Stink of treason from Osmania University

Read this article in Deccan Chronicle:

Mahishasura was king, not demon: Dalits

Mahishasura is usually seen as a cruel demon killed by Goddess Durga, but Dalit research scholars of Osmania University have strongly opposed this saying that he was actually a Dalit king killed by Aryans.

The scholars have urged the Dalit community not to celebrate Dasara since it lauds the killing of Mahishasura and portrays him as a demon.

In fact, activists of Dalit Shakti have decided to make Mahishasura their icon.

They put up a larger-than-life cutout of Mahishasura in the OU campus, garlanded him and also offered prayers.

Dalit Shakti has also decided to oppose Diwali celebrations in the present form and is getting ready to explain the “real” story behind it to the masses.

It seems Osmania University has become a den of anti-Hinduism organized by the church. Notice the connections. Rabid Hindu-hater Kanchan Illiah is employed by this university. Deccan Chronicle is owned by a Christian — and the story appears right on top on the front page of the paper.  The rantings of a few paid-for “Dalit researchers” becomes the voice of the “Dalits” in general, according to the story’s headline. Church is also angling for a separate Telangana state (which can be controlled by Maoists bankrolled by the church). And guess which is the hub of all protests in favour of Telangana? That’s right — it is the Osmania University. This means missionaries have infiltrated this university as part of their project of Christianising Andhra, and are bankrolling its professors to orchestrate the Telangana and Dalit campaigns. The lynchpin of this entire operation in the university seems to be Kanchan Illiah (an anti-Hindu Christian who operates under the false identity of a Dalit activist).

Here is more from the same paper — its Christian owner seems to be on a roll today, frothing at the mouth to hit the pagans.

Dasara has pro-Aryan bias: Scholars

Hyderabad, Oct. 16: Dalit research scholars in OU are up in arms against portrayal of Dalit kings like ‘Mahishasura’ as evil characters in mythology with pro-Aryan bias and thereby justifying their killing as necessary.

“Not just Mahishasura but several other kings like Ravana, Narakasura, and Bali Chakravarthy were killed by invaders, who projected them as demons and began to celebrate their fall terming it a victory of good over evil,” said Mr Visharadan, president of Dalit Shakti.

“It was a mischief of Aryans,” he added. “They killed the local kings and painted them as demons. It’s like the case of Saddam Hussein of Iraq. We have appealed to all Dalits, STs and minorities not to celebrate Dasara as killing of Mahishasura.”

Mr Visharadan and other research scholars have also penned songs in praise of Mahishasura as a Dalit king who fought the Aryans and went down fighting.

“There are distortions in puranas,” he said. “Some of the local kings who lost battles became demons. History has been distorted by some to suit their needs.”

However, Mr Padmanabha Sharma, a Vedic Pandit, differed with the scholars, and pointed out that Dasara was celebrated as victory of good over evil and should not be seen from a narrow caste angle.

“There was no caste in that era,” he said. “Mahishasura was a king and kings may also be wrongdoers or cruel.”

According to one story in mythology, Mahishasura’s father Rambha was the king of the Asuras who fought battles with Devas. He fell in love with a water buffalo (Princess Shyamala, who became a buffalo because of a curse). Mahishasura was born out of this union.Because of this, he could change into human and buffalo form at will.

Mahishasura was great bhakta of Brahma who granted him a boon that he could not be defeated in battle by any man or god. So his nemesis had to appear in the form of Durga.



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36 responses to “Stink of treason from Osmania University

  1. Bharat

    churches are actively promoting these kind of activities all over India.
    In Kerala recently an organisation called Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM) has started. Curious thing is they too are opposed to the hindu religious customs.

  2. Kuldeep

    This is muslim hatred of Hinduism in the open not merely in the books as taught to these bigots by Paedophile Mohammed. Kandha harijan ka istemaal karke goliyaan chala rahe hain, buzdil namak-haraam katuas. See Mr Padmanabha Sharma, a Vedic Pandit answered sensibly that there was no caste in that era but this does not fit into the agenda of the dalits turned sahityakaars whose bread and butter is playing victim. Some Harijans like Chandrabhand Prasad see caste everywhere, jokers like him spread hate but forget hate begets hate.

  3. VoP

    Hindu youth barbarically executed (‘Taliban-style’) by Muslims in Kerala

    Youth executed ‘Taliban-style’ in Kerala

    Ananthakrishnan G, TNN, Oct 20, 2010

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Six months after the mysterious death of a Dalit youth in Kannur district of Kerala, police have confirmed that he was in fact brutally tortured for hours.

    The death evoked widespread criticism with some terming it “Taliban-style execution by Islamic fundamentalists” and seeking a NIA probe. Eight of the 13 accused have been arrested and charged with “attempt to commit culpable homicide and abetment of suicide”. Investigating officer P Sadanandan said, “The accused are Popular Front of India activists, a Muslim radicals group.”

    But PFI’s Kerala president Naseeruddin Elamaram said he was not aware of the case. He said it had become a practice to associate any Muslim, who was arrested, with the outfit and added it was part of a conspiracy.

    The body of Vineesh, a casual labourer, was found hanging from the terrace of a lodge in Poythumkadavu in Kannur on April 17 this year. There were 22 brutal injury marks on the body.

    The veins had been punctured both in his hands and legs and a lot of blood had oozed out revealing, what Dalit activists claim, was chillingly high level of planning and precision by the assailants.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Kerala Hindus are enjoying the benefits of consistently voting communists and Congress to power and shunning every formation which represents Hindu interests.

    • Dr I. Avinash

      Actually why dalit movement is being compared with Muslims, whenever any dalit talks about his right some clever people start start talking irrelevantly about Hinduism, patriotism and terrorism. When dalits are massacred in UP,Bihar and Kandhamal no Hindu think that they are humans or Indians or Hindus. Only when somebody tries to help dalits that person is considered as anti Hindu. Regarding history it is very clear that there was castism in Ramayana and Mahabharat also vedik pandits should read something about Karna (why he was rejected by pandavas and Dronacharya), Eklavya, Shabari and so on. Also in our anciant history it clearly mentioned abut the invasion of Arayans from Persia and Hitler also thought and behaved as a typical Aryan ( similar to Parshuram who killed all kshatriyas in those days as like Hitler did with Jues). This has been also mentioned by BC Pandit Mahatma Jyotirao Phule in his book ‘Gulamgiri’. According to Swami Vivekanand those who were staying beyond rever Shindu were called as hindus in the history and that why Aryans should not be considered as Hindus. Real Hindus are we the Dravidians and the time has come to get our freedom from the ancient invaders. That shoul.d be called as real Hindu movement

      • VoP

        Dr. ISSAC Avinash,

        Yo fool! Get a life! There is no aryans/dravidians – it’s a game played by church to divide Hindus. Christians hiding behind converted names like you are a threat to world peace. After killing billions during crusades for 1000 years, exterminating 70 million native americans in US/Canada and millions all across 6 continents Christians are upto extermination of Hindus now. All because of your belief that some dead arab on a stick is your God!?

        • VoP

          All because of your belief that some dead arab on a stick is your God and he is sole route to heaven and rest are condemned to hell!? what kind of God is that?

        • Dr I Avinash

          Dear vop, You are hiding behind name, Vop is u’r real neme? Your language creats a dout whether u are Hindu or not. See as I mentioned earlier the fanatics like u starts thinking that whoever tries to help dalits (whom you call hindus) canot be hindu God swear I am real Hindu (unlike u who talk the big and tourcher their own people in the name of caste) kshatriya once served in RSS but there only I understood the policy of Bramins, how they will utilise others in the name of rashtrabhakti and hinduism. That is the reason uptill now no nonbramin could become sarsanghachalak. You require to read the history of Mohenjodado, Harrappa, Porunthal u will not get single evidance of presence of any Aryan culture over there, the language written on the pottery is in a Tamil script. You read history and discuss the archeological evindences on net otherwise I think there is no point in reading Bible in front of donkey.

          • sanjaychoudhry

            If you are a real Hindu, then why are you frothing at the mouth? Gandhi did more than anyone to uplift the so-called Dalits. Did he shriek and beat his chest like you “dalit helpers”?

            BTW, Dalit is an artificial word first coined by a Christian NGO from Maharashtra to give some bunch of Hindus a common identity and then cleverly pit them against fellow Hindus in hostility and hatred. Your usage of this word again and again shows how clueless you are about machinations of the White Man’s church.

            • VoP

              > I think there is no point in reading Bible in front of donkey.

              “When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.” — Jomo Kenyatta

              • JGN

                VoP, the above quote is of Bishop Desmond Tutu. In his own words: “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land”.

                • VoP

                  Actually there are 2 slightly varying versions attributed to both, but it was slightly better said by Kenya’s first prime Minister. So I thought…

      • VikramAditya

        @ Dr. I. Avinash,

        I left a link for you in a recent comment, here it is again

        please spend a month or so, in reading the post related to VEDAS.

        There is no denying the facts about caste based discrimination as you have mentioned. It is very unfortunate that this is still continuing in our society.

        But this is all man made and has no bearings as per the teachings of Vedas.

        Your reference to caste based discrimination in Ramayana and Mahabharata although correct. But all these are later day adulteration of these scriptures. For eg. Original Mahabharata supposedly had around 10,000 verses, but the version we have now has in excess of hundred thousand.

        Please visit and read Q*A

        In fact all the scriptures should be tallied and studied in line with the unchangeable VEDAS.

        No wonder, Bharitye civilization have gone down from hero to zero in the last 2000 years or so.

        But rather than talking negatively of separate state, and showing discouragement in everything, this country and society expects much more positivity out of an educated Doctor Sahab.

        If educated people like you talk like this, then what can one expect from Zakir Naalayak trained Muslim youths.


        However rather than taking a stand to uproot this evil from our society, you suggest of breaking, what kind of Doctrate do you have.

        But what possibility is there that the Ramayan and Mahabharata known today was indeed

  4. VoP

    More designs by Christian Terrorists!!!

    Anti-Hindu Media conjures fake dispute over Bhojan Mata from Dalit Community in Mussoorie

    Parents blame it on Principal
    Dispute over Bhojan Mata from Dalit Community
    Ajay Ramola
    Mussoorie, July 22, 2010

    The dispute over the appointment of a Bhojan Mata from the Dalit community, reports of which appeared in the media, has been blown out of proportion. This was stated by parents of students studying in Government Inter College at Gharkhet at a press conference held at the Press Club here yesterday.

    The parents alleged that the dispute was blown out of proportion due to nefarious designs of college Principal Ram Prasad Kannaujia. They said there was no dispute among students from upper castes that they had refused to eat the food prepared by a Dalit Bhojan Mata in the school under the mid-day meal scheme as reported in a section of the media.
    Senior BJP leader and former pradhan of the region Rajendar Singh Rawat said the whole dispute was unnecessary and was the brainchild of the the Principal. Kannaujia levelled false allegations that the upper caste students were not eating the food prepared by Bhojan Mata Soni Devi, who was a Dalit. Rawat said the parents had levelled several charges of corruption and financial misappropriation against the Principal earlier, hence to divert people’s attention on that he created such a controversy in front of the media.
    Rawat also said the real issue was that on July 12 as it was raining incessantly students could not eat the meal prepared by Soni. The next day when they came to know the news flashed in the media that the upper caste students were not eating the meal prepared by Soni they all went in the school and ate the meal to prove that no such discrimination on caste was prevalent among them.
    The villagers were only demanding that the selection for the post of Bhojan Mata should be done according to the guidelines which stated that the women from the same village and that of a BPL family should be given preference but the Principal despite the school parent association recommendation appointed Soni whose husband was already working as a govt employee in another village. Thus he deprived deserving Bino Devi, who was not only poor but a widow too, of chance to get a job. Rawat further said the investigation conducted on the direction of the District Magistrate by the Nayab Tehsildar did not reveal any such division among students from the Dalit community and upper castes.
    The real cause of the whole dispute was that Kannaujia was sitting on the money to be used for the school building and was neither allowing the construction of the school building, nor returning the money to the government. The parents had complaint about his activities earlier to in front of minister Khajan Das. The parents demanded the immediate transfer of the Principal. They also demanded an inquiry into the charges of corruption levelled against the Principal.
    The parents warned that if the Principal was not shifted within a few days they would start a massive movement against him in the region.
    When contacted, officials from district administration, Tehri, said the matter was being thoroughly investigated and if any such discrepancies were found then action would be initiated against the Principal.
    Meanwhile, Kanaujia was not available for comments. The Nayab Tehsildar had stopped appointments of Bhojan Mata in the village to defuse the situation. President of the Pradhan Snagathan Atol Singh, Pradhan Govind Prasad Gaud, Rajendar Singh Gaud, Kanahaiyya Rana, Vinod Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Virendar Prasad, Ranvir Singh Takarna, Pooran Singh and others were present.

  5. VoP

    More Missionary mischiefs …


    Michel Danino

    Some parts of Class VI Social Science textbook legitimise certain theories that were outrightly rejected by experts or are accepted by just a few among them. At other places, legends and myths are passed off as scientific findings

    AS a nation, we often take pride in our hist tory, yet in my decade-long interactions with Indian students and teachers, I have rarely found any in love with the ” discipline. Rather, comments like “I hate history” or “History is so boring” sum up the general feeling.

    You are likely to share it if you open the latest history textbook prescribed for Class VI in 2010­-11 by the Tamil Nadu government under its “common syllabus”.

    Let us begin with the Indus or Harappan civilization, Chapter 2. On a map, an important Harappan site, Kalibangan, is shown inside Pakistan instead of northern Rajasthan (has Pakistan encroached on Indian land?); another site, Rupar, is placed right on the international border, while it is close to t Chandigarh. The text informs us that “Harappa in Sindhi means `Buried City’,” even though Harappa is in Punjab, not Sindh, and its etymology is unknown. Harappan cities were so sophisticated that they boasted “street lights”–certainly a world first! Another gem: “The terracotta planks discovered here were engraved with letters”–as a student of archaeology, I confess my ignorance of what a l “terracotta plank” might be; perhaps this is a garbled reference to Dholavira’s famous a three-metre-long inscription, consisting of e crystalline material set in a long-vanished t wooden board. Curiously, Dholavira, one of i the five largest Harappan cities, and the second largest in India, figures nowhere. Apparently, our textbook writers rarely believe in updating their knowledge.

    Among the five reasons given for the decline of this civilization, the first is nonsensical: “Wooden articles would have got destroyed by fire,” as if that could have finished a whole civilization. The second is sheer fancy: “Ri valry because of the civil war.” The fourth –“The Aryans would have destroyed these towns in order to succeed” (succeed whom or in what is unclear) -was rejected by archaeologists over 40 years ago, and so has the fifth: “The heap of bones discovered in Mohenjodaro is evidence of the invasion of the foreigners,” especially as there is no “heap of bones” anywhere, only a few scattered skeletons which belong to different epochs. The third reason alone -a change in the course of the Indus -is among the accepted factors, but is poorly expressed and quite incomplete.

    Let us turn to Chapter 4, “The Vedic Period”, which opens with the arrival of the Aryans around 1500 BCE–a highly disputed colonial theory presented as hard fact. It adds piquant details: Aryan men, besides dhotis and shawls, wore turbans and had “bands on their foreheads”, an awkward and wholly fictitious combination. The Congress (I) will be delighted to learn that among other gods, the Aryans worshipped “Indira” (instead of Indra; another is “Varna”, instead of Varuna).

    A table summarizes the “qualities of Dravidians and Aryans” in two neat columns of nine points, the first of which attributes to Dravidians “dark complexion, medium height, dark long hair”, and to the Aryans “fair, tall and brown hair”. Clearly, we shall never move away from the racial theories of the colonial era, even if they stand wholly discredited in the light of modern anthropology and genetics.

    The other eight points take it for granted that the Dravidians were the authors of the Indus civilization, a theory that has been around for decades but has few takers among archaeologists. That the Dravidian/Aryan contrast is viewed as purely racial is confirmed by the complete absence of a linguistic comparison, the only legitimate one today. In fact, there is no mention of Sanskrit; our Class VI student shall never learn that such a language existed, in conformity with the anti-Sanskrit stance of the Dravidian movement.
    Tamil, by contrast, receives much attention.

    In fact, Chapter 3 on “Ancient Tamil Nadu”, judiciously placed before “The Vedic Period”, presents as fact the legend of the Kumari Kandam, a mythical land south of India, where the first two of the three Sangams flourished before the land was swallowed by the sea (to appear more credible, the textbook uses the word “tsunami”, unaware of the fact that a tsunami swallows no land). This occurred “before prehistoric period” and “this land mass was eight to ten times bigger than South India,” complete with “wide ranges of mountains”, “civilized people and efficient kingdom” (excuse the broken English). So we had civilization even before prehistory! The textbook goes on to identify Kumari Kandam with the equally mythical lost continent of Lemuria, and asserts that “conditions were favourable for the growth of living organisms only at Cape Comorin which was submerged after the tsunami… Because of this the evolution of man would have taken place then. The language spoken by those people was the basic of Tamil language.” Humans thus evolved near Cape Comorin in Lemuria -not in Africa as we thought -and spoke Tamil right from the beginning. I have no problem with a mild dose of national or regional pride, but this planetary jingoism boggles the mind.

    There is more. Lemuria was a “big land mass connecting Africa and Australia” and was so called after “the monkey Lemur” -but lemurs are not monkeys. Never mind, “it was believed that human beings evolved from the Lemurs. The language of the people was ancient Tamil” -in case you had forgotten. As regards humans being descended from Lemurs, this is a momentous discovery that will call for rewriting textbooks on human evolution. On geology, too: the supercontinent of the Southern hemisphere, which is thought to have included South America, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Australia and Antarctica, is called Gondwana -not Lemuria -and broke up some 200 million years ago, according to current research. Compare this with two million years of human evolution, and the absurdity of a Lemur-descended, Tamilspeaking early humanity ought to be plain enough.

    Legends and myths are wonderful windows on the ancient mind in any culture. But to present the Kumari Kandam tradition as a scientific finding (adding spicy details that figure nowhere in the Sangam literature) would be like asserting that Rahu’s swallowing of the sun during eclipses is the latest in astronomy.

    There are more howlers in following chapters (we learn that “to attain the spiritual goal the Jains starved”; moreover, “they eliminated clothes”), but the above examples will suffice to illustrate the abysmal incompetence of some of our textbook writers. Remember, in most Tamil Nadu schools, students will not be allowed to move on to the next class unless they have mugged up this farrago.

    Better textbooks (such as those published by NCERT) do exist, but are not free either from errors, confusion and lingering colonial stereotypes. In this Internet age, perhaps it is time, as forward-looking educationists suggest, to move beyond a textbook-centric education and make creative use of a variety of materials. This may involve some trial and error, but it cannot do worse than the above kind of disgraceful material.

    (The author is a lifelong student of Indian civilization and culture; his latest book is The Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati (Penguin India, 2010))


  6. gajanan

    Dr Avinash

    The A& D divide was the foundation by colonialists to divide India later in 1947. Remember the these theories came after the 1857 mutiny. It was startegy which caused immense suffering and pain to the subcontinent. Dr Ambedkar also opposed this theory tooth and nail. Here is the evidence of BRA

    Now let us look at an article by Prof Arvind Sharma in Journal American Academy of religion , Sept 2005, page 843-870. Vol 73 , No 3.
    The article title is ” BR Ambedkar on the Aryan Invasion and emergence oof caste system in India” In this article the author says that India was invaded by the Aryans in 1500 BCE. In this article the author Prof Sharma dicusses in detail of Dr BR Ambedkar opposition to this Aryan invasion theory tooth and nail. I would like to quote one para which is very interesting which was said by the visionary BRA in 1946.

    ” The Aryan theory is so absurd that it ought to be buried long ago. But far being dead it has considerable hold on the people. There are 2 explanations which accopunt for this pehenomena. The first is that it recd support from Brahmin scholars. This is a strange phenomena. as Hindus , they should show dislike towards Aryan theory with its expressed avowal of the superiority of the European races over Asiatic races.The Brahmin scholar has no such aversion, but most willingly hails it. The reasons are obvious. The Brahmin believes in the two nnation theory. He claims to be a descendant of Aryan race and the rest of Hindus as descendants of non-Aryan race. This theory helps him to establish kinship with the European races and share their arrogance and superiority……”

    Science has proved the AIT wrong.
    Here is the reference.

    Please see this map.
    Stephen Oppienheimers work on genetics says this.
    (reference : Stephen Oppenheimer, The Real Eve, op. cit., p. 152)

    “For me and for Toomas Kivisild, South Asia is logically the ultimate origin of M17 and his ancestors; and sure enough we find the highest rates and greatest diversity of the M17 line in Pakistan, India, and eastern Iran, and low rates in the Caucasus. M17 is not only more diverse in South Asia than in Central Asia, but diversity characterizes its presence in isolated tribal groups in the south, thus undermining any theory of M17 as a marker of a ‘male Aryan invasion’ of India. One average estimate for the origin of this line in India is as much as 51,000 years. All this suggests that M17 could have found his way initially from India or Pakistan, through Kashmir, then via Central Asia and Russia, before finally coming into Europe.”

    This conclusion above has very profound relevance. This is the first time a a solid scientific evidence based on genetics has been presented

  7. VoP

    > Dr Avinash

    No! Dr. ISSAC Avinash

    The doctorate is earned from Christian seminaries for learning Conversion techniques/research, they are thousands all over the world. These are not our typical doctors but snakes with venom!

  8. answertoyourquestion

    why are u linking telangana movement to christians

    osmania university is a big place. there are people of many kinds in there.

    no body likes kanchi ilaiah.
    he is against telangana. he has written against telangana in that very paper deccan chronicle.
    and isnt deccan chronicle owned by subbiramireddy’s brother or something.
    subbi ramreddy the guy who produced swami vivekananda.

    any way.
    havent i told u before.
    that thanks to telangana movement christian ys rajasekhar reddy’s christian son ys jagan is getting stoned in telangana. it has succesfully closed the chapter of jagan.

    get some sense before u write stupid articles.
    u r giving unnecessary publicity to kanchi ilaih
    that fellow is best ignored.

  9. answertoyourquestion

    next time you write against telangana. we will never vote for bjp. understood.. it has been exposed toomanytimes in this blog. that u care less about india and more about bjp and rss.

  10. answertoyourquestion

    do u want telangana to be peaceful or what.
    dont push it. or we will push u out of hyderabad.
    along with ndtv waalas. and other elite bitches and bastards who are polluting the city with pubs and drugs and exlusive politics.

  11. answertoyourquestion

    and more news to you. the main ideological center for telangana movement is not osmania university but kakatiya university.
    prof. jayashankar was vice chancellor of that university. he is the main guy behind telangana movement. for many decades.
    osmania will never go against hinduism. first clean ur delhi university before u point finger at osmania university.

  12. answertoyourquestion

    sick bastards. congress and bjp and communists.
    all are partners in looting the country.
    but pretending as if they care about it.
    get some shame.

  13. JGN

    @ Dr I. Avinash, which Brahmins are you talking about? If you think there has not been any Sarsanghachalak of RSS from any other Community (I am not sure as I do not care for RSS also much), why don’t you talk about the nasty dynasty of a Kashmiri Brahmin who has been ruling the country for more than 50 years since independence? They have scuttled the growth in our Country with the Licence-Permit-Quota Raj.

    Incidently it was another Brahmin (the late P.V.Narasimha Rao) who unshckled our Economy (albeit the the behest of The World Bank, in the wake of the Balance of Payment crisis of early 1990s). Real progress in our Country started only after that and we have come a long way since the last 20 years.

    The tall st0ries about 5000 years of oppression, etc are pure non-sense. The first Iron Plough was manufactured in India in the year 1904 by the late Laxmanrao Kirloskar. Credit for manufactrure of first monobock pump and electric motor also goes to him. The total Electricity generated in India in 1948 was just 2000 MWe which is not sufficient now even for meeting half the requirement of a City like Mumbai.

    Education was not a pying proposition till the Britishers started employing “Clerks”. The condition of Brahmins shown in most of the stories is really pathetic. Dr0nacharya was not even able to afford Milk for his only son, who was also motherless. His friends mocked him by giving him rice flour mixed with water instead of milk and made him drink the same and the poor guy thought that it was milk as he had not even seen milk earlier!! The condition of the brahmin family in the Apu trilogy (Apursansar, Aparajito,
    You quote from some stories like Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc when convenient. Karna was not a dalit (or lower caste). He was very much the elder son of a King’s daughter. Ekalavya was punished for using a banned method of archery (aiming the source of sound – shabdavedi astra); he had tried his skill in the mouth of a dog, which is again not allowed for a soldier. If he had done something like that today, the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty against Animals) would have draged to the Courts!!

    One thing I am not able to understand is that what the so-called dalits (or lower castes) were doing when the Islamic Invaders and European Christians Colonizers attacked our Country and subjugated her popultion. Were they enjoying life in their own way??

  14. JGN

    The Apu Trilogy consists of three books, viz Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road), Aparajito (The Unvanquished) and Apur Sansar (The World of Apu)written by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay.

  15. Dr I. Avinash

    This is something for them who do not consider Aryans as invaders. Now they should not consider that the author is anti Hindu, anti national or Christian. (Refer to Saga of Aryans :Lokmanya Tilak)
    History of the Ancient Aryans: Outlined in Zoroastrian scriptures.

    Iran is the ancient name of Persia, and it is derived from the root “Arya” or Aryan, the Indo-European branch of peoples who settled in that land. The Aryans of ancient Iran were Mazdayasni Zarathushtris, ie. Worshippers of Ahura Mazda (the name of God in Avestan) as revealed by the ancient prophet Zarathushtra, thousands of years before Christ.

    However, all the ancient Zoroastrian scriptures speak of an earlier homeland from where our people came, the lost “Airyane Vaejahi” or seedland of the Aryans. From this homeland, the Indo- Europeans or Aryans moved to upper India, Iran, Russia and the nations of Europe such as Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Scandinavia, England, Scotland and Ireland.

    Sanskrit, Latin, Avestan are all sister languages, and the present day upper Indian, Persian and European languages are related eg. Baradar in persian = Brata in sanskrit = Brother in english. “Persia” is actually a late European term for the land of “Farsi” language ie. Iran. The Arabic phase in Iran only began 1300 years ago, and we had to escape to India to preserve our Zoroastrian religion.

    The “Vendidad” is one of the ancient scriptures of the Zoroastrians, actually called the “Vi-daevo-dat” or the law to fight against evil. In the first “Fargad” or chapter, the Golden Age of the ancient Aryans is outlined with their greatest king, “Yima Kshaeta” (Yam Raj in the Indian Vedas) who banished old age and death. Then, the ice age broke on the ancient home and the Aryans were forced to migrate southwards, to the southeast and the southwest.

    Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a great Brahmin (Indian Aryan) scholar of India in the last century studied the Vedas and the Vendidad to find an ancient homeland of the Aryans. The Vedas are scriptures written by the Indo-Europeans or Aryans after they migrated to India. From the descriptions of the weather patterns mentioned in the Vedas, Tilak concluded that the ancient home must be in the Artic regions ie. above present Russia.

    The Aryans migrated from the ancient home to Iran and from there to India and Greece and Europe. Tilak also said that the most ancient historical scripture was the Iranian Vendidad, which actually describes the ancient homeland of the Aryans, the Aryan King Yima Kshaeta who ruled over it (Yama Raja, lord of the underworld in latter day Indian Hinduism) and the onrush of winter, sent by ahriman (the devil) which caused the great migration. This is the famous first “Fargad” of the Vendidad which fascinated a lot of European scholars in the last century.

    The ancient Aryans believed that the world as created by Ahura Mazda was perfect, with no evil. The first man Gayo Maretan had no disease, no illness, no hunger and thirst. Only the good creation of God existed eg., the Dog, Cow and Bull, Horse, Cock, Birds etc. Then ahriman the evil one attacked the world and caused evil to appear, disease and illness and old age, and the animals and the first man started to die. Night began to fall (before the sun was at the noon position – fixed, so there was no time). The evil brood of animals appeared eg. snakes, insects, and the cat breed. So evil in the ancient faith is an external introduction, which one day will be purged when the world will be bathed with the purification of fire – the latter also found in old German mythology. Paradise itself will be established on the earth, in the form of the Kingdom of Ahura Mazda. The English word “paradise” itself stems from the Avestan “PairiDaize”, meaning the same. Also, the word “garden” probably stems from the Avestan “Garod-man” meaning the House of songs – the ancient name of heaven for the Aryans.

    The Kings of ancient Iran were very proud to call themselves Aryans, their rock edicts indeed say so. “I am an Aryan, the son (Puthra) of an Aryan.” This was righteous pride, because the word Aryan occurs time and again in the ancient scriptures of the Aryans – such as the Yashts (prayers to the divine elements) and the Vendidad (the law against evil).

    About a time frame – today, many scholars tend to place Zarathushtra very late in time (around 1500 BC). The Greek historians at the time of Cyrus placed the first prophet at around 8000 years bc, that seems a more possible time to the former. However, the ancient Aryans were much sooner than that. Note that as per the Vendidad, Yima Kshaeta (King Yima) is the ancient king of the Aryans in the ancient homeland Airyanam Vaejahi (the seedland of the Aryans), and his memory is retained by even the Indian Vedas as Yama Raja (Yama King) because the Indian Aryans still remembered their ancient king after their split up in the migration, but they made him “Lord of the netherworld” later on.

    Unlike the Indians, the Iranian Aryans still retained a perfect memory of days gone by -the perfect time in the ancient homeland, when Yiam banished disease, death and hunger from the homeland. This was indeed the true “Golden age” of humankind.

    So, what about the time? The migration actually started before the ice age struck. When the ice and winter set in (sent by the evil one), the ancient homeland was destroyed. If the home was in the North Pole, look for a time when the North Pole was not covered by ice – that would be thousands and thousands of years before. I have estimated that time when the ice age struck as 20,000 years ago in my book, but the time could be much earlier. There were kings before Yima too, ruling over the Aryans.

    Note too that the civilizations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa in old India were actually Aryan, and they were starting to decay around 4000 bc. which means they had been in existance for thosands of years before (scholars admit this). They would have been built by the Indo-Aryans much after their initial separation from the Aryans of Iran.

    An American friend said:

    “Observation: There’s an incredible thread here between something I’ve seen mentioned about a “Golden Age” of humankind..when humans were so close to their Creator they didn’t need writing or speech or tools to sustain themselves..and the Zoroastrian story.”

    Thats right. Zarathushtra was sent by Ahura Mazda to reaffirm the ancient faith (that was taught to Yima Kshaeta and before him, the first man Gayo-Maretan). He was also given the “AGUSTO-VACHO” ie revelations unheard before. He was thus the first prophet, to be followed by three Saviours. When the final Saviour comes, the world will be purged by fire and evil destroyed in a final great battle. Then Ahura Mazda will rule. The mightiest words in the religion are in the Ahunavar, a great prayer. The ending words of this prayer in Avestan are, Kshrethamchai (Kingdom) Ahurai (God) Ayim (will come).

    “Does the Vendidad have one set of general principles in one place, like the Old Testament Bible, or is it necessary to read the whole…”

    The Vendidad is itself the ancient Law against evil. Throughout the book, there are Fargads (chapters) which explain the various evils in the eyes of Ahura Mazda. For instance, prostitution and homosexuality are abhorred, so is ill-treatment to dogs. Ahura Mazda praises the Dog as His Glorious Creation, who He created as the guardian of the Aryan household and farm. One Fargad details the ancient history of Yima Kshaeta, and the ancient homeland.

    – Migration of the Aryans from the Ancient homeland –

    As translated from the Vi-Daevo-Dat, ancient Avestan scripture

    of the Aryans of Iran (Avestan is a sister to Vedic Sanskrit)

    According to Lokmanya Tilak, one of the great fathers of Indian Independance and a Vedic scholar who had also made a detailed study of other Aryan cultures, the Vi-Daevo-Dat contained the most ancient history of mankind, since it properly explained the origins and the migrations of the Aryans.

    In a translation from “The Saga of the Aryans”, the history of the migration is explained in the form of a talk between the ancient Aryan prophet Zarathushtra, and Ahura Mazda (Avestan name of God in the Vi-Daevo-Dat.) :

    Zarathushtra asked Ahura Mazda:

    “O Ahura Mazda, righteous Creator of the corporeal world, who was the first person to whom You taught these teachings?

    Then spoke Ahura Mazda:

    “YIMA the splendid who watched over his subjects, O righteous Zarathushtra. I first did teach the Aryan religion to him, prior to you.

    “Yima spoke to me, and said he would like to spread the religion among mankind by teaching others. It was then that I replied:

    “O Yima you are not created for this task by Me. You are not learned enough to increase the religion among mankind – you are not the Messenger of the religion.

    “Yima the righteous told me then:

    “O Ahura, if I am not created for the task of increasing the good religion, then I would like to advance the world, to increase it and be a righteous king and protector. I ask You this, that in my kingdom there be neither cold wind nor hot wind (neither extreme winter or summer), there be no sickness nor death. That my subjects be undying and unwanting, and gloriously happy under my reign.

    “I Who am Ahura Mazda, was pleased with this. I brought Yima a weapon – a Golden plough which was dagger shaped with golden forks, to signify that his authority was divine, sanctioned by Me. He became the mightiest King (KSHAETA) the Aryans had ever known, the most righteous and most splendid Aryan man.

    “When Yima’s rule extended to 300 years, then the Aryan land had prospered so much that the land became full of cattle, men, dogs, birds and red flaming fire (the fires kept burning in the house of every Aryan). Place could no longer be found for cattle or men.

    “I made this known to Yima, and he proceeded towards the south, towards the path of the high sun (west), increasing the land with his golden plough (conquering and cultivating the lands). The boundaries of the Aryan kingdom were thus extended in breadth, one third greater than before. The king stood as an Aryan on the mother earth, praising the country with words fit for prayer.

    “When Yima’s rule extended to 600 years, the state of abundance reoccurred. This led to Yima proceeding again towards the south and the west, extending the boundaries of the Aryan kingdom two thirds greater than before. Thus happened the second great migration of the Aryans.

    “When Yima’s rule extended to 900 years, abundance again led to Yima increasing the land with his golden plough, towards the south and west. This third great migration made the Aryan kingdom three times larger than before.

    “In the first 1000 years of his rule, Yima the splendid enjoined righteous order on his Aryan subjects. He controlled invisible time itself, making it so much large in size so as to praise and spread the righteous law.

    “That glorious age of the Aryans did not last for ever, O Zarathushtra! It was time for the evil one’s attack. I Who am Ahura Mazda spoke then to Yima Kshaeta:

    “O splendid Yima, towards the sacred Aryan land will rush evil as a severe fatal winter; evil will rush as thick snow flakes falling in increased depth. From the three directions will wild and ferocious animals attack, arriving from the most dreadful sites.

    “Before this winter, any snow that fell would melt and convey the water away. Now the snow will not melt (but will form the Polar ice cap). In this place, O Yima the corporeal world will be DAMAGED. Before in this seedland the grass was so soft the footprint of even a small animal could be observed. Now, there will be no footprints discernible at all on the packed sheets of hard ice that will form.

    “So, Yima; make a mighty VARA, an enclosure as long as a riding ground, with equal four sides. Here bring the families of Aryan men and women, cattle, dogs, birds and the red flaming fire.

    “Inside the Vara, make water flow in a canal, one Hathra long. Keep earth inside the Vara, to grow green vegetables as food. Make cattle pens, to house the cattle of the Aryan people.

    “Let love blossom unfailing in the enclosure, among the young couples therein – make for them a residence, with rooms, pillars, long extended walls and an enclosing wall.”

    And so the ancient scripture continues. From the above, it is quite clear that the migration took place to the South and the West ie. from the ancient homeland (which Tilak said was in the Artic) to the South ie. Iran, India and to the South-West ie. to Greece and all the countries of Europe.

    The cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were built by the Aryans who migrated to India, when the Vedas were written. They flourished for thousands of years, before sucuumbing to some other catastrophe of nature, or perhaps invasion by non-Aryan tribes.

    The book written by the author titled “The Saga of the Aryans”, is a historical semi-fictional story, based on the scriptures of the Aryans and the above research on pre-history.

    Chapters of the Saga

    Saga of the Aryans Home Page

    Traditional Zoroastrianism Home Page

    How to get the Saga in book form

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Do you mind taking this missionary tripe of 1845 elsewhere? I though jokers like you were the flavour in 19th century and disappeared after the British left, but it seems you are a dinosaur which somehow escaped evolution. You are only acting as a coolie of the whites.

    • VikramAditya

      @ Dr. I. Avinash,

      If you have copied and pasted the above article from somewhere, I request you to stop reading such books, journals or whatever.
      If you yourself an Indologist and the above article is your original research, I request you to please provide specific references based on which you have derived this information.
      I believe that the references used to write the above article would turn out to be all-European affair.
      If you are an Indian, I request you to stop taking the westerners study about India on its facevalue.

      Had Aryans been the settlers in India from outside, and had they penned the VEDAS, do you think the westerners would have left them as our property.

      Doctor sahab, have you ever tried to even go through few verses of VEDAS vis-a-vis Bible (Eureopean property).
      Please visit the following website

      Please come out of the inferiority complex that majority of the Indians are still marred with, stop believing West is Best and we are worst.


  16. JGN

    Dr I. Avinash,

    >>>>In the first 1000 years of his rule, Yima the splendid enjoined righteous order on his Aryan subjects. He controlled invisible time itself, making it so much large in size so as to praise and spread the righteous law>>>>>only born idiots will believe in such nonsenses. What kind of “Dr” are you?

  17. gajanan

    Posting it again for Dr Avinash
    Just follow Stephen Oppeinheimers work

    Just follow this work. All AIT/AMT looks hogwash
    In his Real Eve op cit page 152 concludes like this.
    ” For me and for Toomas Kivisild, South Asia is logically the ultimate orgin of M17 and his ancestors; and sure enough we find the highest rates and greatest diversity of the M17 line in Pakistan, India and eastern Iran, and low rates in the Caucasus. M17 is not only diverse in South Asia than in Central Asia , but diversity charactrises its presence in isolated tribal groups in the south, THUS UNDERMINING ANY THEORY OF M17 AS A MARKER OF A ” MALE ARYAN INVASION ” OF INDIA. One average estimate for the origin of this line in India is as much as 51,000 yrs. All this suggests that M17 could have found his way initially from India or Pakistan , through Kashmir then via Centarl Asia , before finally ciming into Europe”
    All should read Oppeinheimers books and his work. My comments do not believe hand weaving linguists, who just for political correctness , write anything for awards. One thing Stepehens O work proves ” Out of Africa and Out of India” more convincingly than the hot air of hand weavers. Can you find any pundit in Sanskrit or a scholar in Tamil as good as we get in India. No,just go and search for them all over the Northern Hemisphere, you will never get one. These academics have been learners and some cannot even pronounce words properly, leave alone writing. Words found in Lithuanian or in any language similar to Sanskrit or Tamil proves that it has gone “Out of India” as Stephen S has mapped the journey of Mankind.
    By AIT. AMT India is 5,000 yrs old, but Stepehen O has clearly put it as 51, 000 yrs for the line in India.
    Here is Dr BR Ambedkars view of AIT
    The A& D divide was the foundation by colonialists to divide India later in 1947.
    The word Dravidian was first proposed by Caldwell in 1841. Th word Aryan came into prominence as a race after 1857 during the time of Max Mueller , when Great Britain and Germany were close allies till 1900. Caldwells Dravidian and Mueller’s Aryan became a convenient tool to divide India.
    Remember these theories came after the 1857 mutiny. It was strategy which caused immense suffering and pain to the subcontinent in 1947 to divide it again.
    Dr Ambedkar also opposed this theory tooth and nail. Here is the evidence of BRA
    Now let us look at an article by Prof Arvind Sharma in Journal American Academy of religion , Sept 2005, page 843-870. Vol 73 , No 3.
    The article title is ” BR Ambedkar on the Aryan Invasion and emergence oof caste system in India” In this article the author says that India was invaded by the Aryans in 1500 BCE. In this article the author Prof Sharma dicusses in detail of Dr BR Ambedkar opposition to this Aryan invasion theory tooth and nail. I would like to quote one para from the article attributed to BRA, which is very interesting which was said by the visionary BRA in 1946.
    ” The Aryan theory is so absurd that it ought to be buried long ago. But far being dead it has considerable hold on the people. There are 2 explanations which accopunt for this pehenomena. The first is that it recd support from Brahmin scholars. This is a strange phenomena. as Hindus , they should show dislike towards Aryan theory with its expressed avowal of the superiority of the European races over Asiatic races.The Brahmin scholar has no such aversion, but most willingly hails it. The reasons are obvious. The Brahmin believes in the two nnation theory. He claims to be a descendant of Aryan race and the rest of Hindus as descendants of non-Aryan race. This theory helps him to establish kinship with the European races and share their arrogance and superiority……”

    This is BR Ambedkar at his best. He was an indigenous Indian. It is unfortunate that BRA’s views were not accepted. But science, the work in genetics, has proved that BRA was right.

  18. Joseph fibre

    Who is Brahmin?

    What is most ridiculous about birth-based caste system is that it is based on unverifiable word of mouth. There is no way to decipher if Brahmins of today are actually children of Brahmins of yesteryears. Regardless of whatsoever Gotra or Rishi name one may utter, there is no way to test the veracity of the claim.

    We have already seen plenty of examples of how varna migration used to happen in ancient India. Refer

    What if I say that Brahmins (birth-based) of today are actually worse than Shudras because they were born of Chandals some 1000 years ago? How can one refute the claim? If you cite that this Brahmin family is of Bharadwaj gotra, I would ask for DNA testing to verify the claim. In absence of it, any claim to superior caste remains merely an empty tall claim.
    Who is Kshatriya?

    Parshuram is alleged to have wiped off all Kshatriyas several times. So obviously Kshatriyas of today are anything but Kshatriyas by birth!

    If one tracks the genealogy of Rajputs, they are supposed to belong to one of the following lineages – Suryavanshi from Sun, Chandravanshi from Moon and Agnikula from fire. Obviously no one actually came from sun or moon on earth! Also Agnikula is a recent origin. Legend says that Agnikula Rajputs sprang from fire when Parashuram wiped off entire Kshatriya or Rajput clan from earth. On many Rajput clans, there is still confusion on whether it is Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi or Agnikula.

    Obviously these recent legends – not to be find in any ancient texts – mean that various people who took up the profession of valour/ military became recognized as Rajputs from time to time.
    Upper-castes may be Chandals

    So if some so-called upper castes can claim some other humans to be lower-caste, even I can assert that these lower-castes are the real Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. And the upper-castes are actually children of Chandals who usurped power centuries ago and deleted historical records. The recorded history mixed with miraculous stories of origin of certain castes and tribes would only support this assertion.

    Now if that sounds insulting, even calling any human being as lower-caste is equally offensive, if not more.
    Who are Mlechhas among us?

    From evident records of history one knows that Greeks, Huns, Sakas, Mongols etc have been assimilating in Indian society in positions of power. Many of them even had rules over certain parts of India for significant periods and today it is impossible to decipher who among us is a Greek, Hun, Mongol etc. This goes well with the Vedic concept of ‘one humanity-one race’ but blows the very foundations of birth-based caste system. Because for them, these Mlecchas are even worse than the 4 castes!
    In search of technique for caste determination

    Thus forget about caste-system being supported or denied by Vedas. Even that is secondary. We have already seen that Vedas in fact against the very notion of birth-based on gender based discrimination. Refer What is more important is that there is no way for any of us to determine who among us is actually a high caste and a low caste by genealogy since inception of Vedas. Apart from hollow self-proclaimed assertions, there is nothing more concrete to take anyone’s caste seriously!

    So if Vedas were to justify birth-based caste system, they should also have specified a reliable technique to decide someone’s caste. In absence of that technique, the whole concept of birth-based caste system falls flat.

    So at best one can say that caste system may have been relevant during inception of Vedas, but has no meaning whatsoever today!

    Our stand by the way (based purely on Vedas and logic), is that caste system was never relevant and in fact a distortion of Vedic ideology. And this has been the most expensive distortion for our society that snatched away our entire dignity, strength and future!
    What’s in a name?

    Please also note that the whole concept of using Name and Surname is hardly a few centuries old. You will not find mention of any ‘Ram Suryavanshi’ or ‘Krishna Yadav’ in ancient literature. Even today, a vast majority adopted a surname based on profession or village or city. South Indians typically use a combination of parental name, village name etc. There are hardly any surnames today which are carried on since inception of Vedas.

    The very fact that ancient society discouraged use of surnames implies that people were supposed to be respected for their talents and merits, and not for their birth-stamp. Neither people had to carry caste certificates nor was travel to far off places discouraged as it happened in dark ages of Hinduism. So there was no way for anyone to verify anyone’s caste. The talent of a person was his only caste! Of course distortions did came up over a period of time out of selfish motives. We see that now Bollywood and Politics have also become birth-based. So no wonder similar factors prevailed to strengthen the irrational caste system. But nonetheless, the foundations and verification of castes have always remained utterly unreliable.

    Even if someone asserts that Sharma is an old surname for Brahmins, the evidence of people using it compulsorily in Ramayana or Mahabharat era is disputable. So at best we can say that we assume someone to be a Sharma Brahmin because he or she uses such a surname. Or maybe his father and grandfather also used this surname. What if I adopt Sharma surname and my son follows the suit. How would you tell whether I am actually a Chandal or Brahmin? You will have to only rely on my claim. And would I be a fool to admit that actually I am from a generation of Chandals, when being a Brahmin gives me so many exclusive rights and privileges?
    The attacks of medieval ages

    The thousand years of invasion by fanatic tribals of West and Central Asia witnessed virtually entire cities being raped. Women have been the prime targets throughout this darkest era of Indian history. When looters like Qasim, Ghori, Ghazni, Timur would invade, they would make sure that not even one home is spared whose females were not raped by their soldiers. Delhi itself had been thus ruined several times. The entire north and western India passage from Central Asia has been subject to this tyranny for centuries. May such tragedy may never befall on any society. But our forefathers have witnessed it. Now what would be children of such victims be called except outcastes as per the so-called caste system? But that has thankfully not been the case.

    Our seers knew that women are a vulnerable target in adverse situations. So they stipulated in Manu Smriti that a woman, howsomuch fallen, can become noble if the husband is noble. But husband should ensure that he never falls down.

    It was this dictum that motivated men to protect the dignity of their womenfolk and god forbid, if something adverse happen, they would still accept the women and start life afresh. Widows would remarry and rape victims would rehabilitate. Had this not been the case, after a few attacks by invaders, we would already have become a society dominated by outcastes!

    Of course, in later period, fake glamorization of woman’s dignity started happening that left only death, torture or prostitution as options available for a widow or rape victim. This foolishness only made us even more impotent.

    Some birth-based upper-castes may justify that this indeed had been the case that rape victims became outcastes. If that be so, we would only say that this is limit of perversion.

  19. Joseph fibre

    1. Caste system is a bogus concept having no Vedic basis whatsoever

    Refer and specially the article

    2. All humans have all 4 castes!

    Every human has all 4 qualities – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra – within him and for simplicity sake we can tag him with his predominant profession. However this remains a gross approximation which loses its relevance even more in current era and social system. Yajurveda 32.16 specifically prays that MY Brahmin and MY Kshatriya qualities be worthwhile! Refer article for details.

    3. There is no way to decide if so-called upper castes are actually upper, and lower-castes actually lower throughout last several thousand generations and more.

    All this upper-caste and lower-caste fantasy stories are based on self-assessment and evidence of hardly a few generations. We also see that the present caste system provides an incentive for crooks to somehow attain false certificates of upper caste and fool rest of the population. Also there is no incentive for any fake upper caste to actually admit that he or she belongs to a family of Chandals because that would deprive them of their special rights and status. So in all probability, caste system would imply rule of the crooks and torture of the honest. Thus it is more likely that the honest ones now known as lower-castes are the real upper castes being duped by real low-castes! After all caste system basically means an incentive to cheat!

    Traits may be inherited due to environment BUT….

    4. At best we can say that certain traits run predominantly in certain families due to the environment that a newborn receives. So many professions run through generations. There is nothing wrong in it. But that does not mean that son of a doctor becomes a doctor merely by taking birth. He has to grow up, give exam and qualify for MBBS to use the Dr salutation. Same is true for every profession or Varna.

    5. Further this does not also mean that I cannot be a doctor simply because my father was a laborer. Thankfully this is not the case. Or else the world would have been worse than Hell. After all, almost all legends who shaped the world through knowledge, inventions, discoveries and leadership were mutants who went completely against family traditions.

    Caste system ruined us

    6. Ever since, India started taking caste system seriously, we degraded from lighthouse of world to one of the largest debtors and beggars of the world. And western world could progress so much despite so many lacunae because they allowed equal rights to dignity to all humans regardless of birth. At height of caste-system, we saw ourselves being raped and butchered for centuries and finally partitioned in our own ancient homeland.

    It is only in recent years, after caste system has dwindled significantly, that we witness some respite. Whatever nuisance remains is because of caste-system refusing to go due to its politicization. And politicization thrives because we refuse to proactively trash all those rituals, texts, customs that are based on birth-based caste system.

    Negative contribution of casteist mind

    7. If I ask you to provide any significant contribution of any casteist mind in last 1000 years, you would have to blame utter lack of it all on crazy conspiracy theories. But the hard fact is that apart from hollow superstitious philosophies and rituals, nothing useful was ever contributed by all the pundits of Varanasi and all holy shrines put together who had access to tremendous wealth and resources to do anything worthwhile.(refer the wealth being discovered from Padmanabhan temple for example. I wonder if they would have utilized this wealth to unite people for fighting away the invaders and establishing meritocracy).

    The so-called Mlecchas like Einstein, Newton, Faraday and hundred of other path-breakers of west were more fertile minds than the ‘divinely’ inspired birth, knowledge and special gifts of Shri Hari on these birth-based pundits. The only difference was that in last 300 years, west rejected the crap of Biblical superstitions, increasingly accorded equal rights to all sections of societies. So we can conclude that a non-casteist mind of a Mleccha (considered worse than even Shudras) is thousand times more brilliant than the most ‘divine’ casteist mind.

    So those who claim that upper-castes have better talents should provide evidence on what great research have their better talents produced in last 300 years to take their claims seriously?

    Giving names of a few scientists like Raman or Chandrashekhar would be foolish. Because they achieved whatever they could only when they adopted studies of the Mlecchas. Their knowledge came from Mlecchas and even their outputs were acknowledged by Mlecchas alone.

    Instead, one should showcase examples from centers of casteist learnings – Kashi, Kanchi, Tirupati etc – on what great breakthrough research they could bring from the classified knowledge they had owing to their superior birth? Apart from degrading a great scientific tradition to stories of cheap gimmicks and dakshina, the contribution has been meagre from these great ‘universities’.

    And a non-casteist Mleccha warrior is more effective than a far more powerful and brave casteist Kshatriya. That is why despite being touted as having the bravest Rajputs, we were enslaved for centuries by even the slaves of slaves! (Refer the Slave dynasty!) We were marrying our daughters to psychopaths like Akbar despite the heroic valor! We had our Kashi Vishwanath taking recluse in a well despite power of Vedic scholars and brave divinely gifted warriors! And Ghazni raping women in premises of Somnath Temple, thanks to our birth-based caste system that allowed only specific families to be trained in warfare and then remain Hindu only if they do not get touched by Mlecchas!

    And far less talented Englishmen could rule not only us but half of the globe simply because they rejected artificial discrimination within their own society!

    8. But yes, India has been excellent producers of slaves and Shudras for ages. Barring few rebels, as a society, despite our tall claims of being Brahmin or Kshatriya or Vaishya, we have been licking the boots of our rulers, whosoever came to rule us. We feel pride in serving our Aakaas. Mughal armies were predominantly consisting of Rajput warriors and generals. When Haldi Ghati battle happened, it were Rajputs trying to defeat the brave Pratap! Most of the battles Shivaji fought was against so-called Rajputs and Marathas who were bootlicking the Sultanates!

    So those who claim to be upper-castes and defend birth-based caste-system have in practice been not better than Shudras or Slaves as per their deeds! No doubt they had thus all the more reasons to defend their fake upper-castes!

    Casteists caused decline of Hinduism

    9. It were the great Pundits who closed doors of entry of forced converts back to Hinduism and thus caused the slavery and eventual partition of India. Even today, Hinduism is the only religion that has no mechanism to accept people into it except by birth. Of course, if you pay some bucks at Varanasi these days, they do convert and marry you as per Hindu rituals so that you can take photographs. Even this started after the Arya Samaj Shuddi movement which was met with stiff opposition by fake Brahmins in last century and quarter. In our definition, such people were worse than Shudras.

    Many so-called fake Brahmins (fake because they cannot produce DNA records of their Brahminism) would claim that non-Hindus are allowed to be taken back to Hinduism but only as Shudras and not Brahmins or Kshatriyas! What a stupidity based on selfish power politics! A Stephen Knapp who has contributed more to the cause of Hinduism than all the pundits of Kashi put together is still disallowed from entering Jagannath Temple becuase he was not a born Brahmin! He will have to do penance in this birth and take next birth as Brahmin to get this right!

    Do we need any external enemies to destroy our destiny?

    We have been practicing this stupidity for ages and still do not understand. I can go to a mosque and express my desire to be a Muslim. They will then make all arrangements and make me one quickly. Church will even pay me bucks to become a Christian. But if someone goes to a temple to embrace the culture of their forefathers, first the pujari will look at him as if he has heard a queer joke. Then he would call some pundit. Depending on the location of temple, even his entry may be barred. For example, only Brahmins can enter into interiors of Kashi Vishwanath temple! Then he would be provided a list of penances so that he can become a Shudra. The penances, suggested by likes of revered Karpatriji Maharaj have included eating cow dung for several days! Other sects like ISKCON may make things easier because they are among few sects who felt importance of bringing our lost brothers back.

    But then they would be called frauds by other sects. Still they cannot enter a Kanchipuram or Vishwanath or Jagannath or Dwarka temple. They cannot marry a so-called high-caste Hindu. They cannot read and teach Vedas. Even ISKCON would try to play safe and recommend that they only study Geeta and Bhagvat Puran etc.

    Except Arya Samaj, no one would dare to make a Pandit teaching Vedas from a Maulana. And they are considered deviant since last 125 years. And now even Arya Samaj has become a kitty party ignoring its prime duty of destroying the caste system! They are busy conducting marriage of eloped couples and earning Dakshinas!

    So would some Christian or Muslim be a fool to accept Hinduism at such cost to his or her dignity?

    10. I am not blaming any individual but the mindset. The foolish caste system and the mindset that supports it is the greatest cause for all the problems of today. If we became slaves, it was because of this. If we were raped and butchered, it was because of this. If we are facing terrorism, it is because of this. And still we refuse to jettison it proactively. We know it has no basis, no foundation, and no way to verify it, but still we continue to feed the snake that has been killing our kins for centuries.

    Casteists caused the Partition of India

    11. Many Indians rue the partition and so-called hardline Muslim problem. But few know that Jinnah’s grandfather was a Hindu who was forced to convert due to stupid reasons. Iqbal was from family of Brahmins not even two generations ago! Our stupid caste system would make someone a Mleccha even if we ate with a ‘Mleccha’ and there was never a way back to home.

    Later when legends like Swami Dayanand and Shradhanand started Shuddhi movement, and were supported by visionaries like Savarkar, the opportunistic agents of Dharma relented but allowed extremely impractical access to Hinduism as lower castes.

    So the entire Muslim or Christian population of subcontinent today is only result of our own crime of caste-system that would make one outcaste at flimsiest of reason. Instead of condemning other religions and their faith, we should ask ourselves: ”What do we have to offer them to bring them back with dignity?”. “What right we have to condemn them when we defend our own irrational fake scriptures that justify caste system and gender discrimination?”

    Casteists should look at their own crimes first

    Let us be honest with ourselves. Agniveer critically analyzes history of Islam or Quran or Bible, it does so as a scientist and not with hatred. It focuses on concepts and not people. In same vein it also has the guts to say that it throws into dustbin and puts fire to all those rubbish texts which support in any manner disgraceful blots like casteism and gender discrimination. Agniveer does not care about how emotional we may be to such a text or ritual or way of worship. It would still stand for getting rid of lices that suck our blood.

    Till we can come up with this honesty, any debate on comparative religions would be a shameless veil on our own heinous crimes.

    To Hell with Casteism

    12. And for so-called lower castes, there was never a mechanism to become upper-caste again. We said ‘To Hell with merit’ and destiny said ‘To Hell with Hindus’!

    So Agniveer now appeals to all to say ‘To Hell with those who say ‘To Hell with merit”.

  20. Joseph fibre

    The goal of this series of writing was not to paint a gloomy hopeless picture and make all of feel guilty. Instead the goal is to be objective and realistic about our history and present and pave a smart way for future.

    This is what needs to be done to save India and Hindus Let each of us strive for this at whatever level we can and soon the efforts would multiply into a transformation within a few years.

    – Reject caste system totally in thoughts, words and actions

    – Stop associating with our forefathers to defend their mistakes. This is also a form of caste system. Take collective responsibility for whatever happened. So-called birth-based Brahmins and Kshatriyas are not the only ones to be blamed. So-called Dalits and Shudras are more to be blamed. Why did they allow these fake Brahmins and Kshatriyas to usurp power and create nuisance for centuries?

    Now let bygones be bygones. Stop calling yourself as belonging to any caste except humanity. Stop blaming any Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra for whatever happened in past or happens now. Our fight is against a mindset and not persons. Our success will depend on how strongly we refuse to even accept any person by his caste in first place.

    And stop the habit of defending every other thing in name of culture and tradition.

    – So totally reject every scripture, every ritual, every institution that thrives on birth-based caste system. Lets say a full-stop to it, be it a great temple or festival or a book we have been taught to love since early childhood for generations.

    Agniveer did not find Vedas – the first texts – to contain any support for such ridiculous unverifiable conjectures. On contrary Vedas extol for pure meritocracy. Also Vedas are free from adulterations to best of our knowledge. Hence we consider Vedas as our foundation. All other texts are acceptable only to extent they comply with Vedas. And if they advocate casteism, racism or gender bias, they are anything but scriptures. Lets reject them outright, as well as those people, institutions and rituals that defend these.

    – This does not mean we reject our forefathers outrightly. Accept their good points, do keep track of deeds of your forefathers if you want to. But only as an inspiration and source of motivation. Refuse to enjoy delusion of your supremacy based on deeds of your forefathers. No one gives you a 1st Rank in University because your grandfather was a topper!

    – Refuse to acknowledge any temple that refuses to accept a talented so-called Dalit as a priest. Either grab its control and install meritocracy or let such temples of hatred be boycotted. That may be the greatest pilgrim center, but publicity does not make a villain into a hero.

    – Coordinate with local temples controlled by logical minds to openly accept non-Hindus as Hindus with dignity. They may do a short ritual like recitation of Gayatri Mantra and make one a Hindu. No need for any mention of any caste except that he is a human. Only adherence to certain basic lifestyle norms like food, charity, education, non-violence, worship of Supreme, equality of all human beings etc may suffice.

    – Events should be organized where these Shuddhis are done at larger scale. And those taking part should be made into Brahmins who then are eligible to conduct religious rituals and be priests of temples.

    – In fact special temples be opened with Dalit and erstwhile non-Hindu priests. It has started in many areas but needs to be done more aggressively.

    – In so-called Dalit areas, rituals should be conducted that convert them into Brahmins who then conduct rituals of Brahminization of other Dalits. What more, these people should be provided surnames like Sharma, Tiwari, Tripathi, Chaturvedi, Dwivedi, Trivedi etc that they can legally use. This should happen in such wide scale that within few years, it becomes impossible to distinguish between a Brahmin of few years and a Brahmin of few generations. (There is no way to find Brahmins of more than a few generations in absence of credible DNA verification). Swami Dayanand used to distribute sacred thread widely to promote Vedic Dharma. We should also use this symbol to promote our mission.

    – One challenge that would come is from reservation based politics which would coax so-called Dalits to continue being called Dalits and earn privileges at cost of dignity. But if wider community support programs and avenues of entrepreneurship be explored, this factor would gradually die natural death. In any case, within a couple of decades, the craze of government secured jobs is poised to die down among enlightened class of society due to much more attractive entrepreneurial and global opportunities, thanks to technological revolution.

    Now due to politicization, people have started feeling proud to be called Dalits or Anarya! This is a very foolish reaction to events of history that defeats the very purpose. Dalit means one who is trampled. Its an abuse and society should refuse to use this world for any caste. One who is economically or socially neglected is a Dalit regardless of his or her caste. Any villain is an Anarya. A daughter of a fisherman is a noble Brahmin if she is a scholar. She is a Chaturvedi if she has mastered 4 Vedas. So instead of nurturing clustering of people around terms like Dalit, Arya, Picchdi Jaati, Backward Caste, Scheduled Caste, we should refuse to even recognize such foolish divisions when entire humanity is one caste one race. Factional parties thriving on Bahujan, Dalit, Dravida appeasements are as great enemies of humanity as the fake Brahmins and Kshatriyas of yesteryears – both are nurturing the foolish caste system for their selfish reasons or sheer irrationality.

    But now is the golden time to understand the fakeness of hollow caste system and destroy its very foundations. Of course challenges are there but even the opportunity is historic.

    Agniveer is determined to make this its number one priority. We appeal to all to join us in this mission as we initiate a movement through ground level implementation of above plans.

    We know that this article may arouse some angry reactions from those who support denial of Vedas based on birth or feel men are superior to women and other bogus concepts. But we do not care because we are with truth and know that caste system is against Vedas, against humanity, against logic and against nation.

    Those who desire to debate us on this are most welcome! But before that you must showcase your DNA reports so that we can reliably conclude that you are indeed from a genealogy of Brahmins since inception of Vedas and not children of a cunning Chandal who took a Brahmin guise some generations ago. After all by your own admission, only authentic Brahmins have the right to debate on Vedas!

    May the rule of merit prevail!

    Om Shantih Shantih Shantih!

    • Bhushan

      I think instead of trying to be someone else, people should say that they don’t need reservations. Particularly those who have unofficially converted to Christianity.

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