Hoist Indian flag in India and get beaten by Congress goons

Look at these pictures

Not for nothing is it said that Congress rule is an extension of the British Raj over Indians.

J&K cops ‘offered urine for water’ to Ekta yatris

When separatist leader Yasin Malik and others marched to Lal Chowk with black flags, the police offered them hot tea and cigarettes. But we were arrested for trying to hoist the National Flag… When we asked for water, the police offered us urine.”

Dozen of BJP youth wing workers who have returned to the Capital — with fractured limbs and numerous wounds — narrated the story of brutality unleashed by the Jammu & Kashmir Police in Srinagar on January 26.

These youth leaders had to sneak into Srinagar and hide in small groups to continue with the plan to hoist the National Flag at Lal Chowk, after threats by separatists and prohibitory orders by the State administration.

While Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) chief Anurag Thakur and BJP leaders were arrested upon entering Jammu & Kashmir, a couple of youth wing workers made an attempt on January 26 morning to hoist the flag at Lal Chowk.

KK Upadhyay, an engineer from Gurgaon, was the first who tried. He was beaten up. The next group of workers came as close as 20 metres from Lal Chowk. No sooner did one of them take the flag out of his pocket and wave it, that several policemen pounced on him, snatched away the flag, tore it (the National Flag) into pieces and beat him up, fracturing his left hand in the process.

“J&K Police personnel were carrying posters — ‘Indian dogs, go back’. The arrested BJP activists were forced to take off their clothes in sub-zero temperatures. Third degree torture was meted out. Does Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have any explanation for this kind of an action? He should apologise to the nation,” Anurag Thakur told The Pioneer on Friday.

Bhrigu Bakshipatra, Rajesh Chowdhary, Mohan Reddy, Suresh Bagashia (office-bearers), Shyantanam Basu (executive member), Jitendra Meena, Virendra S Khinchi, Lokinder Singh Rajawat, Vijay Upadhyay, Vinod Rawat, Bhupinder Chowdhary, Ashok Bhati (from Rajasthan), RP Singh, Shikha Rai, Hiren Mishra (from Delhi), Pradeep Singh Vaghela, Harsh Sanghavi, Alpesh Sashikant (from Gujarat) and Jitendra Gupta (from West Bengal) had to be admitted to a local hospital after they received serious injuries in a police lathicharge.

The State Police, Thakur said, not only tortured party workers but also used obscenities against the BJP national leaders. Maintaining that his yatra was a success – as party workers managed to hoist the flag so close to Lal Chowk despite police cordoning off the area – Thakur said his next plan was to reach out to the people, students in particular, and expose the UPA’s pro-separatist polices.

“We have been successful in our endeavor to excite and rejuvenate India’s youth into proactively taking the cause of national integration and sovereignty,” he said.



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12 responses to “Hoist Indian flag in India and get beaten by Congress goons

  1. VoP

    Millions from all over India should march to Rishi Kashyap’s sacred place after whom it’s named ( ( aka Kashmir )

  2. Avivekanand Bissessur`

    You are wrong the Congress I rule is not an extension of British Raj in India but it is an extension of Muslim Raj in India

  3. Avivekanand Bissessur`

    It is unfortunate, Hindus do not seem to be aware of the Congress design over India. The Congress want to Muslimise India and wipe off Hinduism and anything that has got to do with Hindus in India.

    The Congress is acting as a proxy to the Pakistan Government. Between Pakistan and the Congress I, the Congress I is a greater danger to Hindus than Pakistan

  4. JGN

    Amputation is the only cure for gangrene. If not amputated in time, it will result in death of the patient. We have spent enough men, money and materials for keeping an ungrateful bunch of people with us. It is time to rethink whether it is worth continuing.

    Maharaja Hari Singh wanted his small territory to be an independent country but he could not protect his rear end from the heavily armed Pakistani soldiers masquarading as tribals. He signed the Deed of Accession when they reached just 50 kms short of Srinagar. Helping the Kashmiris in 1947 itself was the biggest blunder. Had the Indian Armed Forces not intervened at that time, there would not have been any Kashmir for these guys to fight for. The Kashmiri Muslims also would have been crushed under their boots by the Punjabi and Sindhi Muslims like what they had done in East Pakistan (now Bengladesh) in 1971. Nearly 30 lakh civilians were butchered at that time and it is the 5th biggest genocide in 20th Century as per Guiness Book of World Records.

  5. Shri

    1. All Hindus should march on J&K and take it over –it will be like war, but if its worth our worry, that’s what needs to be done. Let Indian gov’t fight against taking over of J&K by Indians.
    2. Theer are more than 80% Hindus in India. Why do they re-elect Congress which has been consistently against Hindus?
    3. According to India’s official policies, J&K is NOT an integral part of India. It is a separate state with different status than other Indian states. A person from UP, MP, Kerala, Orrissa, etc. can go to any other state, buy property, start business, raise family, become permanent resident of that state EXCEPT Kashmir. Kashimiris can go to any where else in India but rest of the Indians can’t go to Kashimir the same way. What does that tell you? Kashmir is NOT an integral part of India.
    4. SInce Indian govt has no desire to defend Indian flag in what it calles its intergal territory, India should give up any claim on Kashimir. Let Pakistani take and fly their national flag with pride. This will save lot of money that India is spending in defending Kashmir.

  6. Avivekanand Bissessur`

    The Indian Government is the best agent of the fanatic republic of Pakistan. India has always adopted a policy of appeasement vis a vis Pakistan. It is with the blessings of the UPA government that terrorists had attacked Mumbai JUST Like it was with the blessings of the NDA that terrorists had attacked the Indian Lok Sabha. What a shame Hindu do politics only to enrich themselves. Hindus have no sense of dignity and no sense of self respects.

    Should Pakistan be willing to buy Hindu women from India, thousands of Hindu will volunteer to sell their mothers and sister s to Pakistan for the sake of a few rupees. This is the plight of Hindus in India. Government of India has declared Hindus as terrorist and all Hindus are happy

  7. elfrenchie

    Hinduism will be seen as a threat to modern world as xtianity is now in US and USA to world economic power. Islam which is a powerful force, justified or not, is also a strong threat to this destructive world. They had to create the 9:11 to really shake the people and show them the ugly Muslim to hunt. But as with Hindus, they can’t do nothing when in front they have people praying five times a day. This so called western civilization is ALREADY the past. don’t worry.

  8. JGN

    elfrenchie , if praying five times a day makes people superman I would have made people pray fifty times a day so that they can reach the Moon & Stars on their own wings!!!! Over 1.5 billion born itiots canot do anything to a small country of just over six million and you are dreaming of dominating the entire world!!! Islam is stuck up in a time wrap. You have not progressed even an inch from the 7th century Arabia.

  9. Jaydeep

    Why is Islam talked of in such derogatory fashion?

    Christianity is based on a lie but Islam is not so. Do you know what Islam means ? It means submission to the will of God.

    Isn’t that what Arjun is told by Shri Krsna at the end of Bhagavad Gita?

    Islam tells its followers to pray to only God, the same God of Bhagavad Gita who is omniscient & all-powerful. It does not permit worship of others. Do you feel that is wrong?

    And yes praying to God certainly makes you mentally strong. Ignore it at your own peril.

    Islam clearly says that killing one person is like killing all humanity. It forbids violence. It only advocates violence in self-defense when all else fails. Incidentally that is what is preached in Bhagavad Gita.

    Unfortunately, bigots would like to live in their paradise of ignorance.
    Just calling God by a different name does not mean calling a different God. God has given the same message to all humans. i.e. to worship Him. We Hindus pray to a lot of minor deities & even dead humans like Sai Baba. This is nothing but superstition & nowhere prescribed in our scriptures. Also, we worship idols. Find me where in our scriptures is idol-worship prescribed.

    First reform your own religion and than talk of other religions.
    There is a big difference between Islam & Christianity. Christianity preaches Jesus as God but read the Bible & you will not find Jesus saying I am God & pray to me. Instead he prays to God & tells people that the greatest commandment is to pray & worship God with all their minds, hearts & bodies.

    This again is same as what is taught in Bhagavad Gita & Quran. Clearly, there is a common thread running across these religions.

    But whereas Christian missionaries willing misrepresent their prophet muslims do not do so. The trinity in Christianity also does not find support in the Bible. In short they are preaching in the name of Christ things he never taught like his own divinity.

    Likewise, try to find faults in the central doctrine of Islam. It is quite difficult. The Quran also says that Jesus was never crucified & God saved him. Makes sense does it not? Why would God allow his prophet to be killed by evil people?

    I do not think that God would allow a false religion to survive for 1400 years, the 1st 1000 years of which He allowed it to dominate the whole world. Sorry but I believe in the justice of God. God does not allow evil to last long. The most prolonged misery is often of those who do greater wrongs. Perhaps because muslims are today not following their religion properly that they’re disliked around the world & they are not rich & powerful.

    Perhaps the same can be said of Indians in the last millenium because of which it lost so many battles aginst Islamic forces. If they were following commandments of God, why would He inflict such humiliation on them.

    Don’t make muslims your enemies out of your ignorance. Fight against those who misrepresent their religion but don’t abuse the very religion itself. Have some fear of God. Without His help you can achieve nothing.

    Yes, countries like Pakistan need to be taught a lesson and we should not appear soft being such a huge country with such a glorious past.

    I’ve seen many pakistanis on their forums who do not like to be associated with India inspite of our common origin. They’re racist. It is no wonder their country is going downhill.

    But do not insult their religion. It really is shameful to do so.

    It is said in the Quran, that Prophet Mohammad was not the first prophet and that there was never a people or country or civilization where a prophet was not sent with the message of Oneness of God.

    So, clearly from it we can say that even to us prophets would have been sent. And Shri Krishna, Shri Ram, Prahlad, Manu Vaivaswata, Vivaswan, Gautama Buddha, etc. may be prophets.

    Hence, the followers of Prophet Mohammad cannot claim exclusivity. Muslims are told to live peacefully with people of other faiths by emphasising what is common between them & others.

    Those who do not follow this are not muslims, however much they claim so. As it is said, actions speak louder than words.

    Remember, God is One & He is not biased. He will help those muslims who are innocent & punish the rest & He will help those of us who pray to Him against hypocritical ‘muslims’.

    But if you cause grief or harm to the innocent based on ignorance & hatred, God will not spare you. So why be ignorant & hateful?

    • Attari

      Islam belongs to Arabia not India. Aur agar hum islam ke viruddh bol rahe hai toh tere pet mein kyun dard ho raha hai? Based on islamic mythology, can you deny Mohammed aint a paedophile and sadistic murderer?

  10. Aur karo “Shanti-shanti”
    Shanti karoge to Jutey hi khaogey

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