Why Christians kidnap children

Kidnapping pagan children seems to be a thriving industry run by Christian NGOs. Children are being kidnapped from all over India for making them Xians. Here is the latest example:

28 children kidnapped from Leh rescued in Jammu, 6 arrested

Twenty-eight children hailing from Leh were rescued here by police and six members of an NGO were arrested for allegedly kidnapping them for “religious conversion”, a senior official said on Sunday.

“Twenty-eight children of Leh, below 14 years of age, who had been forcibly brought here by an NGO with the view to convert them to Christianity, were rescued by the police from a hostel here yesterday,” the police officer told PTI.

While six members of the NGO ‘Sunehara Kal’ have been arrested, three others are absconding, police said, adding, a case of kidnapping has been registered against them under various sections of the IPC.

The children, 24 boys and four girls, were rescued after a police team carried out a raid at the hostel taken on rent by NGO at Dograhall area of the city, police said.

The six arrested persons have been identified as Vikas Sharma (Chairman of the NGO), Ranjana Sharma, Bua David and Sukhdev Masih, Gagandeep Singh (General Secretary) and his wife Meenakshi (Manager), police said.

After initially being taken into police custody, the children have been shifted to the state government’s Ladakh hostel on the direction of the state Juvenile Board from where they will be handed over to their parents and the Ladakh Buddhist Association.

According to police, the members of the NGO went to Leh and distributed aid such as blankets among the victims of the cloudburst. Later, they forcibly shifted the children here about a fortnight ago with a view to convert them.

Police had recorded statements of the parents of some of the children before the court in which they had stated that their children had been taken away without their consent.

Some members of the NGO were also involved earlier in conversions for which a case had been registered against them, police said.



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8 responses to “Why Christians kidnap children

  1. S

    Christian cultists have been kidnapping children in India ever since “Mother” Teresa set up her headquarters here. It is very easy to brainwash children and this is why they are brought up as fundamentalist christian missionary terrorists, and used to propagate this cult. Just look at what is happening in the USA, christian fundamentalists are trying to teach christian creationism in schools. Now the fundies have started keeping Hindu names to fool the general public. I am of the opinion that we should have capital punishment for missionary terrorists, as these people and their cults have a horrific past of genocide across continents.

  2. VoP

    Sex, lies and money in the church

    It was midnight. Fr Jose George could not sleep because there was no fan in his room. Jose knocked on Anna Jacob’s door. When she opened it, he told her he could not sleep. She invited him inside, because there was a fan

  3. VoP

    12 year old ‘Sunday School’ girl murdered, IG interrogates priests


  4. VoP

    Murder of 13 year old girl – Arrest Sunday school director, demands Joint Christian Council
    06/11/2010 13:36:47 HK

    Kochi: Joint Christian Council demanded the arrest of those responsible for the murder of Sunday School student Shreya , who was murdered by Sunday School authorities. The Council demanded the arrest of the responsible Father of the Sunday School and Sunday School Director.On the same day morning before the reporting of Shreya’s death, Sunday School director and Seminary students who mysteriously left the place has been revealed now. Untill now investigative agencies have not questioned these people and warned of intensifying protests if Crime branch continue it’s passive attitude.


  5. The collaboration between Maoists and Evangelical Christian outfits must be understood within this broad goal of engaging above the ground outfits that pursue advocacy on behalf of below the ground terrorists.

    It is also interesting to note that the Evangelicals who bat for Maoist Terrorists do so under inoccuous secular sounding banners like the “Adivasi Mahasabha” or the “Cordillera Peoples Alliance”.

    A brilliant exposition of how the Radical Communist outfits have infiltrated Church based groups in the Phillippines can be found here.

    The radicalization of elements in the Catholic Church beginning in the late 1960s provided another avenue for the expansion of CPP front operations. Recognizing how the church’s unparalleled credibility and extensive infrastructure could benefit the revolution, the communists made the Catholic Church a primary target.

    The party established a front, Christians for National Liberation, in 1972 with the express purpose of penetrating the church. In 1986 an activist claimed that Christians for National Liberation had a clandestine membership of over 3,000 clergy and layworkers.

    Radical clergy and church activists, many adopting liberation theology , supported the insurgency in a variety of ways. Some church activities even provided facilities and financial and logistical support to the guerrillas.

    Other church activists joined the NPA, and several well-known priests led guerrilla bands. As a result, the armed forces became deeply distrustful of the church’s role, especially in remote rural areas where the NPA was most active.

    There, some of the Church’s Basic Christian Communities–support groups for poor peasants–fell under communist control

    This same story also brings to light the so called nexus with “civil society” groups in Phillippines.

    Another prominent target of CPP front operations was the workers’ movement .The communists’ flagship labor front was the Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement–KMU). An umbrella organization formed in 1980, the KMU claimed 19 affiliated labor federations, hundreds of unions, and 650,000 workers in 1989. Although it denied its ties to the CPP, the movement had an openly political and revolutionary agenda

    Norma Binas who is a leader of the Kilusang Mayo Uno incidentally was the main Keynote speaker at Mumbai Resistance- MR-2004 that saw above ground Maoist sympathisers including the Filipino Cordillera Alliance collaborate in India.

    The CPP is of particular importance to us due to this report that members of CPP who escape from Phillippines are in India training Maoists.

    The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is not only thriving, it is exporting its cadres to train Maoist insurgents in India, according to reports reaching the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

    A DFA senior official, who asked not to be named saying he did not want to preempt an official reaction from the agency, said the Philippine government was expecting an official request from New Delhi for help in tracking down the CPP members in India.

    Indian media reports over the weekend said two suspected Naxalites recently arrested in the western Indian state of Gujarat had confessed to their police interrogators that CPP members had been training them in guerrilla warfare.

    This is the first time that the CPP—Southeast Asia’s longest-lived communist insurgent group—has been reported to have engaged in such training activities overseas.

    The CPP was founded in 1968 by English teacher Jose Maria Sison, who is now 71 and lives in exile in the Netherlands.

    Military officials say that the CPP has become irrelevant since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The officials say that the CPP’s armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), is nothing more than a bandit group engaged in blackmail and extortion.

    The daily Indian Express described as “startling” the revelation that international Maoist groups were involved in arms training.

    One such training took place in the forests of the southwestern state of Kerala, according to the suspects.

    Police based in Gujarat’s Surat district who conducted the arrests said that the Naxalites were operating among landless tribal farmers in the neighboring Dang district.

    The DFA official said it was possible that the CPP members who went to India came from Europe, saying most Filipinos who go to India are businessmen.

    It is clear from connecting the dots above that there is a deliberate modus operandi at work in Maoist affected Tribal areas to replicate the Filipino model of targeting Church organisations for their credibility and the cover they provide.

    All Evangelical activity in Tribal areas must be immediately put under the scanner to determine what kind of overt and covert support is being provided by them to Maoist Terrorists including alleged Military Training by filipino groups.

  6. VoP

    Christian Indian orphanage manager William D’Souza served as pimp, supplied Hindu children to satisfy lust of British Catholic pedophiles




  7. achuthan

    ” Vikas Sharma (Chairman of the NGO), Ranjana Sharma and Sukhdev Masih, Gagandeep Singh (General Secretary) and his wife Meenakshi (Manager), police said”

    These are all typical hindu names. How come?.

    • Indian Realist

      Well, politician Ambika Soni, sportsman Mahesh Bhupati and Orissa head of World Vision Radhakant Nayak also carry Hindu names, but they are all Christians.

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