Anti-Hindu hatred — now even Westerners have begun to notice

Jonathan Kay writes in National Post of Canada.
From Brampton to Bangladesh, anti-Hindu hate is all too real

While the usual suspects — monotheists (xians and Muslims), White racists, Chinese racists — are all there spewing their anti-Hindu and anti-Indian hatred, the new kids on the block are some of the Sikhs living in Canada. Read the comments in the article given in the link above — it does seem that Sikhism has been semitized to a large extent among Sikhs living outside India who are becoming more and more like monotheists in their hatred for the rest of the humanity and declaring their God as the only true god. I am amazed at how much of humanity has come under the grip of monotheistic bigotry and is full of a vicious hate of others because these deluded people have internalized rabid ideologies that were invented by primitive humans in primitive civilizations.



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35 responses to “Anti-Hindu hatred — now even Westerners have begun to notice

  1. I’m glad someone in Canada is writing about the undeserved anti-Hindu view of large numbers of those of other religious cults and systems. Hinduism also has it monotheistic side, but the classical Hindu system is advaita Vedanta (based on the Upanishads), which espouses and argues brilliantly for a strict non-duality. The wisest in the world come from this

  2. Nanu Asari

    What do you mean by the wisest? The Christians and the Jews have produced hundreds of Nobel Prize winners, and nearly every invention is by them; and with a billion hindus how many have you produced?

    • ss

      The kind of hatred you are showing for Hindus is actually the subject of the article — you monotheists cannot be cured of your irrational hatred for the rest of humanity. You always need a target group to hate — this is what is visible in your attitude towards Hindus.

    • Bhushan

      @nanu asura: Idiot. You cant nderstand the difference, so stop asking pround questions and supplying stupid answers yourself.

      • IndianOcean

        No need to scold people. Internet blog is common for all to express their ideas & views. We can answer politely to all the questions posted in this blog until they have no more questions to ask. We Hindus have answers for all type of religious questions. No need to worry about it.

    • Nanu Asari

      I’m not hindu baiting you moron. I’m just responding to the tall claims on hinduism (The wisest in the world come from this tradition), by fartmaclean.

      • cnm

        tall claims , Idiot Hindu hater.

      • Dear Nanu, Jeremy Bentham is my ancestor and he was no stupid idiot. By the way, he corresponded with Gandhi and I believe they quite liked each other. Yes, dear Nanu, I am a Hindu. But then, Hinduism is a big word. Its not a particular cult, such as the Catholic Church or the Muslim Shiites. Hinduism embraces everything from atheism to theism, as well as monotheism, qualified non-dualism and pure non-dualism. I happen to be of the last philosophy, non-duality or advaita vedanta.

        If you studied a little philosophy, my dear Nanu, you would discover that Adi Sankara of the 4th century (maybe 8th century – there is some dispute on this) out-topped dear Descartes by light-years. As for the intense devotionalism of Christianity, there is plenty of intense devotion to the great God Shiva or Vishnu (pick the name you prefer). In fact, the Hindus are much better at bhakti than the Christians — these Indians, which you so loudly condemn make the poor Christians look like absolute beginners at the art of devotion. I’m a thinker, dear Nanu, so I don’t worry too much about what it looks like on the ground. I’m interested in the underpinnings, the insights, the genius of the Indian sages. So far — and believe me I have deep respect for Kant, Descartes, Sartre, Heidegger, Russell, Hume, Plato, Aristotle and the rest — there is nothing that compares, in the domain of Ontology, with what your Indian brothers have conceived and articulated so brilliantly over the millennia. Do a little serious, objective study and don’t stop at what it looks like on the surface.

        Dream on, dear dreamer. Yours sincerely, Duarte

        • deeptir

          But Nanu Cant Understand Sala…..Nanu samjh nahin sakta!!! Forefathers’ religion ko….nanu….sakta….

          On a serious note, does anyone know why this year’s Amarnath Yatra has met with so many casualties and accidents every other day?

      • Something for you to chew on Nanu:


        Wanted to share an interesting fact with you. Hope you know about the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson (the God particle). The whole theory of the existence of God particle is explained in 5th century by a Tamil poet named Tirumoolar in his work Tirumandiram. It is a key book of Tamil Saivism.  It consists of over three thousand verses dealing with various aspects of spirituality, philosophy, ethics, Yoga and the glory of Lord Shiva / Linga / Rudra. In summary, the Tirumandiram strongly emphasizes that Love is God, (Anbe Sivam). In this book, the 2008th verse is given below in Tamil:

        அணுவில் அணுவினை ஆதிப் பிரானை
        அணுவில் அணுவினை ஆயிரங் கூறிட்டு
        அணுவில் அணுவை அணுகவல் லார்கட்கு
        அணுவில் அணுவை அணுகலும் ஆமே.

        A rough English translation is:
        “The Lord is the beginning of all;
        He is the atom-within-the-atom;
        Divide an atom within the atom,
        Into parts one thousand,
        They who can thus divide
        That atom within the atom
        May well near the Lord,
        He, indeed, is the atom-within-the-atom!”
        – Tirumoolar
        Confusing isnt it ? That’s “vintage” nuclear physics !!!
        For those, who aren’t familiar with Tirumandiram, this link will give a snapshot view:

        • IndianOcean

          Since CERN is spending billions of dollars to discover god particle, Consciousness, origin of Universe and life and Universe. I just analyzed Hindu God Shiva and found some clue on relationship between all those things. Lord Shiva’s three eyes, and pineal gland has got some relationships which scientist can research further to discover something.

          1. Shiva’s right eye is Sun which represents space since it controls some space in which all planets revolve around it.
          2. Left eye is Moon which represents time since it is used to measure day, month, and year.
          3. Third eye represents Black Hole which is capable of destroy any matter including light. All the God, Goddess, Angels, demi-gods, Asuras, stars, planets, galaxies, or anything will be easily burned or swallowed or destroyed by this black hole (Shiva’s third eye).
          4. Pineal Gland in Shiva’s head which is a representation of Consciousness. Every man has Consciousness and Pineal Gland was seat of it. The above three eyes are arranged in a plane on frontal facial head, and Consciousness is seating directly perpendicular to this planar surface. The crown of conical shape is place of Consciousness which forms tetrahedral shape.
          5. Tetrahedron is very stable and fundamental sacred geometrical form in which the whole universe is built. For example Diamond. Spatial vacuum are all arranged in tetrahedral shape.
          6. Lord Shiva’s head represents the whole Universe and how Time, Space, Black hole, and Consciousness are arranged in a manner which is the key factor for identifying how the life is constantly evolving in this Universe.
          7. Tetrahedron is the secret of Universe geometrical architecture. The way Time/Space/BlackHole/Consciousness are interacting each other to carry out the evolution of life in this Universe is mysterious. It is good topic for research.

          Study more about Lord Shiva, we will find the truth.

      • Nanu, your attacks with words such as ‘moron’ only reveal your insecurities. If you are truly clear and certain and can back up your assertions with logic and evidence, then you would not need recourse to uncouth, denigrating language.

      • Dear Nanu, what I wrote must have gotten to you or you wouldn’t have replied with such invective. The problem is that, intuitively, you know what I’m writing is true but your conditioned mind will not allow you — the real ‘you’ –i.e., the Self — to accept it.

    • cnm

      Nanu , do you know why Hindus have failed to produce a good number of Nobel laureates ? It is because we have nothing original left in us. Ever since the the invasion of the British we have been imitating the west and the result is no original thinker in India. Imitators can not produce anything original.Hence no Nobel Prize.

    • JGN

      Nanu Asari, mone Dinesha, the Indian sub-continent was looted by the Islamic Invaders and Christian Colonizers for nearly 900 years prior to 1947. That is the main reason for the backwardness of our Country. I presume that your “thantha” (father) is still an Asari (carpenter).

      Btw you have not become a White skinned European/American by virtue of getting some dirty water sprinkled on your head. You are still a “Brown-nigger” for them. So there is no need for you take pride in the inventions of Christians and Jews.

    • Sameer

      We found 0-9… All the inventors u know are from west as u found the system to take a token of ur discovery as indians are satisfied till discovering things only apart from fame for that.
      If indian decided to quit their jobs and to go in domestic business. No any company in U.S. and Europe will ever build s/w eith such a low cost. I can bet u on that. Every where u will find INDIAN Brains. Just check on the net.

    • Nanu, you speak too quickly, with too much false authority. You are immature.

    • By the way, the original scientists involved with quantum physics — Bohr, Tesla, Einstein, Schrodinger, Heisinberg and others — were all students of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita and drew their original insights from these ancient Hindu texts. Read: ‘What is Life?’ By Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Prize Laureate.

      Yes, Hindus have to catch up with themselves and abandon their illusory idealization of the West. The West is severely dysfunctional at this point in history, as well as spiritually and morally bankrupt. Many are searching, however. Which explains why more than 20 million Americans are now practicing yoga.

  3. Jyoti Jape

    I hope hindus in India read this post and understand the ground level reality. Unfortunately hindus in India as well as anywhere else in the world are so engrossed and busy in their own shells (lives) that they don’t care about their own community being under siege.

  4. Pujari

    By means of higher knowledge the wise behold everywhere Brahman(the Almighty God)which otherwise cannot be seen or seized which has no root
    or attributes, no eyes or ears no hands or feet which is eternal and omnipresent, all pervading and extremely subtle and source of all BEINGS’, this is the concept of God in Hinduism
    The wisest in the world come from this tradition.
    this is what DuartMaclwean said the wise among wise come this group,if you still not understand start to meditate

  5. Hindus do not win Nobel prixe because Lord Brahma created this universe and all its souls for spiritual advancement and not for winning external awards. Shirdi Ke Sai Baba lived in voluntary poverty, so did Ramana Maharshi, Swami Tapovan and genuine saints. The grand objective of life is spiritual advancement and to live in harmony with our fellow human beings, animals, insects and pforests. When you live in harmony with Nature, you will realise that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on earth. Nobel Prizes are ego-boosters which are for physical beings who lower chakras are activated like Abraham Maslow who wrote that human beings had only basic needs.

    • Yes, the great masters have no interest in gaining ‘recognition’. They don’t give a fig about Nobel prizes and other ego builders. Sri Ramana Maharshi was easily as great as either Buddha or Jesus, but he had absolutely no interest in recognition — he lived in the service of those who were sincerely in search of truth and liberation and was utterly self-effacing.

      • som

        Nobel prizes should not be treated as a parameter of intelligence,because
        it is organization of Rothschild (a Jew ) backed banking system,Most of
        the recipient of Nobel prizes were Jews.

  6. suraj nagori

    I can remain a Hindu and an atheist at the same time. But the same cannot be said about other religions. Christians have to believe in Christ and go to church in order to be called Christians. I haven’t ever heard a Muslim say that he does not believe in Allah or Mohammad or Quran but is a proud Muslim. History is witness that the Church as well as islamic people convert people from other religions to following their respective religion. Nobody can convert anyone to becoming a Hindu. Hinduism is a way of life. Hinduism stands for peace, love, acceptance of other religions as true and helping the lesser privileged without desiring anything in return. In fact, the Gita goes to the extent of barring a person from expecting / wanting / desiring anything at all whether it be the fruitful results of his / her own actions or anything from any near ones. No one can find a religion that is more accepting (not tolerant) towards other religions.

    • There has been and continues to be an inherent totalitarianism in both Islam and Christianity. This has been most obviously demonstrated by the savagery conducted against other cultures and indigenous peoples around the globe over many centuries. These two religions are extremely competitive and though they claim to worship the same God and have their origins from the same origin and lineage –i.e., the prophet Abraham, they have always been at each other’s throat. This, of course, the opposite of what they claim to stand for. Competition and suppression in the name of spirituality is an oxymoron.

  7. sikh OG

    lmao wat about hindus haterad for sikhs and other minorities no one feels sorry for u hindus

  8. Vineet

    Hindus never had hatred for Sikhs. Sikh community had grown from hindus only. To fight against Muslims, elder healthy boys became part of what is known as sikh religion today.

    1984 riots was Congress Vs Sikh riots.

  9. Anonymous

    first fuck this word press for raging hatred against non hindu religions

  10. Him

    If anybody wants to know about real Sanatan Dharma ( Hinduism) he/she may read the works of Swami Vivekananda. Of course there are many authentic literature on this topic, but Swami Vivekananda had expressed it in a very scientific and rational way. It is comparatively easier also. He expressed the eternal truth in a simple way which shattered many mistaken conceptions about the Hinduism. He did not claim any name or fame for this, even for his Gurudev Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. He told the world that “I am a voice without a form”. He proved to the world that Sanatan Dharma is the best religion in the world. To prove this, he did not blame or criticize any other religion, whereas other religions constantly did just the reverse for other religions. The tolerance of the ideology is the forte of Sanatan Dharma, not it’s weakness. Of course we the Hindus should not tolerate the torture on us in the name of Allah, or in the name of any kind of God. The central thought of Sanatan Dharma is Power,Self Confidence and Unity among Diversity. We should be ardent Hindu and we should spread the powerful thoughts of this religion to others for a better world.

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