Is Karan Thapar a Pakistani Spy?

Veteran journalist Madhu Trehan tears Karan Thapar a new hole. Her first question is: “A very renowned minister of India specifically informed me you have handlers in Pakistan. Is it true?” Watch Thapar squirm in his seat and explain why all his articles in the media project the Pakistani point of view.

Here is your favorite Barkha Dutt being grilled by Madhu Trehan.



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2 responses to “Is Karan Thapar a Pakistani Spy?


    Karan Thapar is not the only one – there are thousands and thousands of Hindu TRAITORS who won’t hesitate to sell their souls to Pakistan, China or to whoever. These people are basically who are paid

    On the other hand are those communists, who are ideologically committed to working on anti – India agenda

  2. Change the thinking

    Yes, his deeds projects him as he is a spy of pakistan.It is just same as, in indian history,people like him, helped a lot to foreign invaders in making their bloody empires here. . .

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