Plunder of India

Nice slide show about Congress party’s loot of India.

Plunder of India



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4 responses to “Plunder of India

  1. Lovely Facts.
    Something on similar lines.. an interactive quiz on the same 🙂


    Under the reciprocity proviso to Section 5 of the Citizenship Act, Ms.Sonia Gandhi is ineligible for the post of Prime Minister of India because in Italy Indian taking Italian citizenship cannot become the Prime Minister and hence on reciprocity, Italians becoming Indian citizens cannot become Prime Minister of India. It was this proviso which was responsible for the somersault of Ms. Sonia Gandhi, from staking the claim for Prime Ministership on 16th May, 2004, and then withdrawing the same in favour of Dr. Manmohan Singh on May 18th, 2004. Although this proviso has since been deleted by the then outgoing NDA Government, it is however illegal because the said deletion was carried out on an Act passed in January 2004 for NRIs. Under the Objects and Reasons of the Bill moved in Parliament to enact this law does not empower the Government to delete the said proviso to Section 5 of the Citizenship Act. Hence if Ms. Sonia Gandhi stakes her claim to the Prime Ministership of India it is subject to challenge in court along with the challenge to the deletion of the said proviso to the Citizenship Act.

    As far as Mr. Rahul Gandhi is concerned, he was born when his mother was still an Italian citizen and hence his name was under Italian Citizenship Act automatically entered in the Citizenship Register maintained by the Italian Government and the Italian Embassy in New Delhi. Mr. Gandhi has never renounced his Italian citizenship and hence the legality of his Indian citizenship can also be challenged since India does not recognize dual citizenship.

  3. Truth Will Prevail

    A true Indian will never plunder his motherland. Kick out the greedy bastards. They don’t belong in India. If secularism means plundering India, then it is called sickularism and it does not belong in India. India has been plundered too much and now its time to heal India.

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