Didi begins her games

BJP hits out at Mamata’s madrasas move

KOLKATA: The West Bengal unit of the BJP on Saturday criticised Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s decision to recognise 10,000 madrasas despite reports that Central intelligence had found most of the madrasas, operating along the Bangladesh border, to be “anti-Indian” in nature.

Ms. Banerjee had announced on Friday that though the government would recognise these madrasas there would be no financial assistance to them due to the State’s poor finances. Describing it as a “revolutionary decision”, she had said that the madrasas would now be able to avail themselves of various Central schemes, some of which would also benefit them financially.

State BJP president Rahul Sinha in a statement accused Ms. Banerjee of “playing with national integrity” in order to “appease a particular community”. He pointed out that Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram had recently told journalists that activists of the Bangladesh-based terror group Harkat-ul-Jihad-ul-Islami (HuJI) have a strong presence along the international border with a number of madrasas being under their direct control. “The Central government report says that most of the madrasas are anti-Indian,” Mr. Sinha said. Asserting that the BJP welcomed the approval of “real Indian madrasas,” he said Ms. Banerjee could have taken the reports by the Intelligence Bureau as well as Central and local intelligence units into consideration before arriving at the decision.

Apaat kaale, Viprit Buddhi (“In times of a crisis, the mind loses its wisdom”). Only this can explain why Hindus, wherever they face a serious threat from Muslims and Xians — Bengal, Kerala, North East — will keep shunning political parties which represent their interests, and keep voting for those parties and politicians who are openly hostile to them and work against their interests.

Bengalis, Keralites, Assamese — all these Hindus fall in this category. Notice how determined they are not to allow BJP to come to power but will keep voting Congress and every other rabid anti-Hindu politiican to power who will then keep taking steps to compromise the future of the Hindus.



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7 responses to “Didi begins her games

  1. Indian

    Uhhhh there is a google ad on your page which says “How to Convert to Islam”

    How the heck does Google think that this website’s viewership would be responsive to a hideous thing like that???

  2. cnm

    I do not think people has done anything wrong by rejecting BJP.
    In my opinion it will be suicidal for the Hindus to vote for BJP . Because BJP is no better than congress when it comes to safeguard the Hindu interest.

  3. R.Sajan

    They do not win in Kerala because they too speak of secularism there. Their terminology is all Hindu or Sanskrit which puts the ordinary Kerala Hindu off them. Then, you know that no Keralite including Nairs is a non-Shudra. BJP’S Rama Rajya would be a Varnasrama thing; and no Kerala Hindu wants it. Further, the RSS which controls the Kerala BJP makes it a point to remove/eliminate anyone that gets to have some charisma.

  4. cnm

    I am sorry , I do not agree with R sajan insofar as his conclusions about Sanskrit and varnasrama are concerned.I am of this opinion that Sanskrit is the greatest unifying force that can unite the Hindus. . It is in the interest of the Hindus that Sanskrit be made the lingua franca of India. The sooner it is done the better. Similarly, Varnasrama is the most unique creation of the matchless Hindu brain. It is a different story that the Britishers distorted the values behind varnasram dharma to show Hinduism in a bad light.

  5. Didi has begun her games indeed. But West Bengal is actually seems better than every other Indian state at something — http://www.wahsarkar.com/?p=488

  6. R.Sajan

    cnm might know what is best for himself, Kerala, India and the mankind, i do not differ. But unfortunately, we have democracy and literacy in Kerala.

  7. S

    Sajan Sir,
    “But unfortunately, we have democracy and literacy in Kerala.”

    Unfortunately , you are wrong.

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