Christian Congress MP calls Baba Ramdev “Bloody Indian Dog”

As usual, all traitors, fundamentalists and anti-nationals in India enter the parliament on a Congress ticket. The  behaviour of this Christian MP shows he may be on the payroll of the Chinese or the church. In a Western country, this Congress thug would have been arrested on charges of racism. But what will Congress do — even its president is a White Christian! The attitude of this Xian MP from Arunachal shows seeds of Xian separatism in the state. Arunachal is fast turning a Christian state — Buddhists there have to be careful.

 Cong MP ‘abuses’ Baba Ramdev, party seeks explanation

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev got a taste of politics on Saturday at his yoga camp in Arunachal Pradesh’s Pasighat. Ramdev, who announced the launch of his political party in June, was allegedly called a “bloody Indian dog” by Congress MP Ninong Ering.

Taking exception to the insult, the yoga guru’s spokesperson S K Tijarawala threatened that Ering wouldn’t be allowed to come to Delhi to attend Parliament.

Ering, who has denied the charge, has been asked by Congress to explain his conduct. He, however, maintained that he protested against Ramdev for hisquestioning the merit of conferring Bharat Ratna on Rajiv Gandhi.

“When he said this, I was very hurt because I’m also his follower. I told him to limit himself to the yoga camp. I’m very proud of being an Indian. I’m a member of the Hindi committee in the state. Why would I say such things?” Ering told TOI.

He claimed that he met Ramdev later and apologised to him for disrupting the yoga camp. “He told me that I’ve a very short temper, and gifted me a rudraksha to control it. He is a great man. He has forgiven me. I’m preparing the explanation that the party has sought,” he added.

Tijarawala said Ering’s vented his ire when when Ramdev was talking about corruption and black money stashed in tax havens abroad. “For a second, Baba got angry and said `how dare somebody call me a bloody Indian in India’. But he soon controlled himself, and urged the crowd not to harm Ering. He reasoned that in a democracy people have other ways of showing their anger. The education minister who was on the stage apologised to Baba immediately. But, we won’t him let him get away so easily,” the spokesman said.

The yoga guru’s followers will hold a buddhi suddhi yoga in front of Ering’s South Avenue residence here on Sunday.

Here is another report.

Hindu Yoga guru Ramdev today alleged that he was called as a ‘bloody Indian’’ by a Christian Congress MP from Arunchal East Parliamentary constituencyof Arunachal  Pradesh in public view during a yoga camp in the state, a charge denied by the lawmaker even as the incident drew condemnation from the BJP. This Congress MP, Ninong Ering is a Christian by faith.

“He is calling me bloody Indian…. In India I am being called a bloody Indian… this has happened for the first time,” Ramdev said pointing to Congress MP  Ninong Ering, who was standing near the dais where the yoga guru was sitting during the camp at Pasighat in East Siang. This pro Christian MP of Congress party hails from Pashighat and connected with various Evangelical Programmes of North Eastern Hill Church Council.

However, the MP denied saying anything against Ramdev and claimed that he had only objected after the yoga guru leveled allegations of corruption against the Nehru-Gandhi family and the central government.

“This is very unfortunate. I never said anything against him… At the end of the session, he started speaking about politics.. so I said ‘Babaji, I think we should stick to yoga instead of going into politics’. I think he couldn’t hear me…. then his bodyguards came and pushed me,” Ering who represents Eastern Arunachal constituency said.

District Magistrate Onit Panyang said Education Minister Bosiram Siram had intervened and sought an apology from Ering.

The BJP was quick to condemn the alleged remarks made by the lawmaker, saying the MP had no right to sit in Parliament if he did not consider himself an Indian.

“Ering’s comments are utterly irresponsible and seditious. He has abused Baba Ramdev and called him a bloody Indian. We condemn this outburst. Ramdev is a revered figure,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

The principal opposition also asked Ering if he considered himself an Indian.

“When he calls somebody a bloody Indian does Ering not recognise Arunachal Pradesh to be a part of India? If he does not consider himself an Indian then he has no right to sit in Parliament,” he said.

BJP demanded that the Congress and the government take “immediate action” against Ering.

The Congress, meanwhile, said that it was looking into the matter.

“Nobody should use uncivilised language in any walk of life,” Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said but quickly added he would comment only after inquiring into the matter.

“We will inquire into it… We respect Baba Ramdev for his contribution in the field of yoga. We will comment once the concerned general secretary in-charge apprises us,” Ahmed said.



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19 responses to “Christian Congress MP calls Baba Ramdev “Bloody Indian Dog”

  1. ravi

    baba ramdev started off as a herbal monk has pushed his way into politics has to get a bit of political medicine though this was not herbal but non anasthetic surgery ,if he learns to keep his dirty gob shut and stick to his herbs it would be better we already have the main parties at logger heads now we dont want a bull head to play fairy god mother
    baba g we appreciate ur medical help we appreciate ur so called patroitism
    we aappreciate ur responsibility of curing not just medically but please use some better mint to wash ur mouth because ur statement s are going to cause not betterment but ruiniage to the nation if u dont believe it wait for the results this is the tip of the ice berg
    finally hats off to ,u ur a good busness men ,expert marketing executive ,
    excellent finaincial consultant ,good way of staring politics

    • Ravi

      You look like slick ass,samheleess fellow.Respect Ramdev else your mother will be wide spread open on streets with ering and she will piss off easily.

      • Anonymous

        Maderchut Zulu ! Because of BASTARDS like you INDIA doesnt have any fkn respect ! People like should be eliminated to see INDIA in peace.

  2. ravi

    i just forgot to add my last comment
    i was reading a good collection of robin sharma
    i would like to honour a title to baba ramdev
    the monk who sold his herbs to ruin-ation
    as for sonia gandhi gandhi please clarify why does this christian issue have to be brought up at every turn and twist either its the italian connection or the christian issue .are christian so bad according to the indian are christias not indian or are they some sort of aliens ,arent there christina and hindus and muslims and sikhs getting married to each other
    we are having enough of tug o war between the two main communities why are u dragging the third provocatively please be careful with ur language

    • sanjay

      You Indian converts would love nothing better than to be ruled by Whites again who you consider your own people. You are too brainwashed by the White Man’s church.

      • Anonymous

        Dude see what your religion preaches and what christianity/islam does. OPEN YOUR FKN EYE> Stop worshipping dicks and imaginary gods.

        • Karan Makhija


          “Dude see what your religion preaches and what christianity/islam does. OPEN YOUR FKN EYE> Stop worshipping dicks and imaginary gods.”

          Please explain clearly – what does ‘your’ (I’m assuming you mean Hindu) religion preach? What does it preach?
          Also explain – what christianity/islam does. What do they do?
          And you certainly must explain – Stop worshiping…… You REALLY must be clear. Speak out dude. Let’s hear it (and give us a chance to clear all your misconceptions too!)

          It would also be really nice to have your name. And your religious affiliation. Or are you chicken and can’t stand up for what you say?

        • Avinash

          @ Anonymous, the real fight is between the three Abrahamic Religions. Others are only caught in the cross fire.

          Pl don’t drag the Pagans/Heathens/Kafirs in India into your fights.

  3. Kiran

    MP Ninong Ering – bloody Indian ? Chinese dog.

  4. Ramjeet Krishnan

    Wow, when traitor arundathi can speak openly kashmir, when a mohuli can talk aloud at night spreading hatred against hindus, when a preacher can conviniently say “we do not belong to india”, what has this guru said wrong?
    North east was conviniently neglected by this Gand i family and thus made it wasier and facilitated missionaries to terrorize and convert people there, hence news like these would happen from time and again.

  5. kaling

    he is not a christian.

  6. ravinder kumar

    in corrupt leaders ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hai ye sab anti indians hai agar mera bus chale to in traitor ko shoot kar dena chahiye ine desh ki fikr nahi hai

  7. Baba ji is doing good job. He must eradicate these mosquitoes out of our nation, we simply don’t need them.

  8. It seems our mad rush to CASH diets not digestable out of both Non-Veg and Veg foods us our mindset to turn over a government of US and Italy again as we are not satisfied with the centuries rule of the British. Is it not a fact when we are not in position to feel pride of our ancient culture and facts BABA Randev is couragely fighting against the Corrupt government in AZAD HIDUSTAN as almost all our constitutional bodies guarded by whims and fancies of those BRASTACHAR GURUS

  9. Billu

    Who s tat cristian traitor speaking nonsense about baba, bloody mp ,he may have black money. Bloody mother fucker

  10. x

    Sanjay, you in Delhi ?
    know more about ravanlila ?

    do people care there ?

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