The joker speaks again

This guy is really a cartoon straight out of a comic book.

India should not have hosted Games, says Aiyar
October 17, 2010 2:18:19 PM

IANS | New Delhi

Congress MP and former sports minister Mani Shankar Aiyar, the most vocal critic of the Commonwealth Games, still insists that India should not have hosted the mega sporting event.

But he made it clear in an interview to CNN-IBN that his criticism of the Commonwealth Games “has nothing to do with the Indian athlete”.

“My criticism has to do with fundamental moral values and national pride. I asked then and I ask the question now: had Mahatma Gandhi been alive, would he have agreed to light the lamp to inaugurate this Games event? The answer is no!,” Aiyar said.

“We are in a country where 47 percent of the children under five years of age suffer from malnutrition because nine out of 10 pregnant women are suffering from anaemia. We have one of the highest infant mortality rates,” he said.

“Yet on this Games, if you take both, the relative expenditure has gone up by four times than the annual budget of the annual rural health mission,” he added.

“Is this the way we should use our resources? Secondly, if we do have such resources, why are we not deploying them and providing sports facilities for our children,,” he asked.

Aiyar pointed out that 95 percent of Indian children have no access to sports training. “Instead of making a nation of sportspersons, we are converting ourselves into sports organisers.”

He reiterated that he was not against sports per se — or athletes.

“My criticism is never ever with Indian athletes… In this game they have won (medals) not because they are provided with special facilities as a home team. They won… (despite) the incompetence of our sports officials and others connected with the organising committee,” he said.

The former minister said he was not going to criticise anyone by name for the shoddy preparations to the Games which came in for international criticism.

“I have never said anything wrong against Mr Kalmadi (Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi) and I am not going to say any word against Mr Kalmadi. I want the investigation promised by the PM (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) to take place with all deliberate speed and outcome and those who are held guilty by the investigation should be given strong punishment by the PM,” he said.

“For the rest, I just say we should push the comprehensive sports policy which I made during my tenure as sports minister.” he said.

Asked whether the inquiry will reach to the “core of corruption” in the Commonwealth Games organisation, Aiyar said: “I have no idea at all. There are many investigations in India. They don’t get into the bottom… and they take deliberately very long time. But I think we should stick to natural principle of justice.”

Aiyar said: “The ultimate expenditure according to the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) in 2009 is 1,014 times more than the estimate given. Somebody needs to look into incompetence and inefficiency.”

He admitted that he was also personally being accused of delaying things. “I will be very happy to subject myself to this investigation,” he added.

The Congress leader felt India should never again host an event of this magnitude until such time the sporting and training facilities and adequate nutrition for children could be provided.

Aiyar, a vehement critic of the high cost of the Commonwealth Games, had left Delhi during the 12-day event which concluded Oct 14. India made a record haul of 101 medals in the Delhi Games.

Moral values and national pride, eh? What happened to Aiyar’s moral values and national pride when he was collecting money for Chinese soldiers in 1962? The joker deserved to be shot for treason. Instead, Congress made him a minister!! It seems treason has become fashionable in India.



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2 responses to “The joker speaks again

  1. CM Ray

    i agree 100% with Manishankar and i dont see any jokes in his wise words..Fundamental moral responsibility of the rulers is to provide safety n food to the needy and to impartially punish the currupts n criminals in the country. While many international surveys/indices (apart from the domestic appraisals of the real India) are indicating the worst food crisis, energy crisis, curruption, unemployment/underemployment, the urban educated middle class is made to believe that we are just on the brink of becoming a global superpower. A nation’s real power and pride should sprout from its physically and psychologically healthy citizens, from its meaningful decentralization & democratization of politico economic autonomy and 100% self-sufficiency to its villages. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t organize any international sporting event until we achieve the real national pride. But wastage of resources is what really must concern us–when an international games village was lying unused at Hyderabad i don’t see any wisdom in constructing a new venue at Delhi again. Those who’ve taken this decision are the real jokers to begin with..and then Kalmadi is the best joker who played many p.j s with public money, escalating the estimates and expenditure, yet he failed in making up to the mark preparations, inviting negative criticism from all quarters. Our people are happy though looking at the medals tally. But when we read the inspiring success stories of most of our medal winning athletes–they depict the grave scenario of our sporting facilities at grassroots as well as our people’s indifference or apathy towards their children’s (especially their daughters’) ambitions to take up sports as a career.
    We must first focus on the real issues that Mani pointed out before erecting another sports edifice at Kolkata or Mumbai may be for an Olympics/Asiad. I dont know much about the said fund raising by him for the benifit of our “Chini Bhai”s who’ve been consistently backstabbing us! No doubt its unforgivable stupidity, but may be that’s due to his belief in the most popular Indian joke of last century viz. Panchasheela, marketed aggressively by ‘Pandit’ Dove Ji, his PM back then.
    Author of the above article seems to be another joker to me who has evaluated mani’s stance on a current issue based only on his misdeeds done 48 years ago.

  2. Bharat

    @ CM Ray,
    “who has evaluated mani’s stance on a current issue based only on his misdeeds done 48 years ago.”
    What about Aiyer’s love for ‘pukistan’??

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