Christian mafia in Indian media

I recently came across an interesting case about the Christian mafia in action in the Indian media.

There is this dude called Vishal Arora who writes articles about “religion and politics in India.” He is a fundamentalist Christian, but will go to great lengths to hide his Christian identity from the readers by using a Hindu name.

His modus operandi is to do hit jobs on Hindu saints under the garb of investigative journalism and throw dirt on them in the hope that some of it will stick. All Hindu saints are under attack from this mafia in similar fashion all over India and abroad.

This guy approached Sathya Sai Baba’s office for a “quote” about the alleged sex-abuse scandal involving the ashram. The propaganda about this so-called “scandal” is being driven exclusively by evangelical Christians from the US through “ex-devotees” — Xians who were infiltrated into the ashram with a purpose, just like that Christian who “exposed” Swami Nityananda. The modus operandi is similar in both the cases — notice how new “witnesses” appear every day in the Nithyananda scandal to give sleazy tales about him.

Read it all here and the email correspondence Vishal Arora had with the Ashram. The magazine he writes for, Caravan, is staffed almost exclusively by Christians, with some “secular” Hindus thrown in as useful idiots. Interestingly, Vishal Arora’s website was taken off after his cover was blown once his email correspondence was made available online.

This is the article which Vishal Arora wrote about Sai Baba’s ashram later — it is called “The Land of Illusion”! Yeah right — a dead Jew coming alive and his corpse flying to heaven like a bird must be the “land of hard facts”! What do these “true god, false god” bigots smoke? It is amazing how the moment a man is converted, he turns against his own culture with a vengeance and starts propagating culture of another race in his own land by becoming its paid agent. Semitic faiths turn people traitors against their own land and ancestors.



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6 responses to “Christian mafia in Indian media

  1. VoP

    > dead Jew coming alive and his corpse flying to heaven like a bird must be the “land of hard facts”!

    Ah, here is the gem making news today, Superstitions galore!
    End of Days in May? Christian group spreads word

  2. VoP

    Here is another such example:

    Recently I was watching the national geographic episode on Alexander the “great”. Alexander invades till Afghanistan and goes back to Greece for celebrating.His megalomania hits the point where he kills his best friend for suggesting his father was behind or the starting point of his sucess. Then he comes back for the ultimate prize of them all -India. I was hooked on the
    narrative and then the narrative goes like this – Alexander defeated the Hindu king and then surprisingly gives the kingdom back to the king seeing his valor.He also for unexplained reasons took a circuitous route back to Greece through deserts. As proof of the national geographic narrative they put on a historian from India,some Bose,who comes in a suit for a second and says something like ” Alexander’s invasion influenced Indian gods who were sculpted modelled on greek gods from then on”. This historian would say anything to appear on a national geographic spot.His suit says it all.

  3. sanjay

    Alexander was clearly defeated in India, and his arrival did not create even a ripple in larger Indian politics — he only grappled with minor Indian principalities on the border. In fact, the story of his attack on India comes only from Greek sources, that too written by his courtiers. Indians did not even bother to mention it in their chronicles — it was a non-event for them. Alexander “The Great” is the biggest running hoax of Western civilisation after Jesus.

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