Deadly Gift from Uncle Sam

Who is sending this money to India and why? The report below neither mentions which entities are sending this huge amount of money, nor who in India is recieving it. Secular media, eh? This money is simply coming in for destruction of Hindu civilisation by mass conversions, and balkanisation of India. China is smart — it doesn”t allow any foriegn funding at all inside its borders. But our Congress goons seem to be  taking a cut to allow this money to keep pouring in.

US tops Rs 31,000cr-donation list

NEW DELHI: Over Rs 31,000 crore have been received as donations from abroad by various associations and organisations working in the country during 2006-09 with nearly one-third coming from the United States alone, Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday.

The maximum number of these donations were directed to associations and NGOs based in Delhi followed by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, which have received Rs 8,095 crore, 5,437.91 crore and 3,545.24 crore, respectively during the three-year period — from 2006 to 2009. The top donor was the United States from where over Rs 9,310 crore were received by NGOs in India during the period, data presented by the home ministry in Lok Sabha revealed.

According to the data, Indian NGOs and associations have received Rs 31,473 crore as donations during the 2006-09 period.

MoS (home affairs) Mullappally Ramachandran said some complaints have been received with regard to irregularities and misutilisation of such funds, and based on them 41 associations have been prohibited from receiving funds from abroad. He said, “About 41 associations are prohibited from receiving foreign contribution, 35 associations are placed in prior permission category and accounts of 11 associations are frozen at present. Further nine cases have been referred to CBI for detailed investigations for FCRA violations.”

He said of these nine cases, four are on trial, one has been convicted. The minister said, “Two are stayed by courts, one has been closed due to insufficient evidence and in one case prosecution sanction has been issued.”



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2 responses to “Deadly Gift from Uncle Sam

  1. Hari

    Former UN chief Kofi Annan called on Britain and the European Union to stop providing financial aid to wealthy countries like China, Brazil and India,
    Britain’s tax payers were angered by a recent report that the UK is still sending around £280 million a year to India – even though the country can afford its own space program and Indian president Pranab Mukherjee said they did not require the aid.
    99% of armed insurgency in India is fueled and fanned by foreign funded NGOs operating as TROJAN HORSES– in the garb of environmentalists, human rights activists, messiah missionaries etc.This money is coming in for destruction of Hindu civilization by mass conversions, and balkanization of India.
    There is no noble cause of this donation and as per Kofi Annan and our honorable President , we are self sufficient ,so we do not need

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