Anti-Hindu Congress begins dirty tricks against Swami Ramdev

Sadhus demand probe into Baba Ramdev’s assets

Baba Ramdev ‘s campaign against black money appears to have earned him many enemies among the political class as well as seers.

The Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad, one of the leading groups of sadhus, is planning to write to the Prime Minister and the President seeking a CBI inquiry into the assets and wealth of the yoga guru.

The national spokesperson of the Akhada Parishad, Baba Hat Yogi, said: ” A decade ago, Ramdev used to move on a bicycle. He even had to struggle to find money to fix his punctured cycle. Now he flies on a chopper. We demand an inquiry into the income and assets of the Ramdev ashram.” Hat Yogi wasn’t alone; a demand for a probe into the baba’s assets also came from Trivender Panwar, president of the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal that recently withdrew support from the Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank government in Uttarakhand.

” Baba Ramdev is shouting against black money to protect his own ill-gotten wealth. He is even planning to enter politics to protect his black money,” Panwar alleged. ” He had claimed last year that one Uttarakhand minister had asked for Rs 2-crore bribe from him for some favour. If he is so committed to weeding out corruption from India, he should disclose the name of the accused minister.”

The outbursts against Ramdev come just days after a Congress MP in Arunachal Pradesh allegedly abused him when he talked about corruption at a spiritual camp at Pasighat in the East Siang district.

Many claimed that the popularity and political clout of Ramdev had made a lot of people jealous and they were now making allegations against him. But they, too, agreed that the baba should disclose his assets.

The yoga guru, however, remained unfazed. Hitting out at his critics, he told the Aaj Tak news channel: “We are ready for any inquiry. The central government has conducted such investigations twice and they are welcome to do so again. Is it a sin to speak about corruption in India?

Five crore people have donated for the development of our ashram. We will hold rallies on February 27 and March 23 in New Delhi against the failure of the Congress government to bring back to India the black money stashed away in foreign banks.” His detractors dismissed his aggressive stance as mere posturing and alleged that his ashram was involved in many dubious activities. Baba Hat Yogi said: ” In 2006, Mahant Shanker Dev of the Divya Yoga Mandir disappeared under mysterious circumstances. An independent inquiry should be conducted on the missing Mahant.” The phenomenal rise in the wealth of the trust run by the yoga guru in the last few years has raised many eyebrows.

According to a rough estimate, the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust has property worth more than Rs 1,000 crore in Hardwar alone.

These include a 300-bed multi specialty hospital, a yoga research centre, a university, an ayurvedic pharmacy, a food park and a cosmetics manufacturing unit.

Swami Ramdev is even reported to have acquired a Scottish isle for about £ 2 million a few years ago to set up a wellness retreat. According to unconfirmed reports, Patanjali Yogpeeth has also acquired major stakes in the Aastha TV channel.

The channel used to telecast Ramdev’s daily yoga classes which helped him become an international figure.

Swami Ramdev’s critics demanded to know where the funds to acquire these assets came from.

Patanjali Yogpeeth’s general secretary Acharya Balkrishna insisted that the ashram’s records were clean. ” We maintain total transparency and keep an updated balance sheet. We have property mainly in Hardwar and land in some parts of India which are yet to be developed,” he said.

” The ashram is making progress because of the support and donations from our followers. Those criticising us should ask the government to demand inquiry into the trust and organisation operated by the Gandhi family,” he added.



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21 responses to “Anti-Hindu Congress begins dirty tricks against Swami Ramdev

  1. Dinesh Kumar Sharma

    We al are with Bab Ramdev.
    He has given us good health where as minister took away all our tax money and has given pollution, Gutkha wine and many slow poison to us. They just want money either from CWG or any other resource.

  2. Subrata Sinha

    120 Crore Indians – Corrupt people = Supporters of Swami Ramdeb

  3. we are with baba ramdev. He is a man of words. He is for the poor.

  4. Swami Ramdeo is himself sitting over mounds of Black Money.
    How it is possible for any one to amass a wealth of over 2000 crores, inside and outside of the country, just in a span of 6-8 years, without the involvement of Black Money ?
    No body can do so by white Money alone.
    I am NOT telling that the Baba has himself made this money.
    This is all donated money, which Baba has accepted, and put to use for the Trust.
    But the question is , if he hates Black Money so much, why he has accepted it from the dubious donors. Can simple citizens donate such huge money to Baba ?
    Secondly, his intentions raise doubts because he is accusing a single Party , Congress alone, for all the misdoings.
    He is not telling anything about the Corruption done by other Parties like BJP, Mayawati, SP, CPM etc.
    All the recent scams were started during NDA rule, for which Congress is facing the music.
    For Example-
    1. 2G Scam was started during NDA. First come First Serve Policy was implemented by NDA, which Raja put into practice. During NDA also selected businessmen were illegally befitted, and money had exchanged hands for the favors.
    2. S Band Sam- Agreement was made during 2003, in NDA rule. Now UPA has scrapped it.
    3. BJP could never catch Quattrochi, during its six years rule, because there was not any case at all. But it is always shouting and misguiding the nation.
    4. Massive Military Scams like Barrak Missiles and Coffin Scams etc happened during NDA, for which George Fernandes had to be removed also.
    5. BJP Leaders praise JINNAH. They hand Over Terrorists to Pakistan. Their Foreign Minister himself goes with the Terrorists and hands them over to Pakistan. Where goes Baba’s Swabhiman ?
    6. Why Baba is mum on Yedyurappa
    7. Why Baba is mum on huge expenditure of money in the marriage of Gadkari’s son.
    7. Wealth accumulation by Mayawati is NOT hidden to any body, but Baba is mum.

    There are hundreds of burning examples set by other Parties, but Baba is mum on them. He is only after Congress.
    So, Baba does not seem to be impartial on National issue of Blackmoney. If he is serious , he should have raised all the issues , Not only the Congress.
    He is simply doing Politics against Congress.This is why his intentions raise doubts.
    As regards Black Money, the Government has already made arrangements with some Foreign Countries and process of recovering of the money has started. 34000 crores have already been recovered. 15000 crores are coming soon. Government hs also stopped 36000 crores going outside the country.

    I will heartily support Baba if he will fight against Corruption as a whole. But never if he will fight against a single Party.
    Because then it will not be impartial.

    • Sompal

      Mishra, i think u are congress boot licking chamcha who cannot stand and fight corruption in ur party. Chamcha Mishra, sonia and clown rahul ko hatao uske baad hamaare saamne aao. Congressis have no shame and honour, like dogs happy with bones tossed to them, u spineless bozos have sold the country to the foreigners (italian sonia and retard rahul). You forget congress and corruption are synonyms, Commonwealth Games scam, Bofors, 2G, ISRO, Adarsh etc how many more will it take to satisfy your greed, u dogs.
      Xtian Congress MP says bloody Indian dog and what do impotent congressis do, instead of throwing out xtian MP, they start a witchhunt against a person who is helping the poor and needy. This is your standard congress assh*les. Shame on you traitor congress party for deserting Indians and joining hands with scum xtian MP. Not even a murmur of protest against xtian MP shows u will sell your mother to fill your bank accounts. Hang your heads in shame, congressi hijra’s.

    • balram

      Mr Mishra, what is your source when you say 2000 crores and black money regarding Baba Ramdev? Also, when you list out people like Mayawati, Baba Ramdev why do you leave out Sonia Italiano and Rahul? Inka gujaara kyaa phool patte khaa ke ho raha hai! You are very interested in Baba Ramdev and his so called wealth, by which he has opened hospitals and provides free treatment to poor people, what have you done like Baba Ramdev? Kenchi ki tarah jabaan chalaane se pehle apne andar jhaank ke dekho ki maine kya kiya garibon ke liye. Jab Baba Ramdev ko bloody indian dog, tab tere ko kuch sharam lagi thi ya besharmon ki tarah ek kaan se sunkar doosre se nikaal diya thaa and gladly accepted the tag.

    • Anil Kasyap

      120 crore indian if pay 10 rs each in his whole life it become 1200 crore

  5. ashok

    He is an Avatar and is unstoppable. Accusation on him are like spitting at the sun; the spit falls on the spitter

  6. surinder

    Congress = Not only Party of corrupt but kidnapping rapists with clown prince Rahul G*ndu making news headlines.
    HC notice to Rahul Gandhi on missing girl

  7. VoP

    Sabarimala desecerated by Christians again , Move to hush up the shocking incident

  8. duart maclean

    The Congress Party always appears to me to be trying to ‘fit in’ with the Western world-view. That’s my take on the Party. Correct me if I’m wrong, because I do not follow Indian politics closely enough to fully trust my perceptions. My hunch is that a turn for the worst started with Nehru’s almost slavish love of communist ideology, English ladies and Western culture, and went downhill from there. I doubt very much if Gandhi, in his inner being, held Nehru in high regard. The Congress Party seems to have suffered a steady decline in its integrity since Independence. I get the distinct impression that for the majority of their members Hinduism is an embarrassment and they wish it would just go away. Please correct me if my view is skewed wrongly. As for Ramdev, I’ve bought his books and DVD’s (they are excellent and inspiring) and find the man courageous, impressive and very powerful — very powerful to have re-vitalized the love of so many millions of Indians for their authentic spiritual traditions.

  9. Dumbo ass hole Mishra.Swami Ji Medicinal sale aroos globe in a year are around 5 Crore USD o if u conver that figure you can understand from where money comes.You Son of Sonia.

  10. Krishna

    Congress is Anti Hindu


    Okay if he is from rss than congress is trying to prove that whoever will fight against corruption belongs to rss or bjp.
    I think that means Bjp is doing a good job.Coz no Criminal will raise a voice against crime.
    If they are raising a voice against corruption that means they are not corrupt.
    I think was wrong for thinking that congress is developing our country.
    They are raising the cost for middle class but they are giving tax exempt to corporate.
    I fear one day Italy might rule our country.

  12. kamal

    i am with baba ramdev. Good work for our nation. bharstachar aur Atyachar our congress. I syore not saport congress in feauture. Rahul and soniya not understand . Digvijay bed politics .this part of congress policy.

  13. Dr. Rajeshwari

    I, Dr. Rajeshwari (NRI) support Shri Ram Dev ji and his entire followers. I think he is a true patriotic. He is doing best for the nation. I will donate my entire life savings to him.

  14. The Wikipedia article makes Swami Ramdev sound like a crackpot:

    “In many yog shivira (yoga camps), he has raised the issue of increased consumption of fast foods, packed foods and soft drinks by the people. According to him these products can cause diseases and so they must not be eaten. He has also claimed that commercially available aerated drinks are harmful to due to the presence of phosphoric acids, preservatives, unknown chemicals and emulsifiers. He claims that these drinks are very harmful to the entire body and especially the stomach lining if consumed. He has also made statements along the lines of “Cold Drinks means Toilet Cleaner” and has claimed that these cold drinks are more effective at cleaning toilets than commercially available toilet cleaners. He urges people in his public meetings to pledge not to consume commercial aerated drinks, to protect individual health as well as to avoid Indian wealth being transferred to multinational companies. Instead he advices the public to consume hot water, milk or traditional Indian juices only so that India may become prosperous.”

    Haha. He’s a silly quack.

    • Indian Realist

      You really seem quite fond of wikipedia.

    • Bhushan

      FYI, “the public to consume hot water, milk or traditional Indian juices only so that India may become prosperous.” is perfect in every sense.

      Soft drinks are harmful, not just for health, but also for the nation. It benefits only Coco Cola. The whole world knows this. Are you dumb, calling Baba Ramdev a quack. You consume more of the pesticide crap, maybe your IQ will improve to ‘0’.

  15. Congress government is targetting baba Ramdev and Acarya Balkrishna simply because they raised voice against their corrupt government and against the black money accumulated by congress leaders.”Cash for Vote” scam is a proof of how corrupt congress party is.

  16. Now, since he has said the truth, they are digging the past of Balkrishna to jail him …but if we look at the past of so called “gods of Congress party”, it itself is dark beyond any limit….Jawahar Lal had no charater (love affair with Edwina Mountbatten)…Indira inherited that chracterlessness( caught making sex with a German Professor in Shantiniketan and many other such illegal love affairs)…..Indira married a Muslim Feroz and they changed their suname to “Gandhi” to fool the nation(marrying a Muslim is no crime but then why this lie..) and hence Sonia and Rahul are not real “Gandhi” they are just fooling the nation…..where is the bribe money related to “Bofors scandal” (closing the case does not mean tha the bribe was not given)…..There is an endless list

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