Sonia Gandhi: All trails lead to her

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Sonia Gandhi and the hidden trail
By John MacLithon

Yet Sonia Gandhi remains a mystery for many of us, even for me who has known her for a long time.

I found her quite likable when she was just Rajiv Gandhi’s (the pilot) spouse, a loving wife, who had adopted the Indian way of life;  a good daughter -in-law: Indira Gandhi died on her lap on the way to the hospital, after being shot by her Sikh bodyguards; and more than everything, a good mother, who doted on her children and tried all her life to protect them.

I then knew that she had kept her Italian passport, even after taking the Indian nationality (India does not allow you to hold two passports), but I have met quite a few foreigners in Delhi who also retained their origin passports after having obtained the Indian one.

I myself toyed for some time with the idea of taking the Indian nationality, as I speak Hindi quite fluently, but it is too difficult to travel with an Indian passport. I do not mind also her remaining a Christian:  after all, I am still one myself. Indeed, one of my Italian journalist friends told me that he prayed with her, along with Rajiv Gandhi, at a mass in Calicut with the bishop officiating — that is her private business.

But after her husband was blown to pieces by the LTTE,  I observed a drastic change in her: she did not seem to trust anybody anymore, became aloof and suspicious. I also watched with dismay how the Congress leaders, some of them men and women of substance, whom I knew personally, applied pressure on her to enter politics for years.

Furthermore, I thought that in her fortress of Janpath, surrounded twenty-four hours by security,  she gradually lost touch with the reality of India. Despite the fact that I met her a few times after Rajiv’s death, I thus took discreetly my distances with her. It is then that I came up with my famous phrase on Sonia, for which she never forgave me:  “the moribund and leaderless Congress party has latched on to Sonia Gandhi who is Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism”.


American Empire on the verge of collapse?

By Mahendra Joshi

Summary: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world and that at some point the world financial system is going to crash. But how many people know that the Economic and Military Superpower USA is completely broke? How many know that USA’s future liabilities are about $200 Trillions – which is three times the world’s GDP? Do you know on Jan 14th, 2010 bankrupt State of Arizona had to sell its Capitol building, governor’s office, state hospital and the prison buildings to raise money? Read on…


Leadership Without Legitimacy: Will the Indian Media Get Its Act Together?
Marie-Lou Fernandes. (Former Deputy Commissioner of Police of Mumbai City)

After remaining wilfully silent on India’s biggest corruption story of the year (Hear the Radia tapes here), the immediate reaction of some sections of the Indian media was to divert attention to Brand India and corporate privacy concerns. We are now witness to another diversion — the case for corporate lobbying (never mind that corporate lobbying has just robbed the country of hundreds of millions of dollars).




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2 responses to “Sonia Gandhi: All trails lead to her

  1. VoP

    and the SINISTER SON…

    The recent flurry of discussions over the question of the wikileaks highlights something that the citizens of the country should ponder over.Can a leader who thinks that the so called ‘Hindu terror’ (phrase coined by the Congress) is more dangerous than Lashkar e Toiba be trusted to lead the nation ?

  2. VoP

    Radha Rajan’s comment there….

    That’s quite a conduct certificate that Dr. Rajiva has given Indian Catholicism. First, all Christians, not just Indian Christians are converts from some pre-Christian religion. Second, as long as all Catholics look at the Pope as their temporal and religious leader, there is no essential difference between the two vis a vis Hindus. Just so we all understand how close is the link between the Vatican and this country, the connecting flight I took to Rome from Dubai was packed with Kerala Christians and the first two persons I saw when I entered the gates of the Vatican was 2 Kerala priests speaking in Malayalam emerging on the road. “Indian ctholics really empathise with the Hindu ethos”? Dr. Vijaya needs to do a reality check by visiting Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and of course Goa. remember the Goa Inquisition?

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