Sonia Gandhi’s NAC full of Maoist supporters

Like all good Christians, Sonia Gandhi too supports the Maoists because they are killing Hindu saints and want to take over India. Maoists are a creation of the church — you just have to read the Niyogi Committee report to know this. It clearly warned back in 1950s that if the missionaries are not thrown out of the tribal areas, sooner or later they will arm them and start an anti-India insurgency.


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One response to “Sonia Gandhi’s NAC full of Maoist supporters

  1. Sompal

    Totally agree. But it is not only this NAC but Sonia’s Italian hand can be seen at the committee chosen by her on J&K issue as well. Head of J&K ‘interlocuter’ tamasha, Dileep Padgaonkar, also a naxal terrorism supporter, said that Pakistan too was a party to the Kashmir issue. Now which unbiased and India loving person would say these words?

    We think it is MMS who is behind it but in reality, he is a puppet. Sonia’s backroom actions are dangerous and harmful to the nation. Xtian/islamic jihadists and their supporters are being pushed in govt positions. Shameless Thomas as CVC, Antony as MoD, A Raja was safely hidden for 2 years since Sonia is pally with Karunanidhi joker even when the PM knew of his corruption, Naxals are pampered and only fought (with one hand of security forces tied behind the back by ‘rules of engagement’ as if they don’t have one) when a manslaughter of innocent people takes place, North East xtian terror has been hidden by the national and international media, anti Indians are welcomed and patriots are jailed or investigated.

    Sonia Maino has to go and her clan should NEVER be allowed near the power center. They are traitors and anti Indians.

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