Vatican in World Politics

Interesting E-book:


It offers many lessons for us as I can clearly see this devlish institution beginning to make its moves in India. These days it is busy sponsoring Christian symbols and names in Indian TV serials and Bollywood movies. Look carefully for these symbols and you will start spotting them–a cross around someone’s neck, a cross on someone’s jacket, a cross painted in the background, Christian names of servants and neighbours and even actors … The idea is to soften Hindus for Christianity.

This kind of thing (inserting your products into a movie or TV programmes) is called Product Placement — it is banned in many countries including the UK, but it is free for all in India. Theoretically, ISI can pay Indian TV producers to put pakistani flags in the background of all their scenes, and there is no law that can stop this. Vatican is currently betting big on product placements in India. This “spiritual institution” seems to have an army of psychologists at its disposal which advises it on social engineering in pagan countries.



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4 responses to “Vatican in World Politics

  1. naresh

    The politics of division is characteristic of the whole of south Asia. The lack of wisdom on the part of a criminalised political class and the subservience to anti national movements sponsored by the west is the cause of the major issues that is facing all the countries of South Asia. The catholic church that is one of the major institutions that have propagated violence in South Asia By instigating the training and financing of tamil terrorists is getting more and more powerful.
    This was my first reaction upon hearing of “Alex Paul Menon’s” (the district collector of Sukma in Chhattisgarh)alleged abduction. The Maoists are unlikely to harm Menon because he is a Christian, the intelligence guru(a former Intelligence Bureau chief ) felt.
    I fear that the christists are stage managing bogus abductions across the hinterland and securing the release of the most dangerous Maoist terrorists.
    A case in point was the abduction of the two Italian “tourists” in Kandhamal/ Gajapati region of Odisha. The region is not particularly well known for tourism, even domestically. It is better known for widespread conversion activities, murder of Hindu monks and interference by Europeans in the judicial process.
    The Italian “tourists” have as much credbility as the American “hikers” who wandered across from Iraq into a mountainous area in Iran. In their case, the Iranian mullah regime’s label of CIA agents appears more plausible.
    The Italian “tourists” may have been direct agents of the Vatican itself, sent personally by Ratzy to execute his diabolical plan.

    • som

      You won’t find these “Maoists” attacked X’tian plantation owners in Kerala, even though they have essentially impregnated a whole generation of exploited tribals in Wyanad. In fact, the mainstream Marxists go out of their way to suppress the tribals there who stand for their rights.

      The nexus between the Abrahamics is something to behold.

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