Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal

DNA newspaper reports:

Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha

Ten months after the sex tape allegedly involving Nithyananda and cine star Ranjitha hit the internet, the actress finally broke her silence on Friday.

Addressing a packed press conference, the actress denied all the allegations against her. “It’s not me in the video,” said Ranjitha. “I was scared, I was threatened, blackmailed, and that forced me to abscond.”

The actress said she had been hurt by the allegations. “I was scared to face anybody, so I had moved out of the country; I came only for the CID inquiry. I was in the US all this time. I have registered a complaint with the magistrate’s court in Ramanagara,” she said.

But then came the bombshell. Ranjitha said a Christian missionary was behind the episode.

“I was being blackmailed and threatened by the accused and also by another man who belongs to a Christian mission,” said the actress. “I want to live, so I shall not name them. If the CM of Tamil Nadu promises to protect me, I shall reveal the names.”

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2 responses to “Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal

  1. ahab

    Now they have completely destroyed his image anyone have any idea what has really happened so far?

  2. acha bai

    Christian Missionaries conspirating against all our Hindu sacred sages, monks, Gurus, and Swamis. They are doing step by step destruction of Hinduism. This is one out of thousand indirect conspiracies against Hinduism by Christian Missionaries.

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