Godhra: The True Story

Godhra: The True Story, an article written by French journalist Nicole Elfi about the anti-Hinduism of the secular mafia of India and abroad and how they are hounding Modi. It is a story of the deliberate lies, spins and mischief of mono-theistic or Marxist media men driven by a hatred of pagans / infidels.




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4 responses to “Godhra: The True Story

  1. So called “Religion of Peace” murders women and children just because they prayed for Ram. One can understand the Jihadi hatred by reading this once again. Thanks to Nicole Elfi, may this history never be forgotten by Indians.

  2. He He!

    Angana Chatterji is suspended.

    I don’t remember this being a media story when this “great activist” in professorial garb was suspended. Now it is spun as a protest against her suspension, full of righteous indignation, citing her “work” in Kashmir (not elaborating her being involved with the notorious Kashmiri Islamist Fai who was arrested recently by FBI… ). Of course hubby/colleague Shapiro is also famous for being turned back from India for his “academic” activism…


  3. The so called secular parties in India have always been fooling not only the people of India but the rest of the world as well. False propoganda by the media accusing Hindus is really abnoxious. Indian media is very well funded by the West Orthodox churches,governments & Islamist countries & fanatics.They have been successful in dividing India & creating a wave of false mass hysteria showing Hindus in the bad light. What about those innocent Hindus burnt alive like barbarians in the Sabarmati Express train including women & children.What about those families of those burnt alive in the train ? Has anybody in this world have taken any notice of them ?

  4. brinda s

    The same thing happened in Kandhamal in Odisha, but spineless Naveen Patnaik allowed Hindus to suffer.

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