There goes their secularism

The true colours of champions of human rights and secularism

Speak up for Christianity, Cameron tells Archbishop

David Cameron last night called on the Archbishop of Canterbury to lead a return to the ‘moral code’ of the Bible.

Mr Cameron declared Britain ‘a Christian country’ and said politicians and churchmen should not be afraid to say so.



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8 responses to “There goes their secularism

  1. Under stress, every culture with a survival instinct will go back to “first principles”, which has been Christianity for Britain ever since it got converted a 1000+ yrs ago.

    A lesson for copycat “secularist” in India who are fighting tooth & nail to keep India’s own culture on the sidelines, based on outworn Leftist idea(l)s.

  2. Are these (ameer gundas) supposed to be guardians of our secularism as well”?

    • sss

      What happens to Muslim love of secularism when they become majority in any area? I am sure Kashmiri Muslims are a good example of Islamic secularism.

  3. Ours should also go now.
    Those muztards should be dead.

  4. Dipak Chakra

    Anti-Hindu activities are branded as secularism in India.Only country in the world where majority population are totally neglected by the government.

  5. IndianOcean

    These c+ will be barking about secularism always until they grow to a majority in that area. Once reached majority, they will forget about secularism and start barking about Hell & Heaven. It is well proven fact worldwide.

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