Rajeev Malhotra’s New Book

Reajeev Malhotra’s new book is out due this November. It is called “Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism.

He has a very good hold over language. His books are very well argued and a pleasure to read.



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10 responses to “Rajeev Malhotra’s New Book

  1. Is this the same Rajeev Malhotra who said that “Yoga” did not originate from Hinduism / Sanatan Dharma?

  2. Sandeep

    “Is this the same Rajeev Malhotra who said that “Yoga” did not originate from Hinduism / Sanatan Dharma?”

    That was Deepak Chopra

  3. Nanu Asari

    The most hated word for me is the bloody ‘sanatan darma’; it even sounds like satans dharma; probably that’s the correct meaning. With the cursed caste system as the creed that sees some human beings as gods because of their birtth and some others as beasts, again because of their birth, it makes me throw up when vedanta bigots say this word; sewage sludge smells better.

    • Bhushan

      Are you talking about the xtians who see Whites as Gods (Jesus was a Godman at best, just like thousands of ‘fathers’ who claim to do miracles in churches and are actually chasing their lust and money from church) and converted hindus/dalits as “Dalit Christians”. Xtianity is only for blind believers in Bible (a completely political piece, filled with racism, sodomy, lust, masochism, blind beliefs and hatred). That’s why learned and knowledgeable Xtians the world over (mostly in Europe and the US are either becoming atheists or embracing Hinduism (without money, liquor or jobs as promised rewards). That’s why the church is worried and spending huge amounts of money to convert people in the third world countries targeted at gullible, illiterate and ignorant people in India, Africa. Ace bstards! But despite brainwashed shits like nanu Asari (Asura) Xtians is on its way out.

    • You seem a lot more poisonous at the moment, your true face has been revealed. Sorry, the demonic Abrahamic Religions are the poisonous creation that was meant to destroy the world, but we will never let your kind succeed in your demonic agenda!

  4. Anon

    Refer to

    Christians spreading hatred against Hindu Dharma


    Bali’s Church Adopts Philosophy of Hinduism
    “We want to combine art, culture, custom and language to the fullest”

  5. By the way this is slated to occur in cities. Bharatnatyam takeover by Christists is going on full swing.

  6. dalit

    Rajeev Malhotra the billionaire Brahmin businessman from Princeton is the latest darling of Hindutva and Manuwadis.
    Malhotra has whitewashed all the Brahmin oppression and blamed everything squarely on European colonialism.
    He has created a mishmash world view called the Dharmic worldview by combining Buddhism, Jainism and Brahminism.
    How Brahminism fits into this is Malhotra’s great intellectual circus. Brahminical philosophy which is full of all kinds of confusing rituals, yajnas, homas, untouchability, pollution, cow worship is now equated with an ethical and principle centered Buddhism in Malhotra’s fantasy Dharmic philosophy.

    • som


      Who is Dalit?
      Who created this word Dalit?
      Do you know what is Smriti?
      Did you read Manu-Smiriti?
      It talks about Shudra.
      Due to your lack of knowledge and intelligence, you will term Shudra as Dalit.
      But realty is Today’s service sector is Manu’s Shudra class.
      All working professionals in Information Technology is also Shudra class (as per Manu).

      Is Smiriti a Hindu scripture?
      It is just a social code of that time and subjected to revision.
      Can you implement outdated Manu -Smirit today?

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