How India won Tawang

Fantastic write-up — the unsung heroes of our motherland who won Tawang for us and re-planted Indian flag on Arunachal soil.

Meet Major Bob Khathing, the man who won us Tawang

Needless to say, that goofball Nehru was livid at India winning Tawang.

Once the expedition was over, Bob had a final task to do — to go back to the Governor and inform him that he had carried out his duty without firing a shot (except for the fireworks to create the ‘Voice of God’). So, he set out downhill to Tezpur with a small retinue, leaving the expeditionary force in charge of Allen. The Governor sent a Dakota to pick him up from Tezpur and they flew to Delhi to see Jawaharlal Nehru.

The then Prime Minister was livid. “Who asked you to do this?” he vented his anger at the Governor. “I wish you had the good sense to consult me before you commissioned this colossal stupidity. I want a complete blackout on this incident,” he ordered the PMO.

It took Nehru another four years of tough negotiations with Zhou En-Lai to come to terms and sign an eight-year agreement over Tibet and form the first Sino-Indian pact. In April 1954, after the pact, the Government announced its sovereignty over NEFA and appointed an Indian overseer team to replace Allen.


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One response to “How India won Tawang

  1. Vineet Bhardwaj

    What else can be expected from a set-up which only found Heroes in one family. The mere face that even Sardar Patel is spoken of rarely in official circles underlines the mindset of the pro-Congress historians.

    No wonder such great acts of valour are hidden from us.

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