Northeast terror not Delhi’s priority: WikiLeaks

Northeast terror not Delhi’s priority: WikiLeaks

Terror activities in northeast part of the country are not a priority for the government as civilian deaths due to terrorism in the region have fallen in recent years, says a leaked US embassy cable. The cable dated April 18, 2006 released by WikiLeaks and posted in the Guardian says terrorism in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura and Meghalaya “consists of many groups that are small in number compared to other terrorist organisations in India, and their reach does not extend out of the region”.

Some of the groups maintain bases in Bangladesh, the cable says, quoting the Indian government and media reports.

“Civilian deaths due to terrorism in the northeast have been declining in recent years, according to Indian government data and a leading independent Indian terrorism expert.

“This variant of Indian terrorism, like Naxalism, attracts little attention from Delhi,” it said.

Terrorism in north-East is Christian terrorism. Small wonder then that it gets so little attention from the Christian half-breed Rahul Gandhi and his puppet government. Neither does Naxalism, which is also totally supported by the church, especially in Orissa, Chattisgarh, Vidharbha and Jharkhand. It is “Hindu terrorism” that is getting the rapt attention of this dishonest Christian retard.


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One response to “Northeast terror not Delhi’s priority: WikiLeaks

  1. amarjeet

    This should be an eye opener for Hindus in Congress, sadly, driven by lust for power (crumbs thrown by Gandhi-Nehru family), these people have even lost the power to talk back. The silence of the so called NextGen of Congress has to be seen to be believed. They are not uncouth but highly educated and intellectually far superior compared to the Clown Prince Retard Gandhi. But what use is the intellect when one does not have the guts to even open his mouth.
    Christian terrorism in the NE India (and spreading) is given a pass which has ailed our country for far too long. To our christians, u started the fight and we will finish it.
    Idea in my head, since ToI-let bombards us day in day out, with gayfest A-man Ki Asha. Our South Asian ‘brothers’ pakis refer to christians as Chudas, so why dont we, in the spirit of brotherhood, refer to our xtians as the same??? Yosef Yohanna, a paki christian, was called a chuda whenever he came for batting till he converted. There was even an ad in paki country for sweepers where xtians were asked to fill up the vacancies. LOL !
    Chuda divas (christmas) is round the corner. ROFLOL

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