Swami Ramdev in show Aap Ki Adalat

Brilliant stuff. The swami has brains as well as brawn. See the entire show.

Swami Ramdev in show Aap Ki Adalat



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12 responses to “Swami Ramdev in show Aap Ki Adalat

  1. M.Balachandran

    Baba Ramdev is YUGA PURUSH ,look at his face he has the brilliance,dicipline and the will power .He will make history he is savour of INDIA and Hindus

  2. Yes Ramdev should be the PM of India or somebody like him, one from his followers. No BJP, no RSS no other political party. If the politicians become PM then the same corruption will carry on.

    Ramdev has already told that he will fight against corruption till his last breath and he means what he said.

    • Vidya Raghuvanshi

      rightly said that he is the real yugpurush. He has appeared as the God’s reprensentative. He has to face a very difficult time because our whole political system requires complete wash out with lots of detergent and pure water. and let all the prevailing dirt flow out . It is the high time that all true indians should join hands to support this yogi. I am a retired person of 67 years old but I wish to be with this great man to give him all support. I wish all the best for all our young people to leave all sorts of bad habits and join him in achiving the greatest goal of life

  3. Anonymous

    thanks bhai,
    this link helped me get to this rightful ideas

  4. dayal rathore

    we are with baba ramdev, he is a true man . i request every people of india to please support him to protect our country from corruption ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Patriot

      To hide the corruption of Congress sarkar Digvijay says that BABA RAMDEV is corrupt. Shame on him. He should kill himself in a cup of water. Shame Shame.
      How India can progress with congress touts like Digvijay who knows only to flatter Nehru Gandhi Parivar. He wants now Rahul to be next PM. This guy seems to be crazy and out of his mind. There are so many deserving candidates for PM but he is blinded by Nehru Gandhi Dynasty. What will happen to the country which have idiots like Digvijay. No body listen to him but he keeps on barking like a mad dog.

      • satyaprakash

        I want to ask one question to baba ramdev. He always speak about balk money to return in India. Has he ever ask any question about the money he got as a donation from his follower. I think 80% of this money is black money. This all reach business man are full of black money. They never pay tax to the government and to get advantage of tad they do lot of charity. Has shri Ramdev denied to take this type of money? Has ever he asked his follower then I will not accept money if it not earn by honesty. How many of honest millionaire you are knowing in India ? All are become wealthy because of wrong way. So before asking black money to return in India. He should stop accept money from these corrupted people.

  5. Regardless of all the idiotic politics of Indian corrupt politicians, Ram Dev stands for “Yoga” and nothing in this world surpasses the Knowledge of Yoga.

    It is the only way we can reach God Shiva, may yoga always exist for all the people of the world to set themselves free from the illusionary world we live in.

  6. Nanu Asari

    How did cops spot out Ramdev when he disguised as a women jumped among the female devotees?: his protruding lathi made the safron cloak billowing from waist down: abracadabra! he was fished out without any fuss!

  7. JGN

    Nanu Asari, what makes you think that every one is like your Priests who sprinkle their “Holy Water” into the Nouns and underaged altar boys? Pl read “Amen” the Autobiography of a Nun by Dr.Jesme. You will get enlightened.

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