Israel has more sense than Congress

Even foriegn countries are horrified and angry at the antics of Digvijay Singh, the modern-day Jaichand.

Israel protests comparison of RSS with Nazis

Israel has taken grave exception to Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s comparison of RSS with the Nazis.

Responding to questions, an Israel embassy spokesperson said, “Without entering the political debate, no comparison can be made with the Nazi Holocaust in which six million Jews were massacred solely because they were Jewish.”

Singh courted controversy on Sunday by training guns on the RSS yet again. Addressing the Congress plenary, Singh said RSS was targeting Muslims and brainwashing young minds to hate Muslims.

“The RSS, in the garb of its nationalist ideology, is targetting Muslims the same way Nazis targeted Jews in the 1930s,” Singh said.

He said the hatred of Muslims, which he alleged was the RSS agenda, was the greatest threat to India. He was echoing Rahul Gandhi’s comments to the US ambassador which was made available by Wikileaks, and which prompted the BJP to take potshots at the Congress scion.

In his remarks, Singh said, “Why is it that all Hindus found involved in terror activities are members of RSS.”

Israel is very sensitive to acts of persecution in other parts of the world being compared to the Holocaust, which it believes occupies a special place of global horror because of the scale and deliberateness of the massacre of Jews by Hitler and the Nazis. Nothing else, it believes, is comparable.



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2 responses to “Israel has more sense than Congress

  1. Agneya

    Actually, a comparison can be made with the Nazis. The Pakistan Army is the comparison. Let us not forget how they raped and murdered countless numbers of Hindus in East Bengal, in 1971. Estimates have over 2 million Hindus dead, 250,000 women raped.

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