Modi and the Clown Prince

The clown prince has said Narendra Modi is India’s version of Chairman Mao, who ensured some development but also indulged in an orgy of violence and destruction. Here is an interesting perspective on this retard Rahul Gandhi who apparently is being advised by that another joker, Digvijay Singh:

Rahul Mao and Modi Zedong

Did you notice how the media is downplaying this very important peice of news:

Modi free of riot charges
SIT clears Narendra Modi of wilfully allowing post-Godhra riots

Contrast this with the shrilness with which Modi was hounded by the congress stooges in the media (Barkha, Singhvi, etc.), and how some Congressmen lobbied with the US embassy to deny Modi a visa. Are these charlatans going to apologise now to the man?


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