Breaking India may undermine war on terror

A commentary by NS Rajaram on Rajiv Malhotra’s new book, Breaking India.


Authors of the just released book Breaking India allege that Christian organizations are engaged in a divisive program to expand in countries like India, Sri Lanka and other former colonies by creating and exploiting divisions. This shortsighted policy may seriously undermine war against terror.

N.S. Rajaram

The war against terror is not just India’s war or America’s war: it is a war of freedom against the spread of ideology of terror in the name of God. The West, America in particular, became aware of the threat only after 9/11 but India has been waging a war against Jihadi terror for over a thousand years. As a result no people in the world today have more knowledge and experience of fighting terror than the Indians. India and the West should be working together to defeat this menace. With countries in the strategically vital Middle East sliding into turmoil, solidarity with India becomes still more important: this is a fact not seriously disputed by any serious strategic thinker in the world

But curiously, some groups based in America and Europe are actively engaged in weakening Indian society by dividing its people into mutually hostile camps on the basis of tribe, cast and religion. It is part of an ideology and academic exercise promoted by evangelical Christian and so-called ‘human rights’ organizations in an effort to spread their influence and gain converts. Many human rights organizations are little more than secular fronts of various churches that have made inroads into the media and are now trying to gain control of sections of the government. All this is brought out with profuse documentation by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan in their just released book Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines (Amaryllis 2011).

Their strategy is based on creating and fanning resentments among so-called ‘minorities’— a continuation of the tactics used by bureaucrats, academics and missionaries during the colonial era. These minorities are often based on willful misrepresentation. To take an example, McDonalds is one of the world’s largest fast food chains. In the past decade or so it has begun setting up franchises in India, Sri Lanka and other countries. In India its presence is miniscule compared to local businesses in the restaurant businesses. But no one for that reason regards India’s McDonalds franchises as ‘small businesses’ that qualify for tax and other benefits. Take another example: GM makes and sells cars in India, but in numbers it is dwarfed by Indian automakers like Maruti, Tata and Mahindra. Yet no one sees GM as a small business.

But this is exactly the claim of Christian organizations like the Catholic, Anglican and evangelical churches. Even though they are multinational organizations that are much larger worldwide than any Hindu sect or organization, they insist on being treated as minorities and given special privileges in education, jobs and other areas. This is a central thesis of the just noted Breaking India by Malhotra and Neelakandan. The authors further point out that in a manner eerily similar to what happened in the century preceding the European colonization of India (and other countries), these Christian organizations and their academic and NGO affiliates are engaged in weakening the country to facilitate foreign domination. It is no accident that Church organizations enjoyed special privileges under British rule, many of which have continued after independence in the guise of ‘minority’ rights. Their activities today give the impression that they would like to see the return of colonial rule in some form.

Dividing people along tribal and ethnic lines has a long and sordid history. In India it took the form of a racial divide of Indians into two groups called Aryans and Dravidians. Science has fully discredited the notion of race while the British themselves have acknowledged their political motive by admitting that the so-called Aryan Invasion Theory “gave a historical precedent to justify the role and status of the British Raj, who could argue that they were transforming India for the better in the same way that the Aryans had done thousands of years earlier.” (BBC, October 6, 2005.)

In a speech at the British House of Commons in 1929, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin echoed the idea by claiming that God had told the British (presumably in English) to uplift the degraded Indian Aryans to their former heights through British rule. This is what came to be known as the White Man’s Burden in the phrase made famous by Rudyard Kipling. Neither Kipling nor Baldwin originated the idea: they borrowed it from the missionaries who claimed, and still claim that by accepting Jesus as savior, we can be saved from our sins since Jesus died for our sins. (This is an obvious incentive to sin as much as possible since we can save ourselves by converting on our deathbeds; if we don’t sin, Jesus will have died in vain.)

But missionaries and academics later went much further. They claimed that their (meaning the British) presence was necessary to correct the oppression of the ‘minority’ Dravidians by the ‘invading’ Aryans. The most influential figure in this development was Robert Caldwell, Bishop of Tirunelveli. The Google Encyclopedia describes him as: “a Colonial Era Evangelist Missionary who used native languages as a tool to proselytize the Colonized in Southern India. To aid his mission, he nativised Christianity by adopting a teleological approach to re-classify Indian languages inspired by scientific (sic: pseudo-scientific) racial theories that was popular amongst the European intellectuals in the 19th century. His works revolve around the missionary work in Tinnevelly (Thirunelveli) district in Tamil Nadu and it laid the theoretical foundation for the political and academic ‘revivalist’ movement that came to dominate Dravidian nationalism in Tamil Nadu and racial polarization in Sri Lanka.”

This polarization led to the church-sponsored LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka that ended only with its total defeat. In India it led to the Dravidian faultline—as the authors term it—that sustains Dravidian politics especially in Tamil Nadu. The original DMK was the handiwork of Christian missionaries. It was originally called the Justice Party, claiming its goal was to bring justice to the oppressed Dravidians. It is supposed to be scientific and rationalist, but still holds on to the scientifically discredited Aryan-Dravidian theory. This division is the centerpiece of both the Dravidian parties and the LTTE: their whole ideology collapses once they accept that science has demolished their racial basis.

This Dravidian ideology, it is hardly a theory, has spawned its own brand of ‘scholarship’. According to the Aryan Invasion Theory now kept alive by Dravidian politicians (and their academic camp followers like Michael Witzel, Iravatham Mahadevan and Asko Parpola), the invading Aryans destroyed the Harappan cities (of the Indus Valley) like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. But these, Parpola in particular go further: the builders of these great 5000 year old cities were Dravidians who spoke an early form of Tamil. These were driven out of their cities by the invading Aryans and forced to migrate en masse to Tamil Nadu, a thousand miles to the south where they have preserved their Tamil language!

How does Parpola know that these long dead people spoke Tamil? He doesn’t but that is immaterial. He complimented the people of Tamil Nadu for preserving the ancient language of the Harappan people of which there is no trace. This pleased the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi sufficiently to give Parpola a cash award of a million rupees (about $25,000). When this news became public there was a flurry of activity in Western academic circles with several scholars claiming that they too had proof of the ‘Dravidian’ nature of the Harappan civilization. (Asko Parpola is from Finland.) But the activity died out when Mr Karunanidhi announced that the award would be given only once every five years.

A curious thing happened on the way from Bishop Caldwell to Dravidian politics— racism became inseparable from language: Dravidian language became Dravidian race. Even a supposedly great scholar like F. Max Müller became an advocate of it, at least until it became politically uncomfortable for him. This was denounced by real scientists. Sir Julian Huxley, one of the great biologists of the century wrote as far back as 1939:

“In England and America the phrase ‘Aryan race’ has quite ceased to be used by writers with scientific knowledge though it appears occasionally in political and propagandist literature…” To political and propagandist Huxley might have added ‘religious and missionary’, for it was the missionary Bishop Caldwell who created this conundrum. Even Max Müller believed in the Biblical superstition of Creation on 26 October 4004 BC! He even expressed admiration for the 17th century forger Father Robert de Nobili who produced a Biblical ‘Yesur Veda’ (Veda of Jesus) instead of the Yajurveda.

Today this brand religious ‘scholarship’ has been taken to abysmal depths by missionaries in India who now claim that the original Dravidians were Christians and the invading Aryans created the Vedas by borrowing ideas from the Bible! The authors of Breaking India cite several such examples by these missionary ‘scholars’. Here is a gem from one Deivanayagam (and his daughter Devakala) who claim that Sanskrit was brought to India (by Aryans naturally) after Jesus and prior to that India was Dravidian Christian, which is the source of the Veda. According to this theory Brahmins (Aryans) stole ideas from Dravidian Christianity and created Hindu scriptures including the Vedas. Sanskrit came into existence only 150 years after Christianity.

This raises a few difficult questions. What were Brahmins and what language did they use before they stole Dravidian Christianity and Tamil to create Hinduism and Sanskrit? What is Dravidian Christianity? According to these scholars, Dravidian Christianity was the Christianity preached by St Thomas when he came to India in 52 AD and was killed by Brahmins for that reason. Never mind that the Christian Bible (New Testament) came into existence only in the 4th century, compiled by St Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria. Or that St Thomas never visited India. (He may never have existed, but that is a different story.)

What is extraordinary is that such tripe should receive support and sponsorship from Christian organizations. Not so long ago Christian institutions could produce scholars of the caliber of Father Heras, W.W. Hunter and others who for all their prejudices knew the meaning and worth of scholarship. As I will describe in a future article, this precipitous decline in scholarship is due to the decline of Christianity in the West and the emptying of the seminaries. The vacuum has been filled by aspiring seminarians from Third World countries like India. So, where formerly Biblical scholars came from the divinity schools of Yale, Harvard, Gregorianum (Rome) and others, we now have shallow propagandists coming from troubled seminaries with no academic standards. Like the proverbial neo-convert (and neveu riche) many of them have become loose cannons without any trace of scruples.

This horde is now menacing their homelands with newfound money and influence. This is an important area that needs to be studied. Most Americans are not aware of the fact that Christianity today, the missionary movement in particular is a Third World phenomenon where it is creating social and political havoc. Another fact that Americans (and other westerners) are surprised to learn is that the Christianity being propagated by these is pre-Enlightenment Christianity with its baggage of racism and anti-Semitism: churches in India still preach that Jews killed Jesus and Jews are the enemies of God.

The relationship of the U.S. governments over the years with missionaries is a complex one. Some, mainly Republican administrations have not hesitated to use them as political tools for spying and other covert activities. Democratic administrations on the other hand have supported them in the fond hope they will carry out social works and advance ‘human rights’. (Both show that Christian outfits are willing political stooges.) Human rights bodies today are heavily infiltrated by evangelic interests pushing their own agenda. It is no exaggeration to say that human rights is a neocolonial ideology that has taken the place of the White Man’s Burden— of imposing a set of their own but alien values on the people of the Third World.

But the situation today is far too grave for such games: Indian and U.S. strategic interests now overlap to a degree that was unimaginable even a decade ago. And no area is more important than fighting terrorism. Fighting terrorism presents the greatest challenge for the two countries. But Church organizations, in their tunnel vision, focused on gaining maximum converts are oblivious to the social damage it is causing and the ill will it is generating. This discord can only help the terrorists. Leaders and thinkers in both countries must recognize the dangers of this ‘Breaking India’ activity that can only benefit forces that are bent on destroying freedom and civilization as we understand them.
Needless to say these evangelists and human rights-wallahs will not be in the front lines when terrorist forces strike home.

It is impossible to do justice to the full scope of Breaking India in an article like the present one. I have only touched on a few salient points, occasionally going beyond the book to highlight their historical and other background. The book needs to be studied and discussed in detail at various academic and policy forums. 



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33 responses to “Breaking India may undermine war on terror

  1. Muthu

    “The most influential figure in this development was Robert Caldwell, Bishop of Tirunelveli……

    D.P Sivaram popular Tamil Journalist, proposes that the aims of Caldwell’s study was to show that the fundamental tenets of the nascent phase of the Dravidian ideology were essentially linked to the political and cultural legacies of the British attempt to 1) demilitarise Tamil martial communities 2) Destabilise the spiritual challenge put forward by the Brahmins which was obstructive to his missionary work.

    “Apart from concerns shared with the British Government, the Bishop’s hostile attitude towards the Maravar arose from the bloody violence they unleashed on the Shanar, large numbers of whom were embracing the Protestant faith. For him, if the idolatry and the Sanskritic culture of the articulate Brahmins was a spiritual threat to the propagation of the Gospel, the violence and misdeeds of the Maravar against the faithful was a dire physical threat. In his scheme of Tamilian history, the culture and ethos of the classes through whom the British government and the Anglican Church sought to consolidate the gains of Tamil society’s demilitarization were seen by Caldwell as the true characteristics of the Tamils. The martial habits of the Maravar and the Sanskritic culture of the Brahmins were alien to the social order and moral ideals of the ‘true’ Dravidians.”[12]

    Bishop Caldwell had termed the Maravars as goblins of Ravana. ( there is full book in scribd available in google on Tamil and the Dravidian version, where this reference is). His conclusions were based on Silapathikaram story.
    But after the 10th century when the Raya dynasty came the Maravars assimilated with the Poligars and became a refined community. Then they were soldiers in Nayakar kings of Madurai and southern Tamil Nadu. The were called Thevars later and were the greatest freedom fighters starting from Puli Thevar to Pasumpon Thevar, who joined Subash Bose’s great efforts. The stereotyping of Caldwell is still felt in TN for Thevars who are shown as violent persons ( goblins of Ravana, a Caldwell term) in Tamil films
    Such is the influence of a colonial master , that the elite in TN still follow to the hilt.

  2. Muthuswami

    It is so shocking as it is very sad that the colonial culture of “divide and rule” continues even after independence and the present so called secular democratic rulers continue the governance in dividing the people in the name of caste and creed and destroying the idea of India as one nation and one people. With corruption, incompetence and arrogance so entrenched in the body politic, no wonder outside forces have almost a free hand to destroy the very fabric of our ancient culture of universal values promoted by Santana Dharma of equality, freedom and justice. Our greatest misfortune is the absence of a visionary leader who can bring about a true sense of unity that can value and make the pluralism and diversity as a real strength of this ancient civilization.

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  4. VoP


    You may understand by name – A. K ANTONY , Oscar Fernandes , P.C Chacko (Head of JPC on 2G Scam ) Margaret alva , Johan Dayal , Tom Vedekkan , Oommen Chandy , PJ Kurien , Hybi Eedan (Youth Cong all India President ) , KV Thomas , Valson Thampu just like so many

    Then half Christian family – Vayalar Ravi , Arjun Singh , Shashi Tharoor , SALMAN KHURSHEED just like so many you can find

    In key post we may found so many some famous

    P. J. Thomas – Central Vigilance Commissioner
    P. K. Hormis Tharakan – RAW CHIEF
    Navin Chawla FORMER – ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA (his wife is doing missionary work Rajastan)
    Former Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan & current Human Right Commission (fist he converted he say he did convert for study after thet he reconvert to get job)

    Chidambaram — >Nalini Chidambaram Senior Advocate – Her main client is Christian missionary
    (International Christian data says Christians in India to be 6%, … Because of Nalini Chidambaram)

    This all are some famous congress leaders
    & 90% of All Printed & visual media


    • Sir, You & Sankhaparivar writers last few years hardly trying to cover Aryan Migration.
      Can You point a single evidence in Vedas about Mohajadaro Harappan Civilisaton?.
      Pasupthi Siva & Linga vership was Draveedian ( Rudra is not Siva, Rudra was a small god in Veda, “Vedha allways crying ” Indra” please help us from these Linga vershippers”)
      SIVA The ultimate God of Draveedians,
      First Bhramins make Siva as Chandala & Surrender in 800 AD by Marry White Parvathi (Jains Padmavathi) And give “Muruga”(Draveedian Only God Son not ”
      SKANDHA )& North Ganesa & Place Them to Himalayas.

      Vedas are from Iran side, Very similarities with Parsy ‘AVESTHA’

      Is it Mohanjadaro Harappa civilisation was Vedic? Thers is no evidence in vedas.

      Sanscrit is anew generation Indo-Europian language? Only 1200years old, But Thamil had solid evidence it is 6000 years back.

      In Tamil Sankham Litterature(500BC.) You can see many comments about white and “Red color aryans” Aryans living in Punjab side( Punjanadam).

      Even go to Himalayas, A normal man can Identify, Kedar nadh, Badari nadh and all himalayan temples are Budha Vihars.

      All Budha stachues distroyed by Sankaracharya or his devotees 1200Ad.

      Please stop this writing…….

      Anytbody say about Draveedian Christianity you people “crying” that is
      “missinory work to distroy India”. 150 Years ruled by British Here, You and so cold White skin Bhramins are foot lickers of of Europiens.
      Varnasrama and untochability create Budhism, Islamism, Cristianity & Sikhism.

      NB. Divide & Rule is Aryans theory, Varnasrama, Slavory, Untouchability.

      • george

        Shut up you christian fanatic Varghese.

      • Ramana

        Hi Rajan,

        I am not making any comment about any race/language issue.
        I am writing this as a reply to your assertion of Shiva / Rudra.

        Please go to any Shiva temple in India. or any Nath Yogi sect (North – Adinatha , South – Nandi natha). Natha Yoga sects are the originators of Yoga. If you refer to the history of India you will find that Shivism is spread in regions like Uttranchal / Kashmir etc.

        All the Shiva Agamas ( the texts used for worship ) have an origin in South India. Many Vedic sages Vyagrapada (Rig Veda), Agastya, Bharadwaja, Durvasa (Kashmir Shivism), Markandeya are associated with Shivism.

        Shiva is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana, by Kalidasa (just look at the name of the agreat Sanskrit poet (the servant of Kali)). Kalidasa was definitely born more than 1200 yrs ago!!

        Please read a translation of the 16th chaper of Yajur Veda ( Shukla Yajur Veda) or the “Rudram” of Krishna Yajur Veda . Both refer to “Shiva” as the ultimate reality. The central part of the Veda thoretically is “Namah Shivaya” (Please go through a traslation of Rudram by Hindu scholars). It is the central compulsory prayer of Brahmins across India. India is the holy land of Shiva….and the prayers refer to him as the ultimate reality or Godhead.

        Contrary to poular “Western experts” the Shiva Linga does not refer to “Phallus” only (“Phallus worship” was the term used by “Cunning” Christians to disgrace the great “Pagan civilizations” from the planet).

        In Bhagvat Gita itself “Shiva” is referred as the most prominent among “Rudras”. Please also refer to the first verse of “Purananaru” (it refers to Shiva).

        Badari nath is identified with both Jainism (Adinatha-first Tirthankara, the “Adi-Bhagavan” of Tirukkural) and Shiva tradition….The place has no connection with Buddhism in anycase !

  5. Sankara Narayanan

    Good commentary by N S Rajaram.

    // Rajiv Malhotra’s new book, Breaking India. //

    The article mentioned s 2 authors inside – Aravindan Neelakandan & Rajiv Malhotra. I checked the website – it also mentions 2 authors.

    It is important that you mention the names of both the authors at all places.

  6. JGN

    Dota, the followers of three intolerant West Asian Religions have divided the entire world into Believers and Non-Believers more than 2000 years back. A mentally deranged Arab perfected that when he proclaimed that “there is no god but allah and mohammed is his last prophet”. According to the followers of these Religions, the Paagans/Kafiirs have no right to live on planet earth. They should either be converted, failing which eliminated at any cost. You guys have been successful in wiping out the entire civilizations of West Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Australia, etc. India is the only place where you could not fully succeed.

    Despite the Islamic Invaders and European Christian Colonizers ruling major parts of present day India for more than 900 years before 1947, more than 85% of the people are following the native religions. That itself is proof of the inherent strength of our culture and civilization.

    The converts are neither fish nor fowl. You are either Hindi-miskeen (wretched Indians) for the Arabs or Brown-Niggers for the white skinned Europeans and Americans.

  7. ganapathy

    Paedophile prophet worshippers aka Muzzies are tolerant, news to me and the world? GO and ask 9/11 or London or Madrid or Mumbai victims to gauge the level of tolerance of these islamic terrorists. Should i expect u worthless scum to condemn islamic terrorism? HA

  8. ganapathy

    Haha retard Dota, child marriage is between two children. When a 50+ year old Mohammed, so called prophet of muzzies, marries a 6 year old, it is called paedophilia NOT child marriage. Sandworm u are hilarious. Hahahaha

      • Ganapathy

        camel humper Dota, paedophile driver is not our Prophet but your prophet is a Paedophile and millions pray to this rapist paedophile, hahahaha! Pity you inbreeding retards.

        • JGN

          @ Dr. Philip, The WestAsianGod and no Penis. So the poor guy had to create an Adam from dirt and an Eve from his Rib. And then started the saga of “all in the family”!!

          MotherFuckers, SisterFuckers, DaughterFuckers, GrannyFuckers………FuckersGalore!! Even now the NounsAnd Alterboys are fucked by theirPriests in remembrance of the same!!!!

  9. VoP

    You an worshipper of dead arab on a stick or paedophile?

  10. VoP

    That’s why I read Rick’s Laundry List EVERY DAY 🙂

  11. JGN

    @ Dota, >>>>>Actually, thats proof that Muslims and Christians were tolerant of your primitive faith>>>>>> I am just wondering why they were not so “tolerant” of the primitive faiths of West Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. What happened to the original inhabitants, their culture and civilization of thee places?

    Ever heard of the “missing generations” of Australia? Ever heard of how the native Americans were hunted and killed like wild animals? Ever heard of the Arab Slave Trade, one of the darkest chapter in the history of homo sapien sapien? Ever heard of Slaver in Amrika or Aparthied in South Africa? Ever heard of Sapnish inquistion and wiping out the entire Islamic civilization of Spain? What happened to the “tolerance” of the Christians and Muslims of all these places?

    Dota, all Indians were not cowads like your ancestors to convert at the point of sword or at the pain or rape nor did they sell their Souls for a few kgs of rice and cheap American Milk powder. Try your tricks with some lesser mortals.

    • Indian Realist

      Dude, we only know that any philosophy which claims “our god is true, your god is false” is spiritual fascism and should be declared a crime against humanity. Do you have a problem with this?

      • JGN

        @ Dota,

        Mamu, there is nothing equivalent to Besurah 9:29 in any Indian scripture. It is the wet dream of “minorities” to eliminate the Pagans/Kafirs in India for establishing their “Kingdom of God” here and now. Syed Ali Shah Geelani says Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations. Still the “village idiots” (pseudo-secular hindus) do not understand the Islamic Philosophy, which is to reclaim planet earth from the Infidels by means fair or foul. Every Riot in independent India was started by the “minorities”. It was only in Gujarat they suffered more than the majoroity. They minorities are still to come out of the shock of that.

    • JGN

      @ Dota, ROFLMAO!!!! So I have to learn history and geography from low life converts!!!! Is there any other country in the world where the “minorities” blackmail the “majority” in the name of Religion, day in and day out? Do you know what is the condition of a few thousand Christians still left in Iraq, despite the presence of thousands of Yankee soldiers? Do you know what is the condition of a few thousand Coptic Christians still left in Egypt? Do you know what is the condition of a few thousand Christians still left in Pakistan? Do you know what is the condition of the Christians in Malaysia?

      >>>>>>Why do they take out their anger and slaughter their fellow countrymen who are just mere converts?>>>>>>it is the converts who are halucinating that they have become white-skinned Europeans/Amrikans by virtue of having some dirty water sprinkled on their head or they have become Arabs by virtue of having chopped off a small portion of a particular organ and hate not only the other natives of India but also the culture & civilization and their native land.

      >>>>>>>What I also don’t understand is, if you’re so upset with Britain and the Arabs, why doesn’t India just nuke the UK and Saudi Arabia?>>>>>>> who has told you that “we” are upset with Britain and Saudi??? What weed are you smoking?? It is the low life converts in India who have wet-dreams of killing all paagans/kafirs in for establishing the “Kingdom of God” here!!!!!!!

  12. JGN

    @ Dota>>>>She was married at the age of 11 to an alcoholic truck driver more than 20 years older than her>>>> Mohd was 53 years when he married 6 year old Ayesha!! You can tell us what was his age when he married Zainab (his daughter-in-law)!!!

    AyatoAllah Khomeni had saideven an infant is good enough provided her ……………………….is not reptured!!!! Have you heard of Karo Kari in your “Land of Pure”?? Even now the lower age limit is not fixed in Saudi Arabia! If any child marriages are taking place in India, that is illegal as the minimum age prescribed under the laws is 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys (of course the same is not applicable to the followers of Desert Cults as they have their Personal Law in India also).

  13. VoP

    INDIA, April 3, 2011: Christian missionaries have adopted the latest marketing strategy to hoodwink the gullible, poor, uneducated Hindus in Bangalore by offering plain cash prizes for those who dump the photos of Hindu Gods and replace them with photos of Jesus in their houses. And a bonus cash prize will be offered to those Hindus who wear a cross symbol secretly, revealed a recent case study conducted by Dr. M. Chidanandamurthy, noted thinker, Philosopher, researcher, columnist and a social activist from Bangalore.

    According to Murthy, conversion agents identify Hindu families who are financially weak and promise to provide them with cash prizes for displaying ‘some’ photos. By offering money on the spot, agents manage to include a photo of Jesus in the middle of Hindu Gods. After few weeks the round two operation starts by releasing another installment of money and influencing them to place the photo of Jesus above Hindu Gods in a more visible manner. Again after few weeks, the conversion agents lands there with more money and convinces them to discard photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Additional money is given for embracing Christianity.

    “It is a bargain and if a converted Christian is willing to wear a cross, they will be entitled to claim a bonus which will be happily given to him by agents and will also earn incentive from foreign funds used by Christian Missionaries” Murthy explained. He has charged the conversion agents with ‘agenda to misuse the situation’. According to him agents play a major role during ill-health of Hindus and offer a free prayer meeting to get rid of diseases only to get them converted to Christianity.

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  15. Rajiv Malhotra’s talk on BreakingIndia in Delhi, July 9th. Please attend.

  16. P v k

    what a pitiful situation for Indians. We need to refer to harappa civilisations to tell who we are.

    Where as Americans who r at the maxmim 8 centuries old tell they are americans
    we r allowing to break india.

  17. Prahalad

    What can be expected in a country that is still ruled by an Italian woman despite 60+ years of independence from European Colonialism.

  18. Anonymous

    How is Book?

    Excellent and Must Read for every Indian.. if Possible

    Why should I Have Read book?..

    Well researched book and excellent presenation of Data..

    Got the Answer of Follwing question..

    1} Why there is Arayan & Dravidan Theroy?

    2} Who are Responsible, who still nurtining this ..

    3} Christan missoanry Involvent in Conversion.

    4} Through this I Got some answer Question

    // this are not directly related to book but context can be see

    a} why in Gujarat Riot every body talk about muslim but Now one talk about hindu?

    b} every talk of Muslim and Christan about riot and displacement.. but Nobody talk about Kashmiri pandit and Hindu displacment in NE?

    c} Orissa kandamal riots is well talked no body talk about Conversions, killing of hindu monk?

    d} Norteast state and Christanization process and it ill effect..

    and many more question where answered from the book….

    //My Comment From one Pharses in book:-

    leela samson (kalasherta college principle) who removed the Natraj Idol:-

    if Hindu God are like “Superman, Batman”

    My Comment :-
    still they saving life..

    but they not like “Coyote (Christan god)” who try to harvest sole of “Roadrunner(Non-christan People)”.

  19. som

    A scientific paper by two reserchers-David W. Davenport and Ettore Vincenti-recorded the scholars belief’ that an archeological site they investigated in Mohanjodaro was destroyed in ancient times by a nuclear blast,’explained
    to IIT man,”When archeologists reached steet level during excavations of Harappa and Mohanjodaro ,quite often ,skeleton that had a redioactive level fity times greatet than normal (almost equal to Hiroshima and Nagasaki ) were found laying or seated in position indicating that an event had instantaneously wiped out civilization there.”This has been approved by CNR(the national reserch counsil) a public organisation.

    • ravi

      The scientific evidence of lost river Saraswati ,and atomic explosion in
      Mohanjodaro leave question marks.
      Historian should solve the both related matter,because “Satyameva Jayate” is our national motto.

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