Hajj Racism: ‘Dogs and Non-Arabs not Allowed’

Islam a religion of equality? My foot! It is nothing but Arab nationalism in disguise. Here is the proof:

The Hajj and the Apartheid Train: Where Is the Muslim Outrage?

Arabs have a separate train for themselves to reach Hajj sites, while all non-Arabs are shown the board of “No Entry.” Do these non-Arab converts from the world over even realize that by converting to Islam, they are merely carrying Arab nationalism on their shoulders and treating Arabs as the master race of the world? No wonder, the jokers have to bow to the land of the Arabs five times a day regardless of whichever country they live in!



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4 responses to “Hajj Racism: ‘Dogs and Non-Arabs not Allowed’

  1. Azhar

    What biased propganda!!! The Hajj train in its first phase will operate at 35% capacity and will only be open to Saudis and Gulfis. Why would they want south asians riding on the top with their chickens and goats? How many times have people died in hajj due to stampedes? Why would they want to risk it? Non arab muslims and Arab muslims from outside of Saudi can behave like absolute prats in the Hajj, vandalising graves and the prophet’s wife’s walkway. And i am a proud Bengaly muslim and if you dont believe me, i hail from Jogganatpur, Sylthet.

    and guess what, theres racism in every country you go to. At least they dont torture and degrade people based on their caste as set out by an archaic and irrelevent text which you take your man made idols from.

    Consider this; when you give milk to your idol and call it sacred, no human can take that milk from your God. yet flies and insects take it in a blink of an eye, your god cant even stop it.

    I hope Bengalys repudiate all those Hindu practices they have incorporated and follow Islam. The Islam that has never made distinctions based on colour or caste!!

    • Indian Realist

      Dear Azhar Monotheist: Islam makes a great distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims and the non-Muslims have to pay Jazia for the sin of not being Muslims — this is religious racism and seggregation at its worst. Do you marry your women to non-Muslims?

    • Bhushan

      @ Bengaly Muslim Azhar:
      1. What does Allah do when drones bombard your messiahs and France and Switzerland bans minarets and burqas?
      2. Why is Akbar…Owaisi shouting at the top of his voice that “DALIT” muslims must get reservations?

      BTW, this is absolute nonsense: “Consider this; when you give milk to your idol and call it sacred, no human can take that milk from your God. yet flies and insects take it in a blink of an eye, your god cant even stop it.” No Hindu thinks of such crappy ideas that insects must be killed before they “take” the milk offered to God. This nonsense is some sick minded individual’s fantasy.

  2. ravi

    @ Bengaly Muslim Azhar:
    The funfilled Paradise existed only in the fertile imagination of Mohd. Nobody has come back after death to tell us the stories in heaven and hell. Death is THE end. Noting survives death. So what ever happen to me will happen to you also after death. At least don’t kill/harm any one for getting rewards in an imaginary life hereafter.

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