Is Swami Aseemanand being framed on blast cases?

Very strange that the so-called confession of Swami Aseemananda is written in chaste English (which he cannot write) in the form of a letter which was “posted” to the president by someone. Is it only me who smells something fishy here? These Hindu traitors of Congress who are orchestrating this drama should be hanged from a lamp post.

Is Swami Aseemanand being framed on blast cases?

Swami Aseemanand is in the eye of controversy yet again. His confessions had a damaging impact on right wing groups and his explosive revelations on their involvement in various terrorist activities. The latest twist in the case is that the confession letters written by him to the Presidents of India and Pakistan are fake and apparently not written by him.

Aseemanand claimed to have written letters to the Presidents of India and Pakistan confessing of his involvement in the Ajmer, Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and Samjhauta Express blasts together with other key officials in RSS. Now, Aseemanand’s brother Sukumar in an interview to CNN-IBN has revealed that he did not receive any letter from Aseemanand. Aseemanand had claimed that these letters were forwarded to Aseemanand’s brother who was asked to forward them to both presidents of India and Pakistan. Though, he failed to do so.

Sukumar has now come out with the statement, “I met my brother. We spoke about personal things. But he never gave me any letter.” Sukumar seemingly met with Aseemanand at the Chanchalguda Central Jail, Hyderabad.

Aseemanand’s lawyer, Ramchandraji Rao also rubbished all claims made and said that his client, Aseemanand cannot write the kind of language written in the letter. The letter was flashed across media and was written in chaste English. Rao said, “Sukumar met Aseemanand in front of me and no exchange of letters took place.”

This news comes as a big blow to investigation agencies who appeared to have cracked the blast cases and have been successful in establishing saffron terror as a major factor in terrorist activities across the country.


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  1. Suresh

    there is no doubt christian fundamentalists along with “human rights” activists are furthering their agenda of continuing to loot this country. There was a news channel showing how Rajneesh(Osho) was systematically demonized by the Americans because he was attracting thousands. ironically the ticker tape at the bottom was flashing the news that the Supreme Court had pulled up Teesta Setalvad for approaching UNCHR on Gujarat Riots.
    If we do not wake up even now in another generation there will be no hope for Sanatana Dharma.

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