Lies with Long Legs — Now read it online

Nice to be back after a three-month break!

Did you know that Dr Prodosh Aich’s remarkable book “Lies with Long Legs” is now available online. Here is the link:

Please mail this link to as many people as possible.

Dr Aich’s book exposes the fraud of Indologists of the Raj and shows what bigoted charlatans they were. Their findings were laughable but unfortunately are still being taught in Indian schools because of coolies like Nehru.



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10 responses to “Lies with Long Legs — Now read it online

  1. Nanu Asari

    Every good thing that we enjoy today in Science and Technology, from electricity to airplanes are from the West; every social development from human rights to animal rights are from the West. Books like these are like dogs baying at the moon. They make some sensational noise, sell some copies and vanish into oblivion

    • ss

      Actually, the modern numbering system and mathematics were invented by the Hindus which have made all progress possible. How far would you have gone with Roman numerals?. It is usual for brainwashed Xian and Muslim converts to worship and copy other races, but you have taken the art to a new level.

    • Avinash

      Da Asari cherukka, you have got nothing to do with the so-called West have done or not done. Albert Einstein has not become your ancestor just by getting some dirty water sprinkled on your head. You are also a brown-nigger so far as the White skinned Europeans and Amricans are concerned.

      • Indian Realist

        Right said. Our friend Nanu doesn’t know Einstein was a jew (the Christ killer or descendant of pigs and apes, respectively, if you are a Christian or a Moslem).

        • And our friend does not know that einstein and his colleagues got their knowed/ideas from studying the Vedas. Unified field theory was discovered in India thousands of years ago as was the idea of atomic particles (Anu). Indian Science was supressed due to anlien rule. simple as that.

    • Bhushan

      Why don’t you go and live their in the west as a slave, you licker? The biggest gift to this world from the east is Hinduism and Gita. All others are political tools…but people suffering from low esteem like you canot understand this….that’s why most converts change their loyalty to west too…they forget that something like ‘motherland’ exists.

    • cnm

      Modern science that has come from the west has been a curse to humanity .Every single invention that is modern science is boastful of has only pushed humanity toward its doom. The problem with modern science is that it can never produce anything that will be beneficial to the universe. Why ? Because,modern materialistic science has imbued this suicidal notion from the Bible that Nature is only a lifeless entity devoid of consciousness. Further, Nature is meant only to be exploited for the enjoyment of man.Who can deny that the present disastrous state of the Nature is the bane of modern science. The world would have been much better had it not been modern science.

    • The west will destroy the planet with its unbridled lust for technology, money, power and control. And now, Indian, Chinese etc imitators are well established on the same self-destructive band wagon; denigrating the very foundations of their cultures and values; driving their less privileged brothers and sisters into greater despair. They have abandoned their traditions and jumped on the bandwagon of crass materialism. The west has created a capitalist system which has allowed 1% of the global population to gain ultimate control of the world’s finances, natural resources and technology. The west, with its colonialist mentality, has driven billions of decent people into an extreme poverty from which they are unlikely to recover. I am a westerner, British by background. I am not ashamed of this. But I am also honest enough to admit that my eurocentric brothers and sisters have raped the planet in order to satisfy their unlimited ego-driven aspirations. Indian imitators, please wake up!

  2. Vineet Bhardwaj

    Dear All,

    This chap Nanu should not be taken seriously. Had he done some serious study, he would not have made such stupid remarks. A civilisation which even had a code for War (our great Bharat nation) and respected Human Rights even in conflict is worthy of respect and detailed study.

    Nanu seems to be a missionary paid blogger undermining everything related to our country. Let him Bark as much as he wishes to.

    Nanu – for you – before opening your gutter mouth, just do a simple study. Read Bhagwad Gita, there you will find breakup of time in terms of sun’s rays or speed of light. This is quite similar to Einstein’s theory of relativity that says that at speed of light, time slows down. Now please spare us in your next post that Bhagwad Gita has copied Einstein.

    Aryan Invasion Theory goes out of the window after finding river bed of Saraswati and also finding Dwarka.

    There should be national debate on our History as it has been taught to us over decades.

  3. osama

    i agree with the writer to some extent but not whole.. bcoz everyboyd contributed to world progress and world deastour in some way or the other one can debate a long on that by considering and dive deep into long human history, secondly he is true west took what east did to the climax of progress and progress is not without it’s side effects so we accepted the progress we should also own the side effects and draw bacxks related to it like pollutant atmosphere low standard of health bcoz of pollution on the globe risen to much higher level then before this modern progress europeans did and morally more greed and more materialism and all the crimes relating with that.

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