When China was given a bloody nose

Not many Indians know this, but just five years after the 1962 debacle, the Chinese were given a bloody nose at Nathu La. Read about it all here.

This is a post from another forum:

May 1841 – Just one Indian community – the Dogras under Zorawar Singh – beat the shit out of Chinese

August 1842 – Dogras under Dewan Hari Chand and Wazir Ratnu again beat the Chinese in the Battle of Chusul. Ladakh officially becomes a part of India.

1839-1842 – First Opium War – EIC expeditionary forces comrising 7,069 navy personnel, 5,000 British troops and 7,000 Indian troops take on Chinese forces of 200,000 inflicting 18,000-20,000 casulties for 69 killed 451 wounded. That is the reason Punjab Regiment crest shows a ship and the motto is “sthal wa jal”, emphasizing their fighting prowess as expeditionary forces via sea.

1856-1860 – Second Opium War – again similar number of Indian soldiers participated


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  1. vikram

    Despite growing economic and strategic ties, several issues continue to strain Sino-Indian relations. Though bilateral trade has continuously grown, India faces massive trade imbalance heavily in favor of China.The two countries have failed to resolve their long-standing border dispute and Indian media outlets repeatedly report Chinese military incursions into Indian territory. Both nations have steadily built-up military infrastructure along border areas. Additionally, India harbors suspicions about China’s strong strategic relations with its arch-rival Pakistan while China has expressed concerns about Indian military and economic activities in disputed South China Sea.

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