The glory of multi-theism and nature worship

Here is some good news: multi-theism and nature worship are making a comeback in the West and Europe. The entire Europe and the UK practised nature worship led by druids for thousands of years till the Romans came as invaders and with them later came the cult of Christianity. In one brutal stroke, a sophisticated faith which saw divinity in all of God’s creation was replaced with this hate-filled ideology of “our god is true, your god is false” that treated nature as something to be exploited and consumed mercilessly.

Druids were the brahmins of ancient European civilisation — indeed some believe the word druid itself has come from the Sanskrit words druvya  (liquid) and vidya (knowledge), hence druid means “immersed in knowledge.” It seems to be a corruption of the word ‘Dravid” which is a common name in India. The practices of Druidism are uncannily similar to Hinduism — worship of rivers, sun, moon and stars, ritual bathing in the river in the morning, making offerings to nature, and so on. Druidism has no dreams of world conquest, hating rest of humanity as destined for hell and imposing its own gods on everyone else on pain of death and torture. It is heartening therefore that Druids have been recognised as religion for the first time in the UK. May their tribe increase and that of Xian and Muslims decrease.

World peace can only be possible by going back to the old spiritual traditions that existed before these so-called prophets and sons-of-god arrived preaching “my way or the highway.” Built on a foundation of greed of material objects, lust for women and having power over others, Xianity and Islam are a product of deranged minds — the “poison that exists within human psyche” — which have triggered genocide, wars, misery and exploitation of humankind as well as nature.  The utopia that both of these cults promise will never arrive — it hasn’t arrived in 2,000 years, it won’t arrive in the future.

Druids recognized as religion for first time in UK

Druids have been worshipping the sun and earth for thousands of years in Europe, but now they can say they’re practicing an officially recognized religion.

The ancient pagan tradition best known for gatherings at Stonehenge every summer solstice has been formally classed as a religion under charity law for the first time in Britain, the national charity regulator said Saturday. That means Druids can receive exemptions from taxes on donations — and now have the same status as such mainstream religions as the Church of England.

The move gives an old practice new validity, said Phil Ryder, the chairman of the 350-member Druid Network.

“It will go a long way to make Druidry a lot more accessible,” he said.

Druids have practiced for thousands of years in Britain and in Celtic societies elsewhere in Europe. They worship natural forces such as thunder and the sun, and spirits they believe arise from places such as mountains and rivers. They do not worship a single god or creator, but seek to cultivate a sacred relationship with the natural world.

Although many see them as robed, mysterious people who gather every summer solstice at Stonehenge — which predates the Druids — believers say modern Druidry is chiefly concerned with helping practitioners connect with nature and themselves through rituals, dancing and singing at stone circles and other sites throughout the country believed to be “sacred.”

Ancient Druids were known to be religious leaders, judges and sages among the Celts during pre-Christian times, although little evidence about their lives survived. There are now various Druid orders and about 10,000 practitioners in Britain — and believers said the numbers are growing because more people are becoming aware of the importance to preserve the environment.

The Druid Network fought for nearly five years to be recognized under the semi-governmental Charity Commission, which requires proof of cohesive and serious belief in a supreme entity and a moral framework.

After initially rejecting the Druid Network’s application, the Charity Commission decided this week that Druidry fit the bill.

“There is sufficient belief in a supreme being or entity to constitute a religion for the purposes of charity law,” the commission said.

Adrian Rooke, a Druid who works as a counselor, said Druidry appeals to people who are turning away from monotheistic religions but still long for an aspect of spirituality in their lives.

“It uplifts the spirit,” he said. “The world is running out of resources, and in that context it’s more important to people now to formulate a relationship with nature.”



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4 responses to “The glory of multi-theism and nature worship

  1. Most of the time, polytheism leads to tolerance while monotheism leads to untolerance. So, in the global village, multiple gods and spirits cults, shamanism,… should be given more importance.

    • Even without Ram (and Ramayana) and Krishna (and Mahabharata) Hinduism will survive but the Religions swearing by one God and one Book cannot survive without them.

  2. abhi

    i always wonder why a creator god(as per abrahamic religions) needs religion why does he behave like a human ,does he feel lonely that he asks his dumb followers to convert nonfollowers to his religion just to feel accompanied?. what does he gain/lose (from non-believers , converts or so-called true followers) mentally/physically that he gets angry so much so that he curses/punishes nonbelievers or likes so much that he grants paradises and other lusty stuff to believers.
    isnt he just like a demi god?? or even worse a satan and he is like an egoist.

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