Analysis of Kargil War

An analysis of the Kargil war by a US military analyst. Put Indian army in a good light.



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2 responses to “Analysis of Kargil War

  1. Thank you. It’s a great find. “1 Naga climbed 14,000 feet (4,260 m) in elevation in two days” Wow! This is going to be an interesting read.

  2. ravi

    A distinguished historian once said, great civilisations do not die, but they can commit suicide. India, a nation and a civilisation, seems bent on taking this perilous path to ruin. Nothing else can explain the morbid determination with which the ruling Congress-led dispensation has set out to humiliate and destroy the Indian Army, the most vital institution for the country’s defence and security in an increasingly turbulent age.

    Pig-headed acts of omission and commission by a few individuals concerned only with their petty egos and illicit calculations of gain or prestige are playing with the honour of the Army Chief, the nation’s preeminent soldier and an officer of sterling quality.

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