CNN-IBN caught faking tweets

These turds in Indian English media will never reform themselves, will they? Even after Barkhagate, they are up to their same old tricks of manipulating public opinion by fudging facts — this shows they treat their viewers and readers as contemptible guinea pigs.

IBN – Using Twitter ID’s which dont exists

I was watching the programme ‘Should Lobbying be Legalised’ a debate chaired and moderated by Rajdeep Sardesai in CNN-IBN’s website. The Programme was aired on 16/12/2010 and was available in the CNN-IBN website. Customarily in such programmes they run Twitter comments to reflect from social media supposedly to show what the public believe and say.  I was appalled to find that these comments were manipulated, i.e. ghost created and run by IBN’s own team, all those dubious comments seem to reflect the sentiments and to show and thrust the fact that people are for ‘LOBBYING’ and they support  ‘LEGALISING LOBBYING’. Please see and read the comments yourself from screenshots of the programme. On suspicion, I crossed checked the twitter handles that were shown in the programme and none were authentic or existing.

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Turd-Desai of IBN apologises after he was caught with his pants down.

An apology for an error
On its ‘India at 9’ programme last night (December 16, 2010) CNN-IBN had posted viewer feedback in course of its debate on whether lobbying should be legalised. This viewer feedback was wrongly attributed to Twitter accounts. We deeply regret the error and apologise for the same.We will take all steps to ensure that this is not repeated.

So what kind of error was it by which CNN-IBN team created fake twitter IDs?


Only one newspaper — the Hindu — has carried this news. The rest have suppressed it. Chor Chor, Mausere Bhai!


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One response to “CNN-IBN caught faking tweets

  1. thanks preeti for unmasking d real face of these pseudo people.they keep making fool of viewers!i always suspected abt d sms poll they conduct,that always seemd to me fabricated,but since i had no prof,i culdnt say anything.but thanks to u for catching them red handed.i had gr8 respect for rajdeep,but i started doubing him when he started defending barkhagate so strongly,now i hav no doubt.
    Gud work. . .all d best preeti,swatipradeep nd all. . . .hope smday they wil realise indian viewer can no longer be foold.

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