Connecting the dots about Sonia Gandhi

A very powerful writeup by an ex-intelligence officer about the Sonia-Rajiv romance and how all people standing in her way to power conveniently died. He also hints at the power that she represents. This is the stuff movies are made of.



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33 responses to “Connecting the dots about Sonia Gandhi

  1. Soul-in-Exile-in-my-own-country

    Since 2009 nothing has come from him and I am sure he has been eliminated. What a country we are living in which is still being run by foreigners. Majority Indians (read Hindus) should wake up now or else it will be too late. We have to come out of the ideological clutches of Gandhi and Nehru’s, which have been/are working against the interest of Bharat and our Sanatan Dharama. this is just one incident which have been written but the fact is there are “n” number of incidents like the above which won’t the light of day. I hope majority Indians open up their eyes to realities and start working for their motherland else all the Hindus will be just like souls-in-exile just like me and my community members (Kashmir Pandits) that too in their own country. this is “WAKE UP CALL”.

  2. Nanu Asari

    The only answer for India is Soniaji, and it doesn’t matter if she has European origin. What’s more important is integrity and compassion for the masses. She has proved her secular credentials time and time again; she’s even pardoned her husband’s killers, which is much greater than any sanatan dharma. She’d the hope of India; and her son, if he follows in her footsteps would be the future hope of India.

    • Soul-in-Exile-in-my-own-country

      Grow up man and get a life. Read about ur Sonia Amma and get enlightened. Go through the link:

    • Bhushan

      Yes. It does not matter if she killed Sanjay & Indira, threatened Maneka and Varun, eliminated Rajiv, tied Priyanka and rahul with foreigners, and packed all important posts with catholics.

      Yes she has proven her catholic credentials again and again. After reading the spine-chiiling revelations by the intelligence officer, I know why she forgave rajiv’s killers. And I think I know where she had gone for weeks when India was fighting against corruption. I can only pray and hope that she (the satan) is removed from our beloved land and that all the people, who threaten her existence – like Modi, Anna, etc, remain alive and not die mysteriously.

      • Bhushan

        Now I know why the Delhi blasts took place suddenly. Also why innocents were killed in 26/11, and why and how Kasab and others entered India via sea!!!!! cant imagine that a human being can be worse than a shaitan. Hitler was better. he openly killed people.

    • What can be greater than sanatan dharma? Your comparison is ridiculous.

  3. S

    Nanu Thomachan,
    How’s mct life??

  4. American yogi

    Sonia Gandi -World’s #9 Most Powerful Person Now Accused of Corruption — Will She Fall?

  5. Quite interesting – but perhaps it would be very difficult to prove. Whether the theory turns out to be true or false is a different matter, but what is undeniable is that, with so many anti-Indians within India trying to bring her down, we don’t really need external enemies.

  6. Clarific: Anti-Indians within India trying to bring India down. Just wanted to clarify in case my above comment sounded ambiguous.

  7. Is the following true?

    ‘CNN-IBN: This is 100 percent funded by Southern Baptist Church with its branches in all over the world with HQ in US. The Church annually allocates $800 million for promotion of its channel. Its Indian head is Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh.’?

    I found this information on a website about ownership of Indian media.

  8. Nanu Asari

    I hope it’s true.

  9. Bhushan

    Yuck!!!!!!! Whenever I see her face, i feel like there is an evil devil in her. Scary and nasty.

  10. Nanu Asari

    I thank God for restoring Soniaji’s health and bringing her safely to India. Now that she’s here, the in-party bickering will get sorted out and the party can spearhead the nation towards prosperity. There will be many an accusation, but she should not get perturbed. Great leaders face great problems with equanimity of mind and soul. Her healing offers a healing touch to the nation. She’s a diversity leader, for a country with diverse ethnic groups, different religions and cultures. I hope in the coming days we see more of her in the public, to give assurance to the mass that India is indeed safe and sound not only in economic matters, but also in matters of national security.

  11. Bhushan

    Dont fool yourself. She wasnt unwell. She was just hiding her property and bank accounts after Anna’s, Baba’s and Subbu’s efforts became threatening. After her return, she first increased oil prices (though global prices havee gone down), had the blast in Delhi, instigated Modi, communal bill etc to stiffle the nation, so that everyone forgets her mmisdeeds. BUT IT WILL BACKFIRE. The devil will be taught a lesson by God.

    She is not a diversity leader. SHE IS a XXXtian and has so many other Xtians – Diggy, etc – around her.
    SHE IS ANTI HINDU. She has made Hindu lives miserable. Shhe is creating more and more divisons between Hindus, Muslims and Xtians. God and India will teach her a lesson.

  12. JGN

    @ Nanu Asari, which Gawd are you thanking? Any Indian Gawd or some “foregin” Gawd? How is the Ice-cream Business and Palm Oil Business in our God’s Own Country?

    • Nanu Asari

      There is only one God. Religion is not a flea market where you can have different brands of the same products; or like in your religion where rama is a god and his villainous enemy ravana is also god. For us God is the creator. For you Tendulkar, Kushboo, the poor cow (whether Jersey cow or Kankeiyan cow), the pesty rat, the slithering snake and …. are all gods. Sorry guy, we don’t sing from the same page.

      • JGN

        Nanu Asari, this is the height of arrogance. When Missionaries and Mullahs use methods perfected over centuries to brainwash and convert the pagans/hathens/kafirs into their religion, the end products are people like you who are neither fish nor fowl. Christianity is Whitemen’s Club. There has not been a single Asian or African Pope ever since the inception of Roman Catholic Church. So far as the white skinned christinas are concerned, you are also a brown-nigger.

        • Nanu Asari

          What a myopic view of Christianity! There are more Asian, African and Latin American Christians than their European counterparts. China, for your information, has 13% Christians,(150million!) and most of it in the last 10 years. (and that’s the secret of their extraordinary progress)South Korea has 45% Christians, African Continent has 33%Christians; the entire Latin America is Christian-just a few samplings. An Asian or Black Pope is just a matter of time, and no has any problem with that. But for you a stupid Tamil pattar (brahmin) will always be superior to the others just because he’s a brahmin.

          • JGN

            @ Nanu Asari, from where did you get the figure of 150 Million Christians in China?? This is what wiki says: “The subject of China’s Christian population is controversial. The government of the People’s Republic of China census enumerated 4 million Roman Catholics and 10 million Protestants. However, independent estimates have ranged from 40 million to 54 million Christians in China as the most common and reliable numbers……………….did the Missionaries teach you to lie through the teeth?

            >>>>>>An Asian or Black Pope is just a matter of time, and no has any problem with that>>>>>> when will that time come? When was the Roman Catholic Church established? Do you have any idea? And what will you do even if you have some problem with an African or Asian not becoming the Pope? The white-skinned Christians will give a grand kick on your rear end if you ever dare to even talk about that!!!!!!!

            Some where deep down your sub-conscious mind you know that you are inferior to a pattar and try to satisfy your ego by calling them stupid. Will that make them “stupids” ?

            • Bhushan

              Asari got it from his “father” at the Sunday “mass” where mainly insecure “Dalit” Christians talk about their “Pure” Christian brothers and ways how too become like them..where bashing Hinduism and Hindus is the only thing done other than copying Hindu rituals to feel safe and that their decision to abandon the religion of their forefathers for some money is justified. Churches, like Masjids, use congregation to spread hatred against Hindus which is manifested in brain-washed morons like Nanu Asari.

          • Bhushan

            @Asari: Yes at the rate with which the whites are kicking xtianity and terming bible as the most hilarious book, only third grade countries like Nigeria, etc will have christians and the pope.

      • Nanu Asari. You’ve got to be kidding. I don’t think you’re serious. I think you are actually a comedian — a joker making jokes on this website.

  13. Avinash

    “For every convert that is lost Hinduism, it
    is not just one lost, but one more enemy to
    “Conversion is Perversion”
    — Swami Vivekananda

  14. anonymous

    Nanu Asari

    The Dangers of Monotheism in the Age of Globalization

    By Jean-Pierre Lehmann | Thursday, March 30, 2006

    “Christianity and Islam each have their strong points, but their historical records show more liabilities, warfare, intolerance and persecution, than truly positive assets”.

  15. JGN

    Dr. D.M.Brooks has graphically described the atrocities committed in the name of Religions (especially Christianity and Islam) all over the world in “The Necessity of Atheism” (freely available at Project Gutenberg). After reding that book any one would be ashmed to call himslef/herself a Christian/Muslim. Such are the brutalities committed in the name of these two religions.

  16. Vineet

    This person Nanu is a Christian Congress supporter the types of whom you find in offices with big pictures of their God-son screensavers and big crosses and during tea-coffee breaks telling stories of missionaries.

    They have their own view of Indian history and anything logical or rational is anathema to them. Had one such in our office who was not ready to budge from the nonsenical Aryan Invastion Theory despite the discovery of River Saraswati. This joker doesnt understands the concept of so many gods – only if he could understand the message of every living being worthy of respect and worship. A clown of highest order that Nanu has proved himself to be by his statements, understanding of pious belief in making every form (be it trees, birds, animals etc) as god is actually beyond him.

    We must not waste our time on him – he just doesnt deserve it.

    If we see there is a pattern – earlier it was North Vs South; now it has changed to Hindu Vs Dalits as if Dalits were outside Hindu thinking. Christians are funding the Dalit leaders you see on the TV. Sources of English News Media Channels and magazines such as Tehelka are well known to be repeated.

  17. Chris

    Wiki-Limericks : MMS, PC, Madam and the Klown-Prince of Italy

    Tragic Comedy

    There once was an “Economics-Genius” named MMS
    Who was servile to Famiglia-Maino in excess
    He lost sleep when the man held in Oz
    Turned out to be an Indian Moz
    EVMs, CEC & Vote-Banks gave MMS election-success.

    The Nation’s resources MMS gave to the Minority-Community
    Denying the Majority the Right to have Equal-Opportunity
    To any who probed, loftily he did declare :
    ” Of not one single scam am I even aware,
    And as Caesar’s-Wife, I have Diplomatic-Immunity.”

    Protest his innocence loudly though he might
    As MMS assures the Nation that all is right
    Clearly, no clothes does our Emperor wear
    Even as he clings to the Royal-Chair
    From which the Nation wishes he would alight.

    There once was an erudite gentleman named PC
    Any mention of ‘Sivaganga’ made him very queasy
    Thrice-counted were the Votes, to ensure Error
    Wherever he looked, he saw only “Saffron-Terror”
    Wonder what he’s hiding under his Veshti !

    There once was a lady named Antonia
    Who fancied herself Queen of India
    She could barely speak Hindi
    Yet claimed to be a Gandhi
    Which made Indians forget she was a Phony-ia.

    Antonia broke her little toe-nail, and grew very afraid
    Then flew off to the US to get American Medical Aid
    Fumed Dr. MMS, “I could have fixed her toe-nail for free
    For I am a Real-Doctor, does our Madam not trust me ?
    All it would have taken me is a 5-Rupee-BandAid. “

    There once was a lad named Raoul Maino
    Who was less Indian and more Italiano
    He never studied or worked at any job
    For he had the backing of the Eyetalian Mob
    And his Bofors-Billions safe with Uncle Ottavio.

    A Right-Royal Dunce is this our mediocre Amul-Baby
    Fit only to be Klown-Prince of Mafiosi Sicily & Italy
    But his great-grand-dad, then his grandma Indira
    And then his dad, all jumped onto the Throne of India
    So, now we’re stuck with the Amul-Baby and its Mommy !

  18. Truth Will Prevail

    Nanu Asari were you an Italian in your previous birth or are you an Italian in this birth? Are you a slave Mr Asari? People like this Asari are a shame to India. Asari are you a Congress party member? Then you must bow down to the Italian, lick his feet and he will accept you as your lap dog. But when you are in his lap don’t bark or else he will find another lap dog like you and call it secularism.

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