Sagarika Ghose finds Indian (Hindu) males “ugliest” in the world

Sagarika Ghose – Case Study on Biased and Racist Journalism

I mean, who in the hell does this fat cow think she is — Madhu Bala or Parveen Babi?



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23 responses to “Sagarika Ghose finds Indian (Hindu) males “ugliest” in the world

  1. sanjay d

    ugly bitch

  2. fernadiz

    she is a filthy lady

  3. Anonymous


  4. Ashish

    Nidhi is (was, she has grwon old now) more beautiful than Sagarika.

  5. ravi

    Has the equation in the war of the sexes changed? Strange it may sound,but the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) figures released by a city-based men’s rights advocacy group shows that the number of married men ending their lives is far more than their female counterparts.And the group claims that the men to women suicide ratio of 65:35 indicates that it is the men can now don the tag of the oppressed

  6. Prahalad

    She sounds like a typical Asian bimbo who goes gaga over white men.

  7. ram

    say’s wht is right so why to worry if what she had said u feel it’s wrong then to no worry let her speak the truth she must be saying with some facts if she is speaking without facts than she needs a pshcologist and if she is saying with facts and she is wright than all the people who had commented wrong about her are all mad people

  8. Gautam

    She sounds like a typical Asian bimbo who goes gaga over white men,,May Be she has not beded with white people, thats why she have fantasy … they are not as good in sex as Indians,, We can do no of time /day,/ week , let her know this in based on 14 european country girls of my self experience … if she want can call me …… Gautam

  9. May be she talks about “sar” of Desai:-))

  10. ravi

    No one should pass this type of statement for individuals of particular gender of particular locality,class,,occupation etc.This is a sick mentality .
    Actually this is the attack from stooge paid media governed by rich western
    ideologist,they find Hindu in general rising with self pride. They want to justify that Hindu nationalism tried to displace secularism by attempting to take over the institutional hegemony
    Europeans have developed a set of strategies to convince themselves that their civilization is still morally superior. Many Hindu-Americans are highly successful in engineering, business or other professions; many also sympathize at some level with Hindu nationalism. Shocked by the western representation of ‘Hinduism’, they think they can now replace this with a ‘Hindu’ representation. This is the threat for cunning western ideologist.
    On other hand, many forms of Protestant Christianity that dominate American society. The theological framework shared by these denominations inevitably transforms the Hindu traditions into a species of false religion.The are spending huge amount propagating this idea for
    their geopolitical need.
    Sagarika Ghosh helping them as they are providing bread and butter for her.

    • nitha

      @ravi, You are right.Naturally, political correctness no longer allows scholars and educators to speak of ‘heathen idolatry’ or the ‘cruelty’ and ‘tyranny’ of ‘false religion’. Therefore, they have turned to seemingly ‘secular’ depictions of caste, inequality, patriarchy and poverty in India to show that Hinduism is a pale and erring religion, opposed to liberal values.
      On the other hand American evangelical organisations join forces with scholarly critics of caste to promote the idea that India should become ‘post-Hindu’, as in the case of Kancha Ilaiah and the Dalit Freedom Network.
      They are planning to condemn Hindu in general ,so that Hindu feel irritated and became hostile and became laughing stock after.But a Hindu
      should know they are not independent due to traitors for centuries.Their wealth were looted by western nation ,and this is the real cause of rise
      of Great Red Dragon-London money power -Rothschild syndicate.
      Hindu traditions have been depicted according to the model of Islam and Christianity .However, other strands express a deep sense of grievance towards the secularist hegemony and the academic allergy to Hinduism either Hinduism possesses all rational values in the core of Hindu spirituality joining with this ideology other ideology feels “IDENTITY CRISIS” or proving it “Satanic”,is not so easy.
      Western ideologist or doing the same effort as they have done previously,in the name of Religion of Love,destroyed GRECO- ROMAN
      CIVILIZATIONAL ,enslaved native African for their Geopolitical goal.
      For them “Hindu Pride” is intolerable.

    • niraj

      Sagarika Ghosh want to prove herself another Taslima Nasrin ,but situation is entirely different .No,Hindu mulla will issue Fatwa against ,so
      she would not get media hipe .
      To say something controversial helps traitor like mentality ,it helps someone to earn more honey or getting new mileage for carrier building,
      To let someone using his/her power of freedom of expression in aggressive way or in negative manner, sometimes should not be taken
      that way ,or otherwise he/she would get more limelight ,what he/she needs badly .

      • niraj

        Some corrections!!!,this NATIVE woman is behaving like “STOOGE’ , She is just fulfilling the requirements of Christian (you may call western )media house,from where she is getting bread and butter,
        If she apologizes for her remark,she would be thrown out from her job.
        And this attitude of the Christian (you may call western) masters for their
        employee it not new for us.
        She is just playing role of HIGH PROFILE SLAVE(house nigro) for getting
        more honey from her masters

  11. sagarika ben is the ugliest wife in the world.

  12. i mean what a life.
    your husband shows ur armpits to the world and sells you .,

  13. ravi

    This is the first requirement for this NATIVE PAGAN FAITH woman ‘ job to behave like a ” Stooge” in front of her masters of Christian (call western) media house.If she apologizes for her remarks,she would be thrown out from her job. That she will never do.

  14. Sarfaraz.m

    What about Pakistani men?

  15. i knew she had complex regarding my looks during her childhood.

    she never asked me to come for parents-teacher’s meet…
    bitches are sexy, and i am ugly. :*( buhuhuhuh


  16. Anonymous

    Sagarika Please don’t make me cry like this. I am insulted. Please don’t find me ugly. On the other hand, Sagarika Ghose no Hindu cares about what you think of them. Go play your filthy mind games elsewhere. I find you ugly both on the inside and outside.

  17. Anonymous

    If Indians were to follow Sagarika Ghose’s liberalism or sickicularism, India wouldn’t exist as a country. Mrs Ghose should know that India has been liberal in the past but we can’t get too liberal. There are rules and norms in India. India is a democracy and you are free to speak but if you call someone ugly, someone might find you ugly. I find women with short hair ugly.

  18. Sexhot9 (Hindu) males “ugliest” in the world!!!

  19. i mean Hindu Hot Girls Sex in The world?

  20. mallu hindu Girls and Hot Indian (Hindu)

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