Churchists plan burning copies of Gita in Hyderabad

Churchists plan to burn copies of Gita and Mahabharata in Hyderabad on 2nd January.

Umm … why did they chicken out from burning copies of Koran, I wonder, after Islamists chopped off the hand of that Christian professor in Kerala. This also shows that Christians when in majority can be as dangerous as the Muslims.

Hyderabad is fast turning into a Christian ghetto, the way churches are coming up in all street corners of the city. (Congratulations to Hindus of Andhra for continuing to elect Congress and shunning BJP. You deserve your approaching fate for being mentally blind.)

Here is a collective yawn on behalf of all Hindus for this event — we are not Muslims or Christians. We have enough confidence in our faith, thank you. You can strip yourself naked and dance with a copy of Gita, for all we care. Welcome to the peace and glory of Hinduism.



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20 responses to “Churchists plan burning copies of Gita in Hyderabad

  1. Rathesh

    But tell me on thing, how come the damn notice has a VHP seal on it !!

    • Sanjay

      Dude, the notice was posted by the churchists to VHP office, and the seal is VHP’s acknowledgement of reciept of letter.

      Somebody is deliberately trying to provoke RSS and VHP in the hope that they do something so that the incident can be blown up on TV channels as “Hindu fasicsts attack Christians.”

      Remember the Ram Sena incident in Karnataka where TV cameras were present in advance on the scene of the incident. Congress can also be behind this drama.

  2. VoP

    Hands of Jihadi propagandists in creating enemity between Christians and Hindus also cannot be ruled out.

    Once they burn it, we will know.. use that as material to tell the world how desert cults are, don’t have to worry 1 bit, as we are NOT offended though. This is purely counterproductive.

  3. Ravisankar

    If you read the history of christianity you will understand that they were the first to kill himan beings for the sake of conversion.That they were the first to destroy the places of worship of other religions to build their churches.That there is no attrocity they have not done in the name of Jesus christ.Because of their bad example only the religions which sprang up subsequently were/are more violent and are ready to do any thing for conversion.Christians can achieve nothing by burning the Gita.Please understand at least now their true colour.

  4. JGN

    Burning copies of Gita (or any other book) is good for the publishers and book shops as they can makes some profits!! Let them burn as manycopies as possible.

    • Kishkindhaa

      Very true, people have pointed out that a Bhagvada Gita is quite expensive as people pay money to read. No one pays money to read bible and quran as they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

  5. sahani's MacBook

    India’s future lies if hindus wake up and make india as hindu nation.
    Pakistan , bangladesh and china are preparing to finish us. Internal enemy in india are working against hindus. Get it.

  6. Plato1

    The biggest & the only christian contribution to the world…the ghettoes

  7. VoP

    What a superstitious, cult ? Christian witches put curses on the government after being forced to pay income tax. Christian Witches, you ask?

    In the first picture below, just look closely at the Crucifix (with Jesus) on the larger table on the left, and the picture of either “Mary” or some Christian Saint on the smaller table to the right.

  8. Narawseehtiav S

    We make such comments and try and be happy when it is not burnt. But, as true Hindus how many of us are reading the Bagwat Gita or Srimad Bagawatam ?.

    In every religion they make it compulsory to pray atleast twice a week or 5 times a day. In our Hindu religion, except for festival celebrations, praying or scriptural reading is not made compulsory.

    IF Every one is in possession of the Bagwat Gita or SrimadBagawatam, then it would be out of stock in the stores for any one to procure and burn it.

    • VoP

      Our God/Gods cannot be destroyed some cultists burning mounds of paper, yes in the hands of cultists BG losing meaning and becomes just paper, so you just yawn but capture the intolerance and post it on youtube!

      > In every religion they make it compulsory to pray atleast twice a week or 5 times a day

      Do you want us to be cultish too? But your point about us all reading BG is well taken, in fact we get to read and discuss it every week at shaka.

  9. Smith JM

    Plato 1 , The origin of the word Ghetto.

    “The anti-Semitic Pope Paul IV in 1555 issued the infamous bullCum Nimis Absurdum, taking its name from its first words “Since it is absurd” (…and utterly inconvenient that the Jews, who through their own fault were condemned by God to eternal slavery…”). Under the accusation of having exploited the generosity and hospitality of the Christians, the bull practically reduced the Jews………

    The walls of the Ghetto (a word Venetian in origin) were built, separating the Jews from the rest of the society.
    Here is the web site.

    I have seen slums in India very similar to the ghettos of the yore, but I have not investigated , whether it is for separating a particular type of people like the bull issued in 1555 in Rome.

    • VoP

      Namaste Smith, My childhood was beside a slum, in fact I have played Cricket with few boys from there. Slums are NOT for any separation. People who are impoverished and too poor to have their own homes or pay rent just occupy empty spaces, put tents and start living there. Please don’t introduce any Euro-centric imagery here, there is already enough we are dealing with. For an Indian perspective please read below as starters….

      What Causes Slums in the Cities in the First Place?

      It is vicious cycle of population growth, opportunities in the cities (leading to migration to the cities), poverty with low incomes, tendency to be closer to work hence occupying any land in the vicinity etc. The key reason out of all is the slow economic progress. After independence in 1947, commercial and industrial activity needed cheap labor in the cities. Plentiful was available in the rural area. They were encouraged to come to cities and work. People, who migrated to the cities and found work, brought their cousins and rest of the families to the cities. Unable to find housing and afford it, they decided to build their shelter closer to work. First, one shelter was built, then two and then two thousand and then ten thousand and on and on. Conniving governments provided electricity and drinking water. Politicians looked at the slums as vote bank. They organized these unauthorized dwellers into a political force; hence slums took a bit of a permanent shape. More slums developed as more population moved to the cities. By mid sixties Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and all other large cities were dotted with slums.

      Very poor people live in slums. They are not the only one dwelling there. Fairly well to do people also reside there. They are either offspring of the slum dwellers that found education and an occupation. They have prospered but are unable to find affordable housing, hence have continued to stay in the shantytowns. Others are avoiding paying rent and property taxes. The latter is more often the case. It is not unusual that in the dirtiest of slums, where misery prevails that TV sets, refrigerators and radios are also blaring music. This is quite a contrast from the image which one gets in the media or from the opportunist politicians.

      India’s capital of Delhi has a million and a half out of fourteen million living in slums. Mumbai is worst with greater percentage living in slums. Other big urban centers have done no better. Newly built cities like Chandigarh and surrounding towns where shantytowns could have been avoided altogether have now slums. The forgoing is India’s shame despite huge progress.

    • sanjay

      Did slums exist before Christians arrived in India? They are a result of rural poverty and mass migration to cities, which in turn is a result of British loot and plunder through extortionate land revenue. The reason for modern slums is economic, while Jews were ghettoised by Christians due to religious hatred (“they are the Christ killers”). Do you understand the difference?

  10. Smith JM

    VOP, if the slums are not similar to the separation as in 1555 Rome , then it is will not create an evolution of hatred , culminating as it did in WWII in Europe based on anti-semitism .

    Economic hardship may be due to so many factors for example like farm workers getting displaced due to corporatisation of farms with piece meal compensation. This type of hardship is there in some Latin American countries , where there are slums. Mining on agricultural land is a big issue in Latin American countries. These are issues where the poor farmers get hit hard and migrate to urban areas . With very little skills training compromise to low paid wages and reside in slums.

    Thanks for the information on slums in India and hope it will never be like 1555 Rome.

    • VoP

      Please read or just visit slums or talk to Indians and you will know. I was very concerned when you said what you said because that is how “white-man’s burden” takes roots and starts demonising and using that as a tool to subjugate , convert and control. “Caste” is one such example which was invented/codified by colonial British from the varna/jaati which is entirely different aspect of it ( )

      Anyway – even wikipedia writeup on slums is fair and balanced…it’s everywhere on planet Earth where there is poverty.

      Want the bigger picture? We were richest region of the world with 25% of world’s GDP before British came, plundered, looted, ravaged and returned after 300 years by which time it was reduced to mere 1%… of course we have slums now. After the movie “slumdog millionaire” was produced by a Christian British someone made a comment –

      First they plunder us and then they film our ruins….
      Hats off to British ingenuity…..
      ( )

      Before the British it was Islamic invasions.. about 1000 years of pillage put together. Barely 60 years now and independent India has made tremendous progress ; more needs to be made.

      But then we are faced with new hurdles, series of twists of fate engineered by external powers has led to Christian mafia headed by Vatican agent Sonia Maino leading Corrupt Congress Party of India looting the country, so we have neo-colonialism all over again! And we have slums that go away anytime soon.

      • VoP

        I meant:
        And so we have slums that won’t go away anytime soon. They are actually vote-banks and Congress party has vested interest in keeping those vote-banks intact! It’s a complex topic.

  11. X

    @JM Smith
    “1555 Rome ”
    1850’s Europe was no different. Riots against Jews; segregation etc were common in “Christian” Europe.

  12. Smith JM

    …..evolution till WWII . Please read carefully.

  13. ravi

    These useless deserted perverts (Christians & Muslim terrorists) are trying to make a BIG PROBLEMS in HINDUSTAN with the BLIND supports of CATHERINE MIONO lead Anti-National Congress & Communist Comrades.

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