BJP report on black money in India

The report on black money that is creating so much ruckus.

Indian Black Money Abroad In Secret Banks and Tax Havens

Second Report
The Task Force on the steps to be taken by India

Shri Gurumurthy, Chartered Accountant, Chennai
Shri Ajit Doval, former Director Intelligence Bureau, Delhi
Prof R.Vaidyanathan, Professor of Finance Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Shri Mahesh Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Mumbai

You can read it all here:



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3 responses to “BJP report on black money in India

  1. mohit

    it should be stopped increas in FDI

    • makrand

      BJP needs to be active on Lokpal bill and Black money issues in the Parlament as well as on the road. Also need to avoid the internal controvercies like Munde & Gadkari or Sushama & Jetly issue. There is a need of active BJP in the interest of Nation.

  2. makrand

    BJP should take a position like what they did on JPC in the Parlament house and NDA should take a lead in the country on road. They will certainly get support of all Indians, youth, ladies.

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