Useful idiot or what

Gulf-based Hindu builds mosque in Kerala

A Qatar-based Hindu businessman is constructing a mosque in Kerala with the aim of promoting communal harmony. He claims it will be the first mosque to be built in the state by a Hindu in over 1,200 years.

‘Construction is going on. The mosque will be ready in two-three months. Over 400 people can offer prayers in that mosque at a time,’ Cheril Krishna Menon, a prominent NRI businessman in the Gulf, told IANS in an interview here.

The mosque is coming up in Kozhikode.

Menon said so far the Cheraman Mosque, constructed in the late eighth century by Chera ruler Rama Varma Kulashekhara, is the first and only mosque built by any Hindu in Kerala so far.

Menon, who is chairman and managing director of the Doha-headquartered Behzad Group of Companies, said he had taken approval from Muslim scholars and religious leaders for building the mosque.

‘I have already taken letters from Muslim religious leaders and scholars. They are okay with it. God is one and people should respect and work for the promotion of other religions also,‘ said Menon, who was awarded the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman in 2006 and Padma Shri in 2009 for social service. He was in India to attend the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas last weekend.

Menon said he would continue to work for the promotion of all major religions.

Look at the line in red — if he had said that to a Muslim, he would have broken his teeth. The guy in the name of religious harmony is making a mosque for Muslims who say “Allah is the only True God” and “It is our duty to finish all other religions.” It is like gifting a new gun to Taliban to promote non-violence. How many Muslims have you seen working for “promotion of all other religions”? Stupidity of Hindus is endless.



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5 responses to “Useful idiot or what

  1. Sandeep S

    “Menon said so far the Cheraman Mosque, constructed in the late eighth century by Chera ruler Rama Varma Kulashekhara, is the first and only mosque built by any Hindu in Kerala so far.”

    No historical basis whatsoever.

  2. B R Shetty constructed a mosque in Karnataka in an educational institute where such things are not permitted. He said that it was for the Muslim students from the Gulf. These morons have not read the Koran and are overly indebted to the Gulf for their prosperity. These Hindu morons are not knowing the fact that the oil the Gulf nations sell to Hindu India is around $2 more than the price that they sell to the West. Another fact is that these morons does not know that they were smuggling gold in to India before the oil was discovered and own extensive real estate in India in benami names from the sixties. The smugglers paid Rs 2 crore to Indira Gandhi to close the files on the Gulf smugglers. The Indian workforce is cheated in all these Gulf nations. BR Shetty has cheated Indian invester by printing and selling shares of companies and such shares were not given to the NRIs even after decades.

  3. VoP

    I have seen Gulf Hindus, they take up eating beef and avoiding pork in a matter of months, some like this come back with Stockholm syndrome as if it was embedded in their genes!

  4. “Stupidity of Hindus is endless.”

    please correct it to :

    “Stupidity and IGNORANCE of Hindus is endless.”

    Now it’s time we start teaching our children that Islam is not a religion but a poison tab with a sugar coating.
    What Horrible mistake our ancestors did by allowing these demons in this beautiful country.
    We should not repeat the mistake of our ancestors

  5. shenzhen

    Its really fool of hindus(indian). Cafe Desire is such organisation, a muslim fooling its hindu franchisees and customers with unhealthy beverages and fake certificates

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