The politics of miracles

Now that a Hindu miracle — the makara jyoti at Sabari Mala — is under the spotlight, here is an interesting article:  
How Does the Vatican Decide What’s a Miracle?

One dude has posted this insightful comment under this piece:

It is ironical that the Church denounces miracles and mysticism as mumbo-jumbo followed by “animist” and “pagan” natives when it aggressively proselytises in Africa and Asia, while using the same miracles to beatify its own — including nonsense about Yeshua walking on water.

Equally, it is puzzling that the Church’s beatifications are closely tied with the countries that United States and Western Europe have strategic and resource-related interests in — it almost appears that Christianity and missionaries are a 5th column for the Western World to penetrate developing countries, create civil unrest within and eventually divide them – of course, with the rump new state being the resource rich one, predominantly Christian and largely under the control of Western “AID agencies” and peacekeepers.

The Vatican’s recent interest in India poses a good example. Clearly, the Western states have decided to weaken, if not break up India into several provinces, and access the resource rich areas such as East Godavari District (Floating on Oil), Jharkhand (Rich in ores) – hence the aggressive proselytization, supported by “beatification” of Teresa, and others.

The Vatican would willingly play a role in the creation of many more Southern Sudans to remain politically and financially relevant, and the Western powers, notably the United States, benefit symbiotically.

Talking about miracles, is Stephen Hawkings a Christian apologist? The well-known mathematician and historian Professor CK Raju surely thinks so.

The Christian propaganda in Stephen Hawking’s work
By Professor CK Raju



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2 responses to “The politics of miracles

  1. Rama

    The Christians and the West are the most cunning bastards on earth!
    This article proves it

  2. Sandeeps

    Attack against Sabarimala pilgrimage is nothing new. They have tried and will keep on trying.
    After Sabarimala was ‘burnt’ in 1950, they even tried to ape one such ‘MalA’ of their own .
    “It was at the invitation of Zacharias Mar Athanasios, the Bishop of Tiruvalla, that Fr. Francis Mahieu, a Cistercian monk from the Scourmont Abbey, in Belgium (later known as Francis Acharya) came to Kerala to start the ashram. In the course of time, Bede Griffiths joined him there. On 1 December 1956, the two of them started the new foundation at Tiruvalla in the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church. Eventually they were successful in obtaining 88 acres (360,000 m2) of land and on 20 March 1958, the eve of St Benedict’s day, Fr. Francis, Fr. Bede, and two seminarians traveled sixty miles to the site, high up on the holy mountain of Kurisumala”

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