Religion of love-making

I don’t know how I missed this story. Kerala Christian hostels are real hell-holes, with priests fondling and raping nuns and girls at will. Is this what priests mean by the “religion of love”? It sure looks like the “religion of love-making.”

These priests are like animals in heat — just imagine what it would have been in medieval ages when they held the power of life and death over common people. I have read true accounts of the Goan Inquisition — you cannot even begin to imagine the horror of how priests used to torture women in basement chambers.

It is amazing how the bishops sell a mythical god-man and manage to make common people so submissive that they come to hold absolute power over their wealth and women. What kind of a cult is this, and why cannot people snap out of this brainwashing? Are they stupid?

The absolute power of Christian priests over Christian laiety corrupts them absolutely, turning them into sadistic, sexual predators — even the police are in their thrall. The main strength of church is its money power. A pox on all Christian zombies who every Sunday open their wallets to the church for the collection plate — it is they who are responsible for perpetuating this plague on humanity. Church is an ancient criminal mafia — get rid of it.

Kerala priest held for sexual abuse of minor

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A Kerala Christian priest has been arrested for alleged sexual abuse of a minor girl inmate of a hostel run by Orthodox Church at Pothukal in Malappuram district in September last year. The victim is a student of Catholicate Higher Secondary School run by the church.

Father K G Joseph alias Father Habib Joseph was arrested and produced in a local court on Thursday. He, however, was granted bail. Joseph later denied charges. Crime Branch sources said the priest was charged under Section 354 IPC (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), a bailable offence.

Police are also probing the “unnatural” death of the girl’s elder sister, who “succumbed” to suspected food poisoning at hostel in October last year. A few days after her death, the 14-year-old class IX student had alleged that she and her elder sister Anu were made to wash feet and massage Joseph and another priest who was a regular visitor to the hostel and that it often ended up with them being sexually harassed.

Though they took up the matter with a nun, she instead of helping, threatened them with dire consequences, the girl had alleged. The two sisters belonging to a poor family of Kelakam in Kannur district thought it better to resign to their fate as otherwise they would have had to discontinue studies.

Sixteen-year-old Anu, a class XI student, died on October 24, 2009. Soon after her death her younger sister had told reporters in the presence of her father that Anju was taken out in a car by the second priest on October 21 and they returned late in the night. Anu looked very tired and was crying and didn’t eat anything the next day. This infuriated the nun who beat her up, she had alleged.

The torture was so brutal that there were blood stains on the wall of Anu’s room, she had alleged.

Notice how quickly the priest got bail. This must be an example of India’s secularism, eh? If I understand it correctly, if the police inspector is a Christian, his knees will tremble at even the thought of asking the priest some questions. The entire thing is sick beyond belief.



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4 responses to “Religion of love-making

  1. VoP

    NO WONDER- (Belgium) Thousands quit Catholic church, undergo ‘De-baptism’ after child abuse scandal

  2. Anon

    Sanjay, why don’t you write a detailed article on why XXX’tian convent schools should be avoided by naive people and Parents of children?

  3. VoP

    Church blames women for getting raped

    Russian women ‘dress like strippers’: church spokesman
    Jan 18, 2010
    MOSCOW (AFP) – Russian women’s figure-hugging outfits and full-on makeup got a pasting from a senior Russian Orthodox Church spokesman on Tuesday, as he slammed women for dressing as if they were strippers.
    Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the synod’s department for relations between the church and society, called for a national “dress code” to tackle the issue in an open letter published by the Interfax news agency.
    “There is a problem … of people who mistake the street for a striptease,” archpriest Chaplin wrote, adding that women who dressed provocatively would not find decent husbands.
    “A woman who is barely dressed or made up like a clown … certainly will not find a man as a partner in life who has the slightest rudiments of sense or self-respect.”
    He called for an all-Russian dress code, taking the lead from dress codes in offices and schools.
    Some women who are devout Russian Orthodox believers wear long skirts, long sleeves and headscarves, but Russian women generally prefer more revealing clothing and makeup.
    Chaplin is known for his outspoken statements. In December he controversially claimed that women who wore mini-skirts and got drunk were to blame if they were raped, and told women to dress more “seriously.”

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