Judges of Straw

Is it only me who feels that Congress party has managed to subvert the Supreme Court too? It is well known that many ex-judges sit in commissions and enquiry committees, and deliver tailor-made reports to further the political interests of the Congress and other “secularists.”

But the sitting judges too? I am quite troubled by many of the recent Supreme Court judgements, such as the one on gay ruling. It is amazing how casually that ruling was delivered without any sensitivity to the prevailing social and cultural norms of India. Now, look at how quickly and without any review petition being filed, the supreme court judges edited their judgement to remove references to forcible converions of poor Hindus to Christianity. Something doesn’t seem right nowadays with India’s higher judiciary.

The Republic’s Apex Court commits one more faux pas   
Jay Bhattacharjee 

Graham Staines case: Supreme Court violates Rules of ‘Review’  
Ashok Sahu



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3 responses to “Judges of Straw

  1. Why you even think that those won’t do that ?
    Our Indian(?) Constitution was made by Congressis who were Indian for name sake. J.L. Nehru completed his schooling & college in England. It’s foolish to even think that his mind was not “Westernised”.
    Tell you my own experience – I used to have my dinner at a mess during my college days. The owner’s son was living in England. He went to live with him for 2 months. After he came he was singinf praises for the British. He said
    “They were great people, that’s why they could rule this country for 200 years. And they were only a few lakhs and we were crores, still they ruled us.”
    It is impossible that Nehru was not having a Western psyche. The constitution made by these pseudo-Indians was a copy of the British/Irish constitution.
    In my view there is no point in hoping that the Supreme Court will do anything Indian in case of “LGBT”. Don’t even think that.

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