Kashmir: The Endless War

Nice video by NDTV about how the Indian army protects the citizens and takes on terrorists in Kashmir.

The war between militants and the Indian Army is a daily one. Patrolling along the Line of Control, ensures our soldiers are at risk of dying or facing a permanent disability almost every night. Despite this, the Indian army ensures through a number of measures that our soldiers morale remains high, so they can continue to safeguard our borders fearlessly.



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3 responses to “Kashmir: The Endless War

  1. Menon

    Yes they are giving their life to our nation ,risking their own life every moment every day.Govt identifies home grown terroism at large scale.our country is ruled mostly by the present govt giving them suitable climate to organise and do whatever form to ruin the country .Any one who raise their voice is easily branded hindu hardliners.

  2. Vijay Kumar

    Dear IR,
    Pl find time to see this piece in Hindi:

  3. Truth Will Prevail

    Countless thanks to the brave Jawans of India. You are the most valuable gem protecting India. Don’t let any political gimicks interfere in your protection of India. Your sacrifices will be remembered with all heart and soul. Kshatriya dharma must be kept alive like a lamp that never dies out.

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