Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History

“The Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History” — the celebrated book written by Veer Savarkar. Click here to read. No Hindu should miss it.



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4 responses to “Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History

  1. savarkar’s works need to be scrutinised.. i went thru the book, and some of his assumptions of history are wrong..

    for eg, he says, porus was defeated, and alexander conquered all neighbouring states.. but even in the hollywood film “alexander”, it was shown, that alexander was badly wounded by the arrow of porus..

    Next, the alexander army was devastated by around 100 Elephants of porus.. and the reason they did not invade further, was bcoz of the news, that nanda dynasty had around 6000 elephants.. the greeks, who urinated even by the sight of few elephants of persia, were terrrorised by this news, and hence their army revolted..

    Please do read this excellent article from 2ndlook..

  2. The link given here is only the First part.
    I already downloaded it but couldn’t find any.
    Please try to give the complete book.
    In my view Savarkar has written about Alexander’s invasion until mughal & British.
    These all will form 6 epochs. Here is only he first one.

  3. nakul jain

    The naked monk given in description is not brahmin but a jain monk who till date wander naked.
    Also from recent sindhu culture findings a lot of engravings of jain tirthankars were found which is mentioned nowhere in book.

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