Pakis, cut this “South Asia” crap

A humourous and insightful post by majorlyprofound about this South Asia non-sense and how it benefits the Pakis to the detriment of Indians.

South Asia: Indians are Indians, and Pakistanis are Indians too. Especially in tight situations involving airports in foreign countries. In most other situations, Indians and Pakistanis are “South Asians”. Being a South Asian confers three type of advantages. The first advantage is that credit can be earned by association. This is useful while reporting positive news like: “A lady of South Asian origin wins the Governorship of South Carolina” and “As usual, South Asian children sweep spelling-bee championships.”.

The second advantage is that blame can be spread over a larger geographic area. This is particularly useful while discussing terror groups. Examples include “South Asian terrorist group suspected of attacking Mumbai” and the “South Asian terrorist who tried to attack Times square” or our very own Ambassador Hussain Haqqani’s scholarly study: “The Ideologies of South Asian Jihadi Groups”. Of course, one wouldn’t want to go into divisive details like the exact nationality of these organizations and individuals! That would just make you petty minded and someone who is against unity and peace. If you did want to go into details, usually substituting “Indian” in positive news articles and “Pakistani” in embarrassing ones would usually serve the purpose.

The third and the most significant advantage is numerical. This includes a vast South Asian market for “South Asian” artists and an equally vast room to wriggle out of uncomfortable questions. For example, when posed the question “Is radicalization a problem?” South Asians can reply with a straight face “Only 170 million, or about 10% of the South Asians are radicalized”. Which sounds entirely reasonable and makes me proud of being a South Asian.



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4 responses to “Pakis, cut this “South Asia” crap

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  2. som

    Pakistan is not merely Pakistan but Islamic Republic of Pakistan ,a sovereign country of South east asia
    and India is not metely India but Bharat named after King Bharat officially Bharat Ganarajya means Republic of India ,a sovereign country of south east asia.
    One is Islamic other is not simply Hindustan officially
    But one thing is clear that officially the concept of India should be determined through history of India
    from time immemorial with diversified believe sustem not monotheistic in natute.
    Both are south asian but officially different in nature.
    Being Islamic , Pakistan is related to one global concept that is “Islamization” which diluted the
    very concept of Nation officially.
    On the othet hand , concept of India is not merely
    1400 years old,but it is ancient civilization officially.

    • karan

      The bricks from ruin of Mohanjodaro had been used for construction of Railway track in Pakistan
      but in India lost river Saraswati discovered with the help reliable scientific means such as carbon
      dating,ground water survey ,settelitte mapping and this discovery has been approved by present
      UPA government and more finance has been alloted.

  3. nitha

    So the discovery of India is continued.,and discovery of Pakistan ……!!!
    “We do not want to know about Chandragupta Mourya” this is attitude of educatioists of Pakistan officially.
    One is tempering history officially ,other is trying to discover it officially.

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