Islam Debate: Zeba Khan & Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Islam Debate: Zeba Khan & Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Seven-part debate on Islam available on YouTube. Great stuff!



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8 responses to “Islam Debate: Zeba Khan & Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  1. Anonymous

    Assault on India ****** Now See this Matter*********
    issionaries are systematically targeting specific regions of India in hopes of converting the entire nation to their brand of fanatic Christianity. Below is a detailed look into their designs and plans.

    Figure 1 – “The Hindu Belt”
    Figure 1 above displays the percentage of Hindus in each state in India, where red has the highest concentration and yellow is the lowest. The central states of Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (red) have the highest percentage of Hindus and are what missionaries have labeled as “The Hindu Belt”. The church has aims to eliminate Hinduism believes the entire population of India can be converted to Christianity if this region is converted first. In fact, the church has deemed that the “Evangelization of the Hindu belt of India may be the greatest single challenge in world evangelization today.” Below we will go take a further look into how the church is furiously working to achieve this goal and destroy the religious identity of India.

    Figure 2 – “Church Planting and Workers”
    The left diagram in Figure 2 shows the areas which the church has decided to target for “church planting” or the building of churches for conversion purposes. The diagram on the right shows the areas which the church has decided to place missionaries in. Yellow represents a low priority for the church while red represents a high priority. As we can see these maps are almost identical to Figure 1 which implies that they are heavily planning to target the areas with high concentrations of Hindu population.
    Also we can notice that in Figure 2, the church has some areas that are redder on the right diagram than on the left. This indicates that churches have already been built in those areas, but missionaries are not available to convert the local population. This is true because on average in India for every 8 churches there is only one missionary or pastor. This is an outright proof that churches are being built in India, not to satisfy the needs of the existing Christian population, but rather to provoke and convert the non-Christian population.

    Figure 3- Christian Population of India
    Figure 3 shows the distribution of the Christian population of India. Note that the highest concentration of Christians is in the south in the states of Kerala and Goa, where many were forcibly converted by Portuguese and British Missionaries centuries ago. In addition, also note that the Northeastern wing of India is dark red due to conversions by Missionaries over the past decade. This map is from a 1991 survey, however, a currently survey is likely to show an near complete red region in the Northeast due to the forced conversion of local population by Christian terrorist groups.
    We can also observe that there are lesser but noticeable areas of Christians along the south and eastern coasts of India in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka and Orissa. These are the areas of India that under currently being targeted the most by missionaries.

    Figure 4 – The Two Fronts
    Based on the trends and data accumulated from the previous maps, we can conclude that church has effectively launched two major fronts to target the “Hindu Belt”, the heartland of India. One front is being launched from the missionary stronghold of Kerala up through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh towards Orissa. The other front is coming from the Christian majority Northeast through West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar also towards Orissa. We can notice that these two fronts converge on the “Hindu Belt”.

    Figure 5 – The Santal Tribe
    In fact, the Church has already begun its attack on the “Hindu Belt”. Missionaries from the Northeast front are currently attempting to convert the 4,800,000 people of the Hindu Santal tribe by exploiting their impoverished situation. The Santals are spread through Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkand and Orissa. Missionaries are hoping to convert this innocent tribe to gain access into areas with large Hindu populations such as Orissa.

    Figure 6 – Siege of Orissa
    Missionaries have also begun to target Orissa in particular because a large portion of the Hindu population is comprised of tribals who are distanced from mainstream Hinduism. There have also been many reports of “Christian Persecution” in Orissa by Western media such as the death of Missionary Graham Staines. However, Western media never reports that this violence upon Christians is provoked and instigated by the systematic attempts to destroy the religion of Hindus and other members of the local population.

    Figure 7 – Indigenous Missionaries
    One of the most effective strategies that Missionaries have employed is to create indigenous missionaries. Indigenous missionaries can relate to the local population and also are not faced with visa restrictions. As seen above, the church is attempting to brainwash the Santal peoples into being indigenous missionaries to indoctrinate the local population as well. Figure 7 shows the amount of indigenous missionaries in India each year. The Christian onslaught of India can be noticed by the simple fact that India has more indigenous missionaries than any other country in the world. The graph above shows that the number of indigenous missionaries has increased nearly four-fold in less than a decade to 44,000 indigenous missionaries!
    If the statistical trends above continue, India seems doomed to become a Christian nation. However, with coordinated efforts by the citizens and government of India, we can stop these sinister designs of missionaries and hope that India can remain to be a bastion of true religious freedom.

  2. asdf

    Better than being converted to islam!

  3. Nanu Asari

    Very gratifying to read the success of Christian missionaries. Surely, there is hope yet for India. Whereever Christianity spreads there is progress, enlightenment and properity.

    • Indian Realist

      There is also Inquisition, genocide, slavery, burning of witches, colonialism and persecution of scientists who refuse to believe that sun goes around the earth.

  4. inrealisation

    Christianity is a real threat. Stop conversions now. It is based on ‘my religion better than yours’. Don’t succumb to the pressures of the Christian missionaries. In Africa they gave the Bible and took away the land. The same in the Philippines. Where is progress in those countries? India should never fall for this death cult.

  5. Truth Will Prevail

    Both Xtians and Muslims are known for persecuting anything that does not go with their hate chapters. But not all of them are hypocrites. Many of them are so hypocritical that they break their own commandments. They don’t honor their father and mother. They don’t refrain from killing. They don’t refrain from stealing resources and (bribing). They want their neighbors property. Taking over tribal lands etc. We can’t blame just them. Some Hindus are doing the same? Atleast we have laws in India that protects tribal lands and culture. Gandhi said it perfectly. “You Christians are so different from your Christ” With Muslims, they want to convert everyone to Islam. This is not normal religion. This is a disease. If Hindus were to go around converting people to Hinduism, then we are no different from them. We are too liberal to let that happen. Examples of Hindu tolerance and liberal attitudes is the sight of many Buddhists, Jainists, Sikh, Islamic, and Christian places of worship. This tolerance is not found in the Middle east or Rome or in any communist country. Compared to them the rest of Europe are tolerant. Never take tolerance to be weakness. There is a limit to tolerance.

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