan,id.

  3. Without actually stating it, Nanu Asari is implying her total disgust with that terrible bloodletting of goats in the name of spirituality. I find it disgusting as well. But, really, what is her point? Horrible crimes have been committed in the name of every religion on this planet, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. Does this reflect the actual religion? Christ did not preach violence, yet consider how much violence has been done in his name. Hinduism has suffered the same shameful actions in its name as well. Do these heinous acts reflect the purity of Jesus or Buddha or Krishna? Of course not!

    I would encourage Nanu to study closely the major Upanishads, which represent the final teachings of the Veda. She will quickly see that the blood-letting she witnessed in the name of Hinduism is not Hinduism, but rather a horrible perversion in Hinduism’s name. If Nanu would just study the Bhagavad-Gita, which sums up the essence of the Upanishads, she would discover that Lord Krishna states clearly that the man of Knowledge treats with equal respect all living beings; so just as krishna would not accept the sacrifice of human beings for religious purposes, neither would he accept the sacrifice of goats for the same reasons. Those deluded people, who do such things in the name of Hinduism are not actually Hindus in the real sense. A real Hindu (like a real Christian) is a Hindu by his or her acts, and not by his or her birth. Some of us are born Hindu, some are not, but the true Hindu is any human being who has understood and embraced the real import of Hinduism, committed themselves to living it and to attaining Moksha.

  4. Jyoti Jape

    This is a very balanced view expressed by duartmaclean. However in India, cursing, denigrating Hinduism is considered very modern, liberal and secular.
    So animal sacrifice is wrong in whichever religion it may happen. It must be stopped. But Indian seculars can see animal sacrifice in Hinduism but not in other religions.

    • Jyoti, you are right. Those denigrators of Hinduism are ignorant as well as blinded. They are blinded by their inability to see reality clearly. Consciousness is reflected in the mind, but if the mind is warped, then a warped interpretation of reality is what will be revealed in consciousness. These people cannot see clearly and they live in a dense darkness of ignorance of the Self. A devotee may be ignorant and suffer from delusion, but have enough purity to seek out Knowledge and enlighten himself. However, these Hindu-haters are simply tamasic. Their intention is violent and destructive. They represent the asuras in human form. Ramana Maharshi used to say, ‘All is God’s doing’. There is a deeper reason why India is going through this challenge. The true Dharma will reassert itself only if there is an awakening among its followers. This happened somewhere between the 4th and 8th centuries with the advent of Adi Shankaracharya. He caused a powerful regeneration of the Upanishadic Knowledge throughout India. His potent language still vibrates within the Consciousness of millions throughout the world. India can regenerate herself spiritually if she chooses to. And, as Ramana would say, ‘All is God’s doing’. But then, he also said that the Self is not different from God. So it really is up to us. Namaste.

  5. I am very impressed by duartmclean for his deep and balanced views on Sanatana Dharma. Animal sacrifice, in my opinion, is wrong and the great reformer Sri Adi Shankaracharya did regenerate Hinduism with the purging of evil practices prevalent at that time. Maybe, we need another Shankara to basically reform and rejuvenate Hinduism in the present times. Thank you duartmclean, once again, for offering and sharing your invaluable thoughts on this timeless and eternal dharma (not religion, I am afraid, as it is a Western conception).

  6. As I understand it, Hinduism has been a spiritual philosophy with divine origins and yet evolutionary as well. It didn’t get stuck in just one doctrine. The older Vedas have never been rejected, yet the Upanishads — the ‘end’ of the Vedas — opened up entirely new possibilities for humanity. The sages have never rejected the older Vedas, but the shift has been away from action (specifically ritualism) to Knowledge (direct experience of the Self). Ahimsa is one of the most cherished values of Hindu thought and so any form of violence (whether physical or subtle) is to be renounced, except in matters of self-defence, e.g., an invading army, criminal attacks, etc. Those Hindus who, due to lack of education, still engage in animal sacrifice need to be educated not condemned. This is what Adi Sankaracharya did. This is what all enlightened Hindus can do in modern times as well. The alternative is to let India degenerate into crass materialism and ego-centricity. Of course, wealth is fun and brings comforts, but in an unenlightened consciousness it leads only to turmoil and destruction

  7. Justice katju said “India is a country of 1 Billion fools”
    He was not entirely wrong:
    India, a Nation of More Than 1 Billion ‘Fools’

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