Arrest Arundhati Roy

Recieved this press release over email:


Arundhati Roy’s statement at a seminar in New Delhi on October 21, 2010, where the Maoists hosted Kashmiri secessionist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, that Kashmir should get Azadi (freedom) from “bhookhe-nange Hindustan” is not only highly offensive and repulsive but also borders on treachery to the nation that has given her high living standard, high quality education and social status. This sinister statement is actuated by a diabolical intent designed to incite violence, support insurgency in the Valley, encourage Islamic terrorism and consequently destabilize and destroy India from within.

It is a well known fact that India’s economy is growing at the rate of 8-9% a year. As a result, there is more than 300 million solid Indian middle class – roughly equivalent to the population of USA. The number of millionaires in US dollars in India crossed 100,000 in 2007 (Financial Express) and is increasing approximately at the rate of 20% a year. There are 69 US dollar billionaires in India (Forbes). As of today, India government has 287 billion US dollars in its treasury. Indian billionaires are shopping for Islands in the Caribbean and buying long term dollar bonds in USA. The center of economic gravity is slowly shifting towards India.

The above facts debunk the depressing theories expounded by Arundhati Roy, and shatter to pieces the myth that India is a “bhookha-nanga Hindustan”. On the contrary, India has become the third largest economic power in the world. In addition, the Indian economy will approach the $2 trillion mark in 2011-12, according to an assessment made by the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC)! It is disgraceful that this demented Far Left lady is indulging in false propaganda to malign India and tarnish her image.

Arundhati Roy is the primary incubator of violent Maoism and barbaric jihad in the country. This woman is completely frustrated at the economic rise of India and the consequent total discrediting of flawed Marxist theories of development. Her spiteful acts of denigration and demonization of her country and her hate of everything Indian is unfathomable. This woman is spreading the totalitarian ideology which can spell disaster and doom with cataclysmic effect. She is sapping our civilizational self-confidence, weakening our ability and will to resist those jihadists. She deserves to be buried in an avalanche of opprobrium.

Far Left loonies like Arundhati Roy have considerably lost their influence in the eyes of the Indian public. This Marxist demagogue is looking for cheap publicity by making shocking and sensational statements in support of fissiparous anti-national forces who want to tear apart India. However, Indian people have great natural shrewdness; they know how to appraise such false propaganda.

In this connection, it should also be noted that in 1947 India was mutilated and devastated by her indigenous Muslims who could not tolerate, or live in peace, with the Hindus. They threatened civil war if they did not get a big slice of territory to create an Islamic republic; and finally succeeded in vivisecting India in two parts.

India will never allow any further division of the country come what may!

Arundhati Roy is actually a Christian fundamentalist who hides her hatred of India and Hindus behind a veneer of Marxism. It is about time she was put in jail to put her out of her misery. The problem however is that there is a very strong constituency within Congress’ top leadership which patronises these type of traitors and Maoist sympathisers.



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5 responses to “Arrest Arundhati Roy

  1. S

    The full name of Arundhati Roy is Suzanne Arundhati Roy and she is a relative of Prannoy James Roy, owner of NDTV that makes anti-Hindu serials and spreads pro-christian and muhammadan propaganda.

  2. Kuldeep

    She is a christian terrorist who supports naxal terrorism. Such person should be arrested for desh droh but our Puppet PM MMS and Real PM Sonia protect such gutter people. Also, it is shameful that Indian Americans are saying this but we are wringing our hands. This stupidity can only happen if the RPM Sonia allow it. Her NAC is full of such lowlives who should never be near power centers.

  3. JGN

    Arundhati Roy is no doubt a Christian but here name is not “Suzanne Arundhati Roy” but ony Arundhati Roy. She is the daughter of Mary Roy who fought a case right up to the SC of India for enforcement of her right over parental property. It is a well known “case law” in India. Of course her views are extreme.

  4. S

    JGN have you seen her passport and the name that she has on it ?

  5. nitu

    Despite massacres, not everyone in India regards the Maoists with horror. One such apologist is the talented and articulate novelist Arundhati Roy who has, since her Booker Prize-winning 1997 novel “The God of Small Things,” focused on bigger things, rambling 19,500-word essay published in Outlook magazine in India and the Guardian newspaper.
    The piece was headlined “Gandhi, but with guns.”
    The comparison is obscene.
    Maoists want an articulate messenger, and Ms Roy fulfils that role.
    A Gandhian with a gun is as absurd as a Maoist pacifist.
    Like Maoists elsewhere, they are brutal. They conduct show-trials, sometimes executing the people they find guilty; they use improvised explosive devices and land mines; and they appear to use child soldiers.
    Since 2006, their attacks have become audacious, targeting police stations, power lines, schools and trains.
    They have not spared civilians and other “class enemies” who in their view collaborate with the state.

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