Anti-Hindu agenda of Congress

Holes in ATS story expose plot to implicate RSS man

Ever wondered why the moment Congress comes to power in a state, “Hindu terrorists,” especially from RSS, suddenly begun to be found by police agencies directly under the control of Congressmen? And Arjun Singh, Digvijay Singh, Rahul Gandhi and other such anti-Hindu traitors begun shouting that RSS is equal to SIMI and should be banned?

These old farts and the  half-white Rajkumar are all agents of mosque and church, and Hindus should be very careful of these people and the Congress party. The church is exerting tremendous pressure on Sonia Gandhi to get RSS banned after declaring it as a terrorist organisation. This is because RSS is the biggest Indian force that is thwarting church’s attempts to Christianise India and decimate the Hindus.

What never ceases to amaze me is that there still exist millions of Hindu jokers who continue to vote for the Congress party when it does not even pretend to represent Hindu interests and in fact makes no bones about its hostility to the Hindus. As somebody rightly said, Hindus are willing partners in their own persecution and actively connive with their oppressors to get themselves persecuted in their own land. Is there any cure for these type of Hindus?



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2 responses to “Anti-Hindu agenda of Congress

  1. A

    > Is there any cure for these type of Hindus?

    Yes. These guys will be shot by their congi handlers once they have supported the complete decimation of sane hindus.

    So, they will be wiped out, but only after all right thinking hindus have been decimated first.

    Unless of course right thinking hindus wake up and liquidate these vermin. little to no chance of that happening, though.

  2. Santosh Gaikwad

    To make Hindu Religion Grow stronger never Vote Congress

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