Congress courtiers’ latest dirty trick

Here is the latest dirty trick of Congress courtiers (others include sting operations through toady journalists, harrasment of BJP leaders by CBI, outright bumping off of BJP leaders through Maoists, etc). This is one party which has no ideology — it is just a gang of opportunist courtiers. These people have been spooked by the Ayodhya verdict, but as long as they control the EVMs, BJP has no chance of coming to power at the Center.

Cyber war erupts between Congress and BJP

A cyber war has broken out between the Bharatiya Janata Party [ Images ] and the Congress after the former claimed that a website by the name was redirecting to the website of the All India [ Images ] Congress Committee.

The BJP, in its notice, has said that they had seen a dip in the traffic of their official website and this prompted them to investigate into the matter.

When they probed into the matter they found that the Congress had allegedly purchased a website by the name and was diverting it to their original website.

A key member of the BJP’s IT cell told that it has been found that the original website belonged to Bharat Janata Prakashan and it was purchased by the Congress.

Although they may have a right over the website, the intention was to harm the party’s website, the BJP IT cell member claimed.

The Congress is, however, mum and say that they will give a reply when they get the notice.

They claim that there was no intention to harm any party or its website and it must have been pure co-incidence.



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3 responses to “Congress courtiers’ latest dirty trick

  1. Ajay

    Please paste this image on the site and in our minds when we talk of the kaangress.

    • Ajay


      All that is left is erecting two red and two green meenarets in the above image..

      Then the proper image can be visualised

  2. The Congress party is controlled by the CIA.Bush ,during the time of the Nuke Deal ,increased the number of CIA personnel,in the US Embassy at New Delhi.

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