Islam: The Arab Imperialism, and Memories of a Father

Couple of books I wanted to recommend:

Islam: The Arab Imperialism
By Anwar Sheikh

It is available online. Read it to know what Islam actually is: A national movement of the Arabs to bring the entire world under the political and cultural domination of their race.


Here is another book — a heart-rending account of a father’s search for his lost son who was picked up by the Kerala police in the dark days of the Emergency and tortured to death in 1976 on suspicions of being a Naxalite. He was later found to be innocent.

How the boy’s father, Professor T V Eachara Varier, longs for his son and how he runs around meeting one poltician after another trying to get some information about his son, all to no avail, brought me to tears.

Being the father of a small girl, I myself know how it would feel to lose her — life won’t be worth living. How it must have felt for Prof Varier to lose his boy to torture and hear his shrieks in his nightmares,  I can only shudder to think. Prof Varier’s wife — the boy’s mother — became insane while he himself died in 2006.

The cops involved in the case, far from being punished, got promotion after promotion until one of them became the Director General of Kerala police. One of them is still alive.

Memories of a Father 
By Professor T V Eachara Varier

This book is also available online.


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